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Master your Seiko - turn it into a symbol of yourself

April 28, 2020 5 min read

Master your Seiko - turn it into a symbol of yourself

If you're a watch geek, then you probably know that Seiko isn't just some brand that puts out cool-looking watches on the market. The story about each watch under the name Seiko today goes far deeper than that. Actually, every timepiece has at least one, but probably more than a few remarkable stories behind its creation. If you dig into it, you could easily spend days on reading what lies behind movements and designs on some of its lines and you probably wouldn't even scratch the surface. On top of that, even today, in a world where machines replaced humans on so many fields, Seiko nurtures the (hand)craft of watchmaking to its very extremes, often so much that it borders with art.

The tale of this 'art of watchmaking' goes far back, to the 1881, when its founder, Kintaro Hattori, had enough courage to dream and assiduously work towards making that dream a reality. You see, even today, with its exceptional technologies - and there's plethora of them, Seiko still appreciates the works of human hands above all else. Its craftswomen and men are trained to pursue the limits of perfection, which often borders with unimaginable. This attitude in Seiko may resonate with the Japanese term 'kaizen' to some point, which roughly translates to constant improvement in business, but Seiko itself more strives for perfection, always raising the bar from where they - or anyone else - last put it.

Therefore, if you own a Seiko timepiece, you don't own just a watch - you own a masterpiece. Now, not all of their watches are unique, but they can be, with just a bit of magic. That magic is called watch bands.



Seiko SARB017 Alpinist Bracelet

Different times, different styles

Let's say you own just one Seiko. By simply using different types of watch bands, you can turn your watch into a chameleon that can fit any occasion. Better yet, you can turn it into a unique timepiece aka your personal mark. And if you care anything about your style, then you know that's a good feeling to have. By switching Seiko straps, you won't only have a remarkable accessory, but will also often be remembered by it. And who doesn't like to be remembered by good style?

For example, by wearing different sport watch bands, you can fit in - or stand out - your choice, on any sport event. You can use Seiko titanium strap for when you want something light or need to impress a client on a business meeting or Seiko stainless steel strap for casual strolls with your partner, etc. And the best of it?

You can do it All. With. Just. One. Watch.

Now imagine the possibilities if you own several Seiko timekeepers. Pure class plus style. Boom!


Seiko 62mas bracelet, RAF Nato Strap and 20mm leather watch band

On the other hand, of course, you can go with your default watchstrap. Maybe you really like your watch how it is and you think it can fit into any outfit and situation. But ask yourself this: ‌Where is the adventure in being ordinary? After all, if you're wearing a timepiece that is screaming pursue for perfection, what do you think it tells you about time itself? Besides giving you precise information on time in a day, it also tells you to use that time wisely and make it into art, just as its creators did. We all have only a short time on this planet, so why not make it memorable? Why not celebrate it, with every little detail we can decide on? Especially if it doesn’t require any hard work.


Upgrade your Seiko style game

Luckily, changing a watch strap is a piece of cake, so if you care anything about the dressing for the occasion, you should pick your watch straps just as carefully as you pick your watches. It’s not quite productive to bump into a meeting with your potential investor with some cheap rubber strap on your hand, right? So, let's get down to the types of watch bands you can use to really master your Seiko watch look.


Seiko watch band replacement

Stainless steel watch bands for Seiko may be the most common out there and there's a good reason for that. It's always wise to have at least one additional Seiko stainless steel strap to serve as a durable replacement to the default one, plus to fit casual to light business occasions. You don't need to spend fortune at once. You can start small and build your collection over time (Rome wasn't built in a day). Besides Seiko metal watch bands, which also include the much-appreciated titanium and some other metals, you can get yourself some nice Seiko rubber strap for a start, as they are much lighter and smoother to the hand. Check, for example Seiko SKX007 waffle strap we're drooling on. Alternative to these is surely Seiko Nato strap, that also easily fits the less serious side of the social game.


Seiko SKX007 NATO Band

We must warn you though, once you discover that you literary have no limits and can basically build yourself a 'new watch' for each occasion where you need to step up your game, you will not want to stop. Once you discover that changing Seiko watch strap takes two minutes of work or less, you'll get addicted. Such simple action can instantly turn you into looking more attractive (like, for example with leather watch straps) or more elegant (talk Seiko gold band)… You can look more super-fly (say Seiko diver rubber band) or even more relaxed (say Seiko canvas strap) at just about any time by just changing your watch bracelet. This is no kids game. Just take, for example, Seiko SKX strap options or ask anyone how much charm Seiko 5 leather band can give you and you'll get the point.

The takeaway lesson here is that you may not own a unique watch, but you do own an exceptional one - and you can turn it into your personal, unique timekeeper. Just imagine the craft, the ideas, the dreams and hard work built into it. Add your personal touch on top of that and you get a magnificent piece no one else in the world can copy.

And not just that.


Seiko 5 metal strap, Seiko 5 sports replacement strap

You may not affect some other things in this life, but you can make the rest of it the best of it. Start with your watch, whether you own a Seiko 5, a Seiko SKX or a Seiko Alpinist - there's plenty of option to make that remarkable timepiece your personal mark, or better said - a symbol of Yourself.


Written by M.H. , Photo by Toni


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