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How to Choose the Best Watch Strap for Your Seiko Life

If you’re a watch lover, then you know how one can make or break your style. On the other hand, a simple act of switching your default Seiko watch straps with one of Seiko replacement bands can do to adapt your timepiece to the dressing occasion. The most popular examples are those of owners of watches from Seiko 5 line, that proudly show their creativity around the web. We also saw some great examples on Seiko SKX, as well as Seiko Alpinist, that can look ten times more expensive with the right strap or even completely change the vibe of the watch. All of these are the reasons we love swapping our watchbands with replacements, plus there is no limit on creativity or rules here. You can ‘dress’ your watch how you want and when you want it – to make it fit the occasion, your outfit or even your mood.

New Seiko 5 Sports SBSA003

New Seiko 5 Sports SBSA003 on left - metal bracelet, right - leather Bund watch strap

New Seiko 5 Sports SRPD53K1

Another SBSA003 on rubber watch band

Of course, if you’re a Seiko owner, we don’t recommend choosing just any or cheap replacement strap, from both security, health and stylish reasons. Make sure you do your research and pick trusted brands when buying one. You should also make sure that they are made for Seiko watches and precisely for your exact watch model so they can securely fit the case (you wouldn’t want to lose it, right?). Have in mind that not each Seiko metal strap will fit your watch. For example, if you own a watch from Seiko 5 line, just buying any strap tagged as Seiko 5 metal band may not do, so make sure you check if the one you want is made for your lug width. If you’re not sure or lack your watch documentation, Seiko or your seller should have the correct specification.

Seiko Shogun Zimbe 11 with original Seiko Titanium strap

Original Seiko Titanium strap - super lightweight, skin-friendly and safe

Seiko Zimbe 11 Shogun SPB099J1 - Seiko leather watch strap

Another shoot of Seiko Shogun Zimbe 11 on leather racing watch strap

What is the difference between watch bracelet and watch strap

As there are different types of watch bands, an information that may come in hand is the difference between a watch bracelet and a watch strap. Watch bracelet translates to more secure connection and is often chosen by those who want to embrace their masculinity. Watch strap translates to more options in terms of materials - hence more options in terms of style and it usually has a more energetic vibe to its look. Seiko watch band sizing is another detail to pay attention to. Bracelets will usually have a fixed length, while the length of straps can be adjusted. Another thing to consider are the materials the replacement watch straps are made of. So let’s tap into popular ones.

Metal Watch bracelets having adjustable details

Watch bracelets are more secure connected and having adjustable details

Italian Camo Watch strap

Leather watch strap with Camo pattern

Seiko metal watch straps

Watch straps made of metal may come in handy in situations where you want your watch to blend into your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a business suit or have other details that stick out. When it comes to metal watch bands, the important thing is that you may want to choose stainless steel watch bands. Not only do they provide more comfort, especially in sweaty situations, but they are also durable and last longer than straps made from some other alloys and materials.

seiko 5 metal band by Strapcode

Seiko 5 metal band by MiLTAT

Speaking about stainless steel watch bands for Seiko, aside from different lug widths, there’s plenty of other options to choose, like polished or brushed finishes, plethora of colors etc. Also, the same Seiko stainless steel strap may come with different watch clasps, like Turning clasp or Wetsuit Ratchet watch buckle, just to name a few. So, let’s say you own a Seiko Alpinist, for example. You can buy different kinds of Seiko Alpinist metal straps. Just imagine the possibilities within the metal range, not to mention those you can make by swapping its default bracelet with watchbands made from other materials.


Seiko rubber straps

When it comes to outdoor watch bands, you may want to look for Seiko rubber watch bands. If you own a dive watch, Seiko diver rubber strap is a must-have, due to the effects water, especially salted, can have on bands made of other types of materials. It is recommendable to own at least one Seiko rubber strap for replacement because they are resistant to even harsh weather conditions and therefore irreplaceable in every outdoor activity, plus they are mild to your skin and rarely cause allergic reactions. On top of that, they perfectly fit sports and casual events and will give you a younger look. Take for example the Seiko SKX rubber strap on the picture below.

seiko skx007 rubber strap replacement by Crafter Blue

Seiko rubber straps in assorted colors by Crafter Blue

seiko rubber strap, crafter blue skx strap

Military color rubber strap for Seiko SKX007

Seiko replacement bands from other materials

Aside from these, there’s plenty of other options, such as leather or nylon watch bands and these are also the universe for themselves, but they have something in common: they don’t have any other super-powers aside from giving your watch a new outfit, unlike the two types mentioned earlier. When it comes to nylon and leather bands, it’s all a matter of a lifestyle and taste. Go with leather for a lasting strap full of style and don’t mind the source of it. If you’d rather wear something less harmful to the animal world, go with nylon. You can also find ones made from recycled nylon, to help ease the hit on the planet.

As for the leather straps, there’s many types of leather you can choose from, ranging from ordinary, such as cow leather, to the rare species, such as Java lizard. As for the styles, they all sit on the classier side of things, although you can find those on the casual side too. What you’ll probably not find is Seiko diver band made of leather. But you may add a leather band to your diver watch.

From other materials worth mentioning, textile can be an interesting source. Naturally, the styles are limitless with these, just make sure you pick something made of durable fibers.

seiko 5 leather strap, 22mm quick release watch band

Three color options of Seiko 5 leather band, 22mm quick release watch band

seiko 5 canvas strap, seiko 5 sports strap

Another example on Seiko 5 are textile watch bands, e.g. canvas & nylon

Master your Seiko, master your time

All this means that you have plenty of options to dress your Seiko watch, so to say. Just make sure you keep an eye on the details when buying your watch straps so they fit and serve you well and long. Not only it will help you look like a person of taste and give a makeover to your watch at your will, but will also prevent you to ever feel bored with your timepiece. If you’re wondering where to buy Seiko replacement watch bands, there are several options. If you prefer to go to the store, you can do your research on where to buy watch bands locally. The safer option in these challenging times is surely finding stores that sell watch bands online. If you don’t want to waste your precious time, Strapcode watch bands are recognized and trusted brand among watch collectors and therefore rated among one of the best out there.


Written by M.H. , Photo by Toni


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