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Watch Band length adjustment: PART 2 - How to adjust watch band

4 min read February 04, 2022

Strapcode introduce How to Adjust Watch Band

Adjusting the fit of a metal watch band is essential in making sure your watch sits comfortably on your wrist. The majority of metal watch bands come in universal sizes. In most cases, they need to be shortened to fit their owner’s wrist.

Luckily, removing link(s) from a metal watch band is a pretty straightforward process, providing you know the procedure and have the right tools. There are several ways to do it, depending on the type of watch band and the tools needed to do it. This article will provide all the info on how to adjust the watch band on your own.

There are two types of metal watch bands that are most frequently used. Adjusting them is a reasonably straightforward process, providing that you have the right tools. Here’s what you need to have and do.


Type 1: Metal watch band with screws link fixing details

As already explained, it is highly advisable to use premium quality screwdrivers to work on metal screws. Let's take MiLTAT watch bands' screws as an example.

All watch bands' screws from MiLTAT are Blue Loctite screws Stainless steel watch bands from MiLTAT are all using different types of screws to quickly assemble

MiLTAT's being supreme quality screws, every detail is well thought of. One of the types of stainless steel screws worth mentioning is Blue Loctite screws. Are you interested to know what does this means? If you are a cyclist, you may have ideas.

Blue Loctite is an anaerobic adhesive applied by drops to the threads of the screws. It protects threads from rust and corrosion and prevents loosening from shock and vibration. Safety is the first priority for a cyclist, and that's why Loctite screws are commonly found in a bicycle. Imagine a bike wheel non-stop rotating; it took dozens of screws to assemble them.

In the light of adjusting a metal watch band, this means that a person screwing and unscrewing a blue Loctite screw or even any other screws will have to apply additional pressure to get it moving. And use a premium quality screwdriver to do it without damaging the screw and to make it easier on their fingers and palms.

The process itself is simple and has only two steps, screwing and unscrewing.

    How to remove links from watch band that has SCREW links?

      • Hold the screwdriver in the center of your palm to secure balance and use three fingers to hold the knurled handle, and insert the blade into the groove of the screw. (This posture can apply additional pressure to get the screw moving IF NEED)
      • Press your index finger on the cap to keep balance, use your thumb and fingers to hold the knurled handle and turn gently.
      • A counterclockwise rotation unscrews it, while the opposite course screws it back in.
       Usage of watch band screwdriver, apply additional pressure to get the screw moving

      This posture can apply additional pressure to get the screw

      Usage of watch band screwdriver, apply additional pressure to get the screw moving

      Use your thumb and fingers to hold the knurled handle and
      turn gently.

      Introduction of Watch Band Length Adjustment Screwdrivers


      Japan Made Precision Screwdriver Cut-Out type for Watch Bracelet adjustment - 4 interchangeable blades, Details

       Watch Bands Straight-end / Flat-head Watchmaker Small Screwdriver by Strapcode
       Watch Bands Flat-head Small Screwdriver with Spare Blades (5 sizes options) by Strapcode
       Multi Purpose Traveller's Watch Band Tool, Screwdriver for changing watch bracelets
       Double Ended Screw Removing Tool, Screwdriver Base by Strapcode

      VIEW Screwdriver collection


      Type 2: Metal watch band with pins link fixing details

      Not all metal watch bands have screw-fixed length adjustment details. For example, original Seiko watch bands, Citizen watch bands, and Orient watch bands have 'pin' fixing points rather than screws.

      So, how to remove links from watch band that has Pin-fixed links?

      You’ll need link removal tools. These are divided into two categories. There are basic level and advanced level pin removal tools depending on the complexity of the process involved.

      Basic level tools

      For an easy entry level, two-step pin removal, you'll need a single tool, a watch band's link pin adjuster.

      Basic Tool : Watch bracelet link pin adjuster, link remover tool, Details

      How to operate a watch band's link pin adjuster?
      • Place the watch band flatly on the platform and use the scale to line up the needle with the pinhead.
      • Screw the pin remover until the pin is out.

      To avoid pins popping out and getting lost, always lay a non-slippery mat or cloth on the work table before any installation.

      Advanced level tools

      3-watch-band  tools, holding block-hammer-pin-remover by StrapcodeAdvanced level tools for resizing pin type metal watch band:bracelet holding block, watchmaker hammer, and pin remover.

      Set of 3 sizes Punch Pins - Watch Band Pin Remover, Link Removal ToolsSet of 3 sizes Punch Pins - Watch Band Pin Remover, Link Removal Tools, Details

      For those who are handier with tools and really concerned about performance, there is an advanced level pin removal process. It will require the use of three tools: a watch bracelet holding block, a watchmaker hammer, and a pin remover.

      1. Position the watch band securely in the slots of a holding block.
      2. Place the tip of a pin remover against the pin's head of the link you wish removed.
      3. Use the hammer to gently knock on the pin remover, which will push the pinout.

      Keep the push pin straight while hammering

      Introduction of Watch Band Length Adjustment Tools


      In Summary

      Adjusting a metal watch band is essentially a simple process. There are only two conditions that need to be met to remove or add a link to a watch band successfully: using premium quality tools appropriate to screws and pins used to connect the links and being patient to do each of the link removal steps in a proper sequence.

      Part 1 : The right screwdriver for watch bracelet


      Written by S.K., images by Toni



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