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Why Orient Kano Ranks #1 as best valued Auto-Diver

November 12, 2019

Why Orient Kano Ranks #1 as best valued Auto-Diver


When it comes to a valued, well rounded, mechanical watch, Orient watches is perhaps one of the best out there. The “Kano”, is a vintage modeled inspired divers watch added with modern technology in different finishing techniques such as brush, polish and matte.

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2 Responses


February 20, 2020

Oh ok. 10 years ago. Thats a great reference point, rather than looking at the actual specs.


November 27, 2019

Yeah, right. Unless there have been major changes with Orient, I doubt it’s “the best”. I ordered an Orient Diver about 10 years ago and it was flimsy and loose with sharp edges. I sent it right back – wasn’t even close the the SKX007.

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