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Garmin MARQ - an Undeniably Stylish Sporty Smartwatch

June 07, 2021 4 min read 1 Comment

Garmin MARQ - an Undeniably Stylish Sporty Smartwatch

Garmin MARQ Watch Collection

Garmin MARQ watches are consider the top tier watch collections from Garmin. You can think of the Garmin MARQ watches as if they are the Grand Seiko watch collection from Seiko. Each of these luxury watch collections, from the Garmin MARQ Athlete to the Garmin MARQ Golfer are inspired by smart-watch technology and ultimate sports versatility. These watches are all equipped with various functions from GPS and chronograph to a barometer, compass, and tactical features. Garmin MARQ timepieces are some of the first luxurious watches to utilize smart features. Each of the Garmin MARQ watches are unique in their own ways. While they are designed specifically for designed for the athlete, the outdoor adventurer, the captain, the aviator and the race enthusiast. The collection as a whole is Garmin's finest and latest technology. All of the MARQ collection has gone through optical bonding and alignment, water pressure testing and thermal, shock and abrasion trials. Every watch in the collection is also integrated with mapping, contactless payment support, music playback, heart rate sensors, pulse oximetry measurement and safety alert features. While the design of each watch differs, they all feature strong and striking titanium, fittingly bringing the collection together.



There’s a total of 8 different watch models in the Garmin MARQ collection:

  • Garmin MARQ Athlete - $1500: As the name implies, athletes
  • Garmin MARQ Aviator - $1950: For aviation folks piloting an aircraft
  • Garmin MARQ Driver - $2500: Automotive racing focused
  • Garmin MARQ Golfer - $1850: Preloaded golf courses and the most advanced game-tracking data
  • Garmin MARQ Commander - $1950: Luxury modern tool watch that prepares you to answer the call of duty
  • Garmin MARQ Captain - $1850: For boating/marine related adventures
  • Garmin MARQ Adventurer - $1750: A blend of athlete + multi-day sport adventures
  • Garmin MARQ American Magic Edition - $1750: Sailing, modern tool watch at the helm of technology, athletic performance and tactical execution
Garmin Marq GPS Smartwatchstrapcode-watch-bands-W_22I18PBU63S6Q20_GARMIN-MARQ-Captain

Quick Release Italian Suede Leather Suede Watch Band on Garmin ‘CAPTAIN’ 010-02006-06

MARQ Captain - Marine Activities

Of the five models from the Garmin MARQ watch collection, we have the Garmin MARQ ‘Captain’ 010-02006-06, which we’ll further discuss today. For those who prefer boating or marine activities, the Garmin MARQ ‘Captain’ 010-02006-06 smartwatch would certainly be your choice.


Leather watch band on Top , Rubber watch band on the Bottom on Garmin ‘CAPTAIN’ 010-02006-06

In short, the MARQ ‘Captain’ 010-02006-06 smartwatch is an upgrade from the ‘Quatix 5’, since that unit as based on the Fenix 5 and not 5 Plus series. You can actually control your boat from this with the MARQ ‘Captain’ 010-02006-06. For example, when connected to the GHC 20 you can control the autopilot. It also supports hotkeys for actions like man overboard plotting and automatic navigation to it, as well as functions like anchor alarms and tack assist modes.


Navy Blue & Red FKM rubber watch bands demo on Garmin ‘CAPTAIN’ 010-02006-06

It doesn’t matter whether if your out at sea for your own pleasure, or taking part in a regatta, the features in the Garmin MARQ ‘Captain’ 010-02006-06 will certainly come in handy and would provide you with all of the necessary information you while you’re out in the water.


Grey FKM Rubber watch strap & Blue Quick Release Nylon Watch Band

The regatta timer is one of the unique features you will find in the Garmin MARQ ‘Captain’ 010-02006-06, which allows you to pinpoint starts with a countdown timer that shows time to the gun and when combined with the enhanced GPS technology. It also calculates your ideal position to win. Another unique feature you will find with the Garmin MARQ ‘Captain’ 010-02006-06 is the ‘Man Overboard’ feature that allows you to mark a man overboard with a single press while the directional arrow and distance countdown helps execute a swift and effortless recovery.


Tapered Milanese Mesh Watch Band, the craftsmanship of this fine mesh bracelet is very delicate.

The Garmin MARQ ‘Captain’ is also home to all the boat data you could possibly need and is accessible wherever you are on the vessel. Add way points to your chart plotter remotely and access the GHC 20 autopilot control unit for autopilot control to change heading, turn and steer the boat. Last but not least, the boating wearable is compatible with the Fusion-Link Lite App so you can control your Stereo Active products as well as other compatible products enabled with ANT+ wireless technology.


Nice Red & Navy Blue FKM watch bands in 'Quick release' type looks great on Garmin MARQ

To have an extended battery life is certainly a bonus if for instance, you are away on a boat trip. The battery life in the Garmin MARQ ‘Captain’ is up to 12 days of battery life in smartwatch mode. Even with the extensive use of the GPS mode, the battery promises up to 28 hours of power, 48 hours in UltraTrac mode and 9 hours with GPS and music. For days when battery life becomes essential, the Power Manager feature will offer suggestions to save your battery such as turning off certain apps like music or maps.


Camo pattern Italian leather & Blue Tropic Pro FKM rubber watch band, which one you will pick?

The Garmin MARQ ‘Captain’ smartwatch is definitely fit for those who enjoy being out on the sea or boating activities. It’s GPS sailing features include speed, distance, heading, virtual starting line, tack assist, man overboard functions and time to burn calculator, so you are always prepared for what’s up ahead. The preloaded marine mapping with GPS navigation, maritime profiles and weather forecasts, there is no better fit than this Garmin boating smartwatch.


Written by Sam , images by Toni and ablogtowatch.com


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Christopher A Beggio
Christopher A Beggio

June 11, 2021

ITS OVER $1500 with one day of battery life!!!??? Does anybody else find anything wrong with that?

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