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The Best value Chronograph, Orient Panda Neo 70 Chrono WV0041TX & WV0011TX

July 13, 2021 3 min read 2 Comments

The Best value Chronograph, Orient Panda Neo 70 Chrono WV0041TX & WV0011TX
Orient Panda, the best value chronograph watches, demo watch bands : LEFT , RIGHT


Left : Tropic Pro FKM watch band on Orient White Panda, Right: GREY FKM on Orient Grey Panda

Orient has been a well-known and well respected company within the watch making community for over a century. Orient watches were often referred as one of the top three watch companies in Japan.

On grey Panda : Seatbelt Nylon watch band

On white Panda : Quick Release Nylon

By the seventies, as watch companies were experiencing hardships from the mass introduction of quartz watches. Both Citizen and Seiko followed the trend of mass producing quartz watches, while Orient was the only watch company that kept focused and continued producing mechanical watches.

Super -O Boyer Watch Band for Orient Mako II is compatible with Orient Panda

When it comes to vintage chronograph watches, Orient’s vintage chronograph watch collection are definitely worth looking into. Here are two of Orient’s Panda Neo 70 chronograph watch models that we have on hand and would like to share them with you: Orient Neo 70 Solar Panda WV0041TX & Orient Grey Panda Neo 70 Solar Chrono WV0011TX Japan Edition.

Handmade Gunny strap X MiLTAT : SNOOPY

#74 another Gunny X MiLTAT

There’s a reason why the dial is nicknamed ‘panda’. In short, a panda dial is a light-colored dial (often in white or silver, cream in this case) with much darker sub dials. It’s the chronograph watch models that are commonly referred to as pandas, since they tend to be the watch that are most commonly display with multiple sub dials.

Endmill curved end watch band from Orient Ray 2 fits Seiko Panda nicely

Both panda chrono models are equipped with solar technology, it is powered by a quartz movement. It’s no surprise that some of you may have doubts about the watch since it does not operate on a mechanical movement. However, quartz movement obviously has some practical benefits, most notably using solar technology which powers the movement and removing the need for replacing the battery (or having to manually wind it, if it would have been a mechanical movement).

Mesh Watch Band pairs well with Panda Neo 70

No doubt with Black mesh band on Grey Panda

The movement has a power reserve of 6 months but is also charged as you are using it. Quartz movements is of course very reliable, durable, robust, and affordable to maintain. For those looking to pick up a vintage chronograph watch, be sure to check out the Orient Neo 70 Solar Panda Chronograph collection. Not only do they look good, the fact that you can pick one up for under 300.00USD certainly helps to make the decision for you.

Orient Panda Neo 70s Solar Chronograph White WV0041TX & Grey WV0011TX Japan Edition

  • Stainless Steel Case and Bezel
  • Stainless Steel Band Material
  • Crystal Glass
  • 24h Dial Display
  • 1/5 Sec Stopwatch
  • Date Display
  • 10 Bar Waterproof
  • Solar Powered
  • ± 15 Sec/Month Accuracy
  • 48.7 x 42.0 mm x 11.7 mm Size
  • 22mm Band Width
  • 129.0 g Weight

Should you are looking for a curve-fitted stainless steel watch bands for your Panda, order watch bands for the Orient Mako II or RAY II, both were tested and are compatible to be used on the Orient Panda WV0041TX & WV0011TX watches.

Shop Fitted endlink watch bands for Orient Panada Watch (compatible with Mako II and Ray II)


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Written by Sam , image by Toni 

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