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How to Choose the Best Watch Strap for Your Seiko Life

May 18, 2020 1 min read

How to Choose the Best Watch Strap for Your Seiko Life

New Seiko 5 SRPD71 watch on 22mm rubber watch band

What is the difference between watch bracelet and watch strap

As there are different types of watch bands, an information that may come in hand is the difference between a watch bracelet and a watch strap. Watch bracelet translates to more secure connection and is often chosen by those who want to embrace their masculinity. Watch strap translates to more options in terms of materials - hence more options in terms of style and it usually has a more energetic vibe to its look. Seiko watch band sizing is another detail to pay attention to. Bracelets will usually have a fixed length, while the length of straps can be adjusted. Another thing to consider are the materials the replacement watch straps are made of. So let’s tap into popular ones.

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