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Wach Band length adjustment: PART 1 - A right screwdriver for watch bracelet makes all the difference

February 04, 2022 4 min read

watch bands screwdrivers by Strapcode

Watchmaker screwdriver essentials

As you probably already know, screwdrivers come in a multitude of sizes and featured blades. The most commonly used blades are indeed slotted, Phillips, and a hex key. But did you know there are as many as 24 different screwdriver blades in regular use?


No need to worry; you won't be needing nearly as many to remove the links from a metal watch band. In most cases, a slotted flat blade will be all you need.

However, if you happen to have one of the watches that require a special screwdriver blade to customize the length of a watch band, such as Oris Divers and Bell & Ross BR, make sure you closely read the following paragraph.


Learn from Functional Aesthetic

The luxury watch market is characterized by both high-quality and original design solutions. Among others, these authentic design elements can also be seen in unusual screws on various parts of watches.


Unusual screws and their unique screwdriver blades

The ultimate goal of luxury watchmakers is to create a flawless timekeeping mechanism while giving a touch of high-level aesthetic beyond mere functionality in any detail possible, screws included.

FP Journe Resonance 3 foot screwdriver
FP Journe Resonance and a three-foot screwdriver

Say that you own an F.P. Journe Resonance watch. If you wish to open its back case cover, you will need a unique three-foot screwdriver.

Royal Oak 26589TI Concept Flying Tourbillon GMT screwdriver
Royal Oak 26589TI Concept Flying Tourbillon GMT and a four-prongs screwdriver

Proud owners of an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch will have to own and use four-prongs watch machine screwdriver to reach the watch's interior.

Bell & Ross BR-03-92 Ceramic Heritage hex screws strap changing
Bell & Ross BR-03-92 Ceramic Heritage needs a screwdriver with hex heads for watch strap changing

And, if you happen to own a Bell & Ross BR watch, to change the watch strap, you'll have to use an inner hexagon screwdriver.

Oris Aquis Small Second Date 500m tri wing screw bar pin screwdriver
Oris Aquis Small Second Date 500m watch needs a Y-type screw bar pin screwdriver

On the other hand, those who are not too keen on the vast majority of watches don't need to worry. They will surely be able to pick a watch out of many of those that feature one of several standard types of screws that you can easily find in any equipped tool store.


Common types of precision screwdriver blades for watchmakers

As mentioned before, a slotted blade will do the job in most cases. But, of course, with such precise mechanisms and products as watches, it is of great importance to use premium quality screwdrivers for any adjustments and repairs.

  • Slotted blade screwdriver

Watch Bands Slotted Watchmaker Small Screwdriver a Set of 5 sizes by Strapcode
Slotted Blade Watchmaker Small Screwdriver a Set of 5 sizes, Details

Some of the features that such screwdrivers should contain are a knurled handle that will enable secure gripping strength and a ball-bearing swivel cap for a more accessible and comfortable operation.

Watch Bands Flat-head Small Screwdriver with Spare Blades by StrapcodeWatch Bands Flat-head Small Screwdriver with Spare Blades (5 sizes options: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm and 1.8mm), Details

In addition, the blade should be made of top-quality material that provides durability and guarantees that the screws will not be damaged when operated on.

Here is an example of premium screwdrivers with the most precise and durable blades you can find in the market.

  • Cut out blade screwdriver

If you happen to own a metal watch band was assembled with slotted screws, a corresponding screwdriver will, in most cases, be the only tool you need to adjust its length. In that case, this anodized aluminum high-precision Japan-made screwdriver will execute flawlessly. Knurled handle and ball bearing swivel cap are accompanied by cut-out type blades in 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, and 1.6mm sizes, covering all possible applications.

Precision Screwdriver Cut-Out type for Watch Bracelet adjustment
Japan Made Precision Cut-Out type Screwdriver with knurled handle and a ball-bearing swivel cap, Details

Suppose you are one of the rich guys who owns a Swiss luxury R-X watches. In that case, the below Japan-made multi-purpose watch band tool & screwdriver will enable flawless watch band adjustment. Moreover, its compact size and the fact that blades can be mounted on both sides (one featuring 1.7mm and the other 1.0mm cut-out blade) make it perfect for frequent travelers.

Multi Purpose Traveller's Watch Band Tool, Screwdriver for changing watch bands

In most cases, the right screwdriver is all you need to adjust a watch band. However, on occasions when double-ended screws are used in watch bands, things can get tricky. Luckily, there's an easy solution.

  • Double Ended Screw Removing Tool / Screwdriver

Double Ended Screw Removing Tool, Screwdriver Base by Strapcode Double Ended Screw Removing Tool, Screwdriver Base for changing watch bands, Details

A double-ended screw removing tool comes to aid. A convenient screw base to be used on double-sided screws equipped with five (1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, and 2.0 mm) stainless steel slotted screwdriver blades fastened on the aluminum base will make the process simple and quick.

Extremely helpful for those double-ended screws found in some deployant clasps or watch bands such as Audemars Piguet

After reviewing watch screws and particular screwdrivers, it's time to focus on our most concerning topic: how to adjust a metal watch band to fit our wrist properly.


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Written by S.K., images by Toni and others as noted

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