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FKM Color Pairing Tips illuminate Your watches

September 29, 2021 3 min read

FKM Color Pairing Tips illuminate Your watches

When it comes to rubber watch bands, 'Fluoroelastomer', in short refer to as 'FKM', is rated the best possible type of rubber currently available in the market. The material was originally developed by DuPont of the United States under the brand name Viton®.

FKM08A in Black pairing Citizen Godzilla SP Red NY0080-21Z with black instead of red color, it brings out the red dial more

Today, many other producers are producing this valuable material. Depending on the type of polymer used, there are variations of FKM rubber. The higher the fluorine content, the more resistant the material will be. For those who are not familiar with the term 'FKM', it is a class of synthetic rubber designed for very high temperature operations.

FKM08F in Green, on Seiko Baby MM SPB109J the Zimbe12

FKM rubber also provides high levels of resistance to chemicals, heat and oil, while providing useful service life above 200°C. It's always nice to be able to perfectly color match when you are looking for a replacement strap for your watch.

The Blue FKM08B on Citizen Skyhawk JY8078 is nicely color coordinated

FKM rubber is often used in aerospace and nautical industries, which speaks a lot about its quality. Recently, we have added the FKM08 rubber watch strap to our collection.

Orange FKM08J on Seiko Turtle SRPD45K1 provides a whole new look with the bright orange color that matches nicely with the markers from the 12 hour mark to the 2 hour mark.

The FKM08 quick release rubber watch band features a 3D ladder step design, along with a cylindrical button on one side, which enables you to install or remove the strap in seconds without the need the use of any tools.

FKM08C Brown rubber watch band on Seiko Sumo SPB194J Zimbe15 matches nicely with the gold tone bezel & dial

By adding quick release spring bars to the FKM rubber watch bands, it makes it that much more convenient for those who goes to the gym before or after work which allows them to swap their watch bands in seconds.

Navy Blue FKM08B on Seiko Kinetic PADI SUN065 (working on more options in 24mm)

There is a unique retainer design to hold the watch band keeper in place without losing its flexibility. The FKM08 quick release rubber straps are available in 20mm, 22mm, and finally in 24mm (Available in black & blue).

FKM08L in Red, brings out the clarity with the use of red on the quarters mark, as well as the minute hand of Seiko 62MAS PADI SPB071

FKM rubber straps are highly popular among outdoor adventurers and divers since not only they are waterproof, but they are design to sustain all sorts of tough weather conditions.

24mm Black FKM08A on Seiko Landmaster-SBEJ003 not only helps to reduce the weight, and it gives this kinetic watch a whole new sporty look.

FKM rubber straps are definitely worth looking into if you're planning to pick one up. Not only are they comfortable, able to sustain tough weather conditions, it gives your watch an entire new look.

It's the perfect time to switch to a FKM rubber watch band and enjoy the summer festivities. Be sure to visit our website to checkout our entire FKM collection.

Special features :
  • Light weight, soft, and comfortable.
  • Solid 316L stainless steel buckle.
  • water-proof and dust-proof.
  • Quick release spring bars for easy installation

Written by Sam , images by Toni

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