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Watch storage ideas - MT-3 Watch Travel Case

3 min read October 04, 2021

Italian made Watch pouch by Strapcode watch bands

Accessories play an important part of ones outfit in todays society. It makes you more attractive, stylish, and it helps to express your personal taste and individuality.

Italian Camo Pattern leather watch pouches side by side with Seiko Save The Ocean Manta Ray edition SRPE39K1, Left:Long version watch pouch, Right : Short version watch pouch

Just imagine yourself packing your suitcase for your first trip since the Covid-19 lockdown, do you realize how many cases you are actually using to pack and organize your belongings. Its like you need a case for everything.

For example, a laptop carrying case to safely store your laptop, portable charger/case for your wireless blue tooth headphones, case for your sunglasses, travel case for toiletries, case for your shaver, and even travel bag to store your shoes.

Grey Suede with matching individual leather inserts

What if you're a watch enthusiast, its more than likely that you'll be traveling with more than one watch. What better way than to have a watch travel case to safely store your watch with no worries while you travel.

This leather watch pouch is made from finest German leather plus Zermatt leather as the lining

If you're looking for a quality and stylish watch pouch, we have a few selections that we think maybe of interest to you. First, we have an Italian leather pouch with camouflage pattern design. This Italian leather pouch was designed in a compact size to avoid excessive movement.

Each leather watch pouches include a detachable piece of leather of the same genuine quality to safely wrap your precious watch around without scratching it. The lining on the inside of the pouch are made with Zermatt leather, which is often used on luxurious leather products from companies like Hermes.

Long watch pouch of Carbon Fiber leather design and Short watch pouch of Italian Rebel leather

The Italian leather watch pouch is available in two sizes. Next, we have a similar design watch pouch, much like the Italian leather watch pouch, but instead, its made with leather from Germany, in a carbon fiber lookalike design pattern. The lining in the German leather watch pouch is also made with Zermatt leather, with the same size options as the Italian leather watch travel case. Again, each leather pouch include a detachable piece of leather of the same genuine quality to safely wrap your precious watch around without scratching it.

Rebel Leather watch pouch paired with the beautiful Seiko SRPC44

If you are looking something different, unique, take a look at the Italian artistic leather watch pouch, made with rebel leather with the design to look like a block of cheese. Each piece of watch pouch becomes unique as no two pouches will share the exact grain or holes pattern.

Camo Pattern leather watch pouch protecting the Root Beer Dial Sumo SPB192J1

Last but not least, if you are looking for something more convenient with multi-storage, NT-WP-001A, would be your ideal choice of pouch.Travel Leather Zipper Watch Pouch is a standing watch pouch, an all in one travel watch bag for watch, watch band and mini watch tools, a convenience portable multi-storage. It also has two separate pockets with waterproof zippers on top and bottom pockets. These leather watch pouches are perfect travel accessories or gift ideas to your families and friends. The watch travel case is ideal for watch connoisseurs on the go. With their soft and protective interiors, our watch cases and pouches are not only practical, but luxurious and stylish too.

Travel Leather Zipper Watch Pouch | Strapcode watch bandsStanding Zipper watch pouch with two pockets storage, handy storage for tools and all sorts of small items


Keeping your watch safe is a big matter.Hurry and visit our shop to pick up a travel watch pouch for yourself.


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Written by Sam , images by Toni

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