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The Watchesgazine of Seiko Sumo

The Watch Magazine of Seiko Sumo is a photo gallery of the best practice of SBDC001, SBDC031, SPB103, etc. Simply changed to curved endlink solid lug stainless steel bracelet by MiLTAT to upgrade the look of your Seiko Sumo and start the Seiko Mods trend.

Compatible with Seiko Prospex Sumo SBDC001, SBDC003, SBDC005, SBDC017, SBDC019, SBDC027, SBDC031, SBDC033, SBDC049, SBDC057, SBDC069, SBDC081, SBDC083, SBDC095, SBDC097, SBDC099, SBDC113, SBDC114, SBDC121, SPB029, SPB031, Zimbe Limited Edition SPB055, SPB103, Black Sumo SPB125, SPB175, SPB177, SPB179, ROOTBEER Limited Edition SPB192, Zimbe Limited Edition SPB194, SPB195, SZSC004.

Full compatible model list:

Seiko Sumo 1st generation
•  SBDC001, SBDC001J, SBDC001J1
•  SBDC003, SBDC003J, SBDC003J1
•  SBDC005, SBDC005J, SBDC005J1
•  SBDC017
•  SBDC019
•  SPB029, SPB029J, SPB029J1

Seiko Sumo 2nd generation
•  SBDC031, SBDC031J, SBDC031J1
•  SBDC033, SBDC033J, SBDC033J1
•  SBDC049, SBDC049J, SBDC049J1
•  SBDC057, SBDC057J, SBDC057J1
•  SBDC069, SBDC069J, SBDC069J1
•  SZSC004, SZSC004J, SZSC004J1
•  SPB031, SPB031J, SPB031J1
•  SPB055, SPB055J, SPB055J1
•  SBDC027, SBDC027J, SBDC027J

Seiko Sumo 3rd generation
•  SBDC083, SPB101, SBDC083J, •  SBDC083J1, SPB101J, SPB101J1
•  SBDC081, SPB103, SBDC081J, •  SBDC081J1, SPB103J, SPB103J1
•  SBDC095, SPB125, SBDC095J, •  SBDC095J1, SPB125J, SPB125J1
•  SBDC097, SBDC097J, SBDC097J1
•  SBDC099, SBDC099J, SBDC099J1
•  SPB192, SPB192J, SPB192J1
•  SPB194, SPB194J, SPB194J1
•  SPB195, SPB195J, SPB195J1
•  SBDC113, SBDC113J, SBDC113J1
•  SBDC114, SBDC114J, SBDC114J1
•  SBDC121, SBDC121J, SBDC121J1
•  SPB175, SPB175J, SPB175J1
•  SPB177, SPB177J, SPB177J1
•  SPB179, SPB179J, SPB179J1
•  SPB321, SPB321J, SPB321J1
•  SPB323, SPB323J, SPB323J1