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Watch Band Terminology

What are the part names of watches?  watch bands? Here is the glossary of terms & functions in the watches world. You will feel like you have become a watch expert after reading and learning about these watch terms.

Part A :

Useful terms for stainless steel watch band

(A1) Clasp spring bar:

- Helps to secure the watch band to the clasp

(A2) Clasp spring bar hole:

(A3) Micro holes:

- Flexible fine-tune for length adjustment.

(A4) Clasp:

- Unfolds into 3 parts can enlarge the perimeter of watch band, allow the watch band to fit over swollen knuckles.

(A5) Removable link screw:

- Some links are removable but some aren't

(A6) Link

(A7) End piece / End link:

- Piece at the end of a metal bracelet that attaches to the case. It is also called end link.

(A8) End link spring bar:

- Use to hold watch strap in place and secure the watch band to the case.

(A9) End piece screw:

- Endlink to be engaged with the second link of watch band by this screw

(A10) Tail short end spring bar:

- Use to secure the watch band ending tail to the clasp.

(A11) Long piece:

- One end to be attached on the 12 o’clock side, another end on clasp’s fine-tune side

(A12) Short piece:

- one end to be attached on the 6 o’clock side, another end on clasp’s safety double lock side

Part B :

Useful terms for leather watch strap

(B1) Case body

(B2) Strap attaching portion

(B3) Crown:

- It is what is used to change the time. Some watches offer a date window and a seconds indicator, which are engaged by pulling the crown out.

(B4) Lug hole:

- Hole where to insert the spring bar. The spring bar is used when installing the band.

(B5) Case back

(B6) Buckle tongue width:

- When you are changing clasp / buckle, there’s a limitation of buckle (e.g. thickness or pin width), so you may need to measure this part of length to choose the correct buckle.

(B7) Buckle:

- To close the strap and hold it around the wrist.

(B8) Buckle Adjustment holes:

- Flexible fine tune strap length adjustment.

(B9) Buckle tongue

(B10) Fixed loop/free loop:

- Fixed loop: Loop used to fasten the excess portion of band section attached to the six o’clock side. It is fixed to the band.
- Free Loop: - It can move along the band. (B11) Spring bar:
- Use to hold watch straps in place, help to secure the watch band to the case.

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