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Upgrade your Seiko to last for eternity and make it more valuable than its price tag

June 09, 2020 6 min read 2 Comments

Upgrade your Seiko to last for eternity and make it more valuable than its price tag
If you’re a lucky owner of one or more Seiko timepieces, this post will show you how a little effort can help you make the best of your beloved watch(es). Not only that a few seconds of your time can make it more attractive, but can also prolong its life span and add to its worth in market price. How? By simply replacing its default watchstrap with one of the custom watch bands.

If you’ve paid attention to other watch wearers, you’ve probably seen some of such examples. The common sight are Seiko SKX pieces with, let’s say, Seiko Nato strap or Seiko metal strap that don’t really come within the original package. You’ll notice that we say Seiko almost each time when we’re mentioning these straps, which is a way to stress it and a crucial thing, for both safety and longevity reasons.

Seiko SKX007 Seiko SKX009 and SKXA65K on NATO strap

Seiko on Nato Strap

Seiko SKX007 Seiko SKX009 and SKXA65K on metal watch band replacement

Best fit stainless steel watch band replacement
for Seiko SKX007

The Importance of Quality Watch Bands

You see, if the replacement band isn’t made for your exact watch model, you risk having a bad fit - and even if you make it work, you risk bad watch-band connection, which means low safety for your precious timepiece. On the other hand, you want to make sure that you have a known brand of Seiko watch straps, because even if you have the right fit for your model, you don’t really want to wear a pricey piece on $5 watch strap. And we don’t even say it for aesthetic reasons, but rather out of safety, because cheap watch straps are not made to last and you can easily get into a situation to have to deal with unfortunate event, such as damaging or losing your watch. That doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive 18K Seiko gold watch band in order to keep your watch secure though, there are also watch bracelets made from other materials that will do their job. It will be enough if you do your research and use a common sense. For example, if you own a Seiko dive watch, you can replace your default watch strap with Seiko rubber strap, but if you own one of the tough watches, you may want to choose Seiko stainless steel strap and so on.


Seiko Rubber Strap by Crafter Blue

Extend the Life of Your Watch

This is also important because usually the watches are made to live much longer than their bands, as experience tells us. By having several replacement bands, you’re doing a combo favor to yourself.

Aside from prolonging the life span of your watch and keeping it secure at your wrist, you can also turn it into a true playboy that fits any occasion needed. Depending on the link on your watch, replacing your watch strap can take between a few seconds and a few minutes, which means that you can, in the example of the famous Seiko SKX series, wear Seiko SKX rubber strap for your tennis class in the morning, choose one of the stainless steel watch bands for Seiko for the brunch with your business partners, take Seiko titanium watch band replacement for a meeting with an important investor and put another Seiko diver rubber strap to your swimming session after a busy day. And if that isn’t a quick example of style, then nothing is. So why have one same watch band when you can basically turn one single watch into a chameleon and a social master, wonderfully fitting into every occasion and stylishly blending with any outfit you wear during the day?


strapcode-watch-bands-metal-leather-rubber-material-watch-band-replacement-for_Seiko-SKX007Metal, leather, rubber, Nato Zulu nylon watch band replacement for Seiko SKX007

One Seiko Fits All Occasions

Even if you’re one of the lucky collectors, why not have more options - that will make your watch look great in each situation, last longer or add to its price, in case you get bored of it after some time. For example, Seiko diver band is usually made from durable materials such as rubber of extraordinary characteristics compared to natural rubber, but it also puts up with more pressure in the salt water environment, which is why having at least one Seiko divers watch band replacement is not just a smart move, but often a necessary one. And in case you didn’t know, good old Seiko stainless steel replacement bands can be on the pricier end than those made of titanium, due to their weight and better comfort during the day. Hence, it’s not a bad thing having both under your belt, whether you plan to sell your watch sometimes in the future or just want to show off among friends.

Now let’s tackle some details of a good replacement strap for your Seiko watch. There are several things to consider when changing your Seiko watch strap and you’ll have to learn some practical moves, such as, for example :

  • how to remove Seiko watch band
  • how to change Seiko divers watch strap
  • how to adjust Seiko watch band length (how to resize a Seiko watch band)

but these things can be easily learned from YouTube, so here we want to focus on the more important one - choosing the right watch strap for your watch.


strapcode-watch-bands-SS221803B020_Seiko-SKX007-3D-endlink-metal-watch-band-closeupBest fit stainless steel watch band replacement for Seiko SKX007

The right watch strap for your Seiko

    - Quality and fitting

      The first thing we have to put accent on is quality and we cannot stress it enough since the watch strap serves to keep your precious watch tied to your wrist, before anything else, so you want to make sure it will be a worthy guard. That means you want the exact fit, without rattling end links or any kind of loose ends and weak connections. Durability is also part of this, as you probably don’t want materials and finishes that are easily scratched or changed when exposed to different environments.

        - Comfort, Style, and Convenience

          Aside from that, you may want it to be classy, or elegant, or comfortable, but that’s entirely based on your taste. You also may want your straps to be easy to replace, especially if you have a busy schedule, which means you may want to pick straps that need fewer tools for replacement or no tools at all, such as quick release watch bands, in order to save time.

          - Double confirm your watch model and lug width

          The last, but not the least, make sure you do your research and choose the exact replacement band for your watch model and always double check measurements. For example, if you’re doing your search via search engine, even if your query includes the model name (for example, if you’ve searched for best band for Seiko SKX007) make sure to read the product description carefully and always check if the size and link details fit the ones on your watch. Don’t search for broad terms such as Seiko canvas strap or Seiko 5 leather band and always double check everything unless you want to lose time on refund requests or throw your money away, if you’re less lucky.


          strapcode-watch-bands-Seiko-watch-dimension-lug-width-measurmentSizes Guide to Seiko Watches / Measurements Chart

          Even if you start your search for best replacement watch bands for your watch model, it may be overwhelming at first. Again, avoid general searches such as best watch bands for working out or Seiko nylon strap replacement as you’ll lose much of your precious time and rather narrow your search by using your model mark. For example, searches for Seiko 5 strap, Seiko OEM watch bands or Seiko Alpinist strap will also leave you digging through the tons of them and at risk of not getting the right one. But even if you use your model mark, or its nickname and even add the type of bracelet you need (for example, some of the mentioned Seiko SKX strap options: Seiko 007 strap / Seiko 007 nato strap / Seiko 007 rubber strap or let’s say Seiko Marinemaster waffle strap) you still better check the measurements, as many sellers just use those keywords in the product description, but don’t quite guarantee its fit.

          In conclusion, unless you have real proofs of quality like a good friend’s recommendation or previous shopping, it’s best to buy from refined and proven stores that sell watch bands, have accurate details in product description and decent return policy (great categorization and good user experience won’t hurt you either).


          Written by M.H. , Photo by Toni


          Seiko Watch band replacement by MiLTAT

          • Seiko SKX007 bracelet> Here
          • Seiko 5 watch band > Here
          • Seiko Turtle bracelet > Here
          • Seiko Alpinist bracelet > Here

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          October 12, 2020

          Hi Tim,
          Unfortunately, there aren’t many choices of straps available that can be used for the old Seiko kinetic Arctura, 5m42-OE69 model at the moment! Sorry!


          September 30, 2020

          What kind of strap would you recommend for an old seiko kinetic arctura, 5m42-OE69? It has a rather uniquely shaped case with partially covered lugs and I’m out of ideas.

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