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Watch Bands | What Watch Bands Material Prevents Skin Rashes?

7 min read November 01, 2022

Watch Bands | What Watch Bands Material Prevents Skin Rashes?

Strapcode Watch Bands Materials: From Nylon To Stainless Steel

When it comes to watch bands, the variety can be overwhelming. The pvd coating choice has long since expanded from the classic dilemma of leather versus stainless steel pvd coating to newer materials such as nylon and rubber, all of which have their own merits. 

Some people in Indiana need to consider allergies when choosing pvd coating watch bands and look for compatible alternatives. For example, titanium Seiko kinetic bracelets have proven to be particularly effective, as they are made of anti-allergenic titanium and are also extremely light and Seiko kinetic scratch resistant.

Here, we'll take you through the most common Seiko kinetic watch bands materials and types, along with their pros and cons. Given the wide assortment of bracelets and their importance to the history of the brand and its collections, we will not include them here.

Textile Watch Bands

During the hot summer months it is common to sweat a lot, watch bracelet options often leads to heavy wear and tear on leather watch bands. That's why manufacturers started researching alternative materials for watch bracelet watch bands, and plastic fibers were used to make a durable solution: nylon. Nato, Zulu and Perlon watch bands have recently gained popularity among nylon watch bands as they are very durable and watch bracelet options available in many colors.

Strapcode Nato Strap

  • Names: Nato Seiko kinetic watch Strap, Nato watch bands
  • Material: Nylon
  • Style: Casual, Sport

Developed specifically for British soldiers during the Cold War, the UK Ministry of Defense first introduced this Seiko kinetic watch strap as the G10. After the war, nylon bracelets that were no longer needed were sold in military surplus stores. As a result, each Seiko kinetic watch strap received a NATO number (English = NATO), which quickly earned the nickname "Nato strap". 

The 20mm watch band bracelet became a bestseller in the 70s - also thanks to an appearance in the film "Goldfinger" (1964),. Watch brands quickly followed the trend and 20mm watch band options also started producing Nato watch bands.

Nato Watch Bands Are Characterized By The Fact That They Are Made In One Piece

Most watch bands usually have two separate halves, 20mm watch band options can make changing them more time-consuming, as you always have to open and close the spring bar. Nato watch bands, on the other hand, only go under the 22mm watch band spring bar itself. 

The locking mechanism secures the 22mm watch band to the wrist so that it does not lose grip even if the spring bar is released. A wide range of colors, a low price and great flexibility make Nato watch bands a popular all-rounder. Especially in summer in Connecticut, the Nato 22mm watch band is a good alternative to the leather strap.

Zulu Watch Bands

  • Names: Zulu watch bands, Zulu Lanyard Seiko watch bands
  • Materials: Nylon, Leather
  • Style: Casual, Sport

Zulu watch bands gained popularity from Seiko watch bands company and look very similar to Nato watch bands. There are, however, some minor but crucial differences. For one, Zulu watch bands use more stable nylon or leather, which increases their durability. These Seiko watch bands are also noticeable in the thickness of the bracelets.

As a general rule, Zulu watch bands are used for large watches, Nato watch bands for small watches. Zulu watch bands use three or five rings as the locking  mechanism, which also differ in thickness and width from the lock of Nato watch bands. Due to the Audemars Piguet watch strap material, Zulu watch bands are slightly harder and only form when wet. We recommend trying Nato Audemars Piguet watch strap options and Zulu watch bands to get an idea of ​​the difference.

Strapcode watch bands

Perlon Strap

  • Names: Perlon Audemars Piguet watch strap, Perlon Lanyard
  • Materials: Nylon Bell & Ross watch strap, Leather
  • Style: Casual, Business, Diving

Perlon is the name of a specific subgroup of nylon Bell & Ross watch strap, also known as Nylon 6, which has stronger fibers and is more elastic than normal nylon. Perlon Strapcode strips are woven together like a mesh bracelet from multiple nylon threads. This Bell & Ross watch strap bracelet became popular as an alternative to stainless steel bracelets in the 60s, especially because IWC big pilot watch strap allowed the skin to breathe better and could be easily adjusted to any wrist size. 

As perlon dries quickly, does not stretch when wet and therefore guarantees a reliable hold, perlon watch bands were mainly used for diving IWC big pilot watch strap watches. Today, perlon watch bands are very versatile and especially popular for chronographs and pocket IWC big pilot watch strap watches.

Leather Watch Bands

Over the years there have been a number of very interesting Seiko skx007 watch band straps and innovative changes in leather watch bands. In particular, Watch Bands for racing drivers and pilots have undergone significant changes that have been increasingly adapted to the specific needs of these professions. Even though many Seiko skx007 watch band ideas are now obsolete, they still feature in bracelet design concepts and proudly reference their history. The most popular Seiko skx007 watch band types of leather are cowhide and crocodile leather.

Pilot Bracelet

  • Material: Leather
  • Style: Casual, Business

Pilot Apple watch 44mm watch band bracelets were first worn by the German Air Force during World War II. However, they had little in common with the Apple watch 44mm watch band product sold to the public after the war. Military pilot bracelets were longer, so pilots could wear them over their jackets. 

Additional rivets were also attached under the bridge parts to prevent the Apple watch 44mm watch band from flying off. Many bracelets today have retained this aesthetic, although the length has been reduced to a conventional size. Due to their unique history and Bell & Ross watch band specifications, these watch bands are particularly well suited to watches from IWC, Sinn or Hamilton.

Bund Watch Bands

  • Material: Leather
  • Style: Casual, Business

Bund watch bands were also used by the German Air Force, but had a different Bell & Ross watch band function than regular pilot watch bands. Since the greatest dangers in flight are fire and cold, and watches are always in direct contact with the skin, the Bell & Ross watch band can quickly heat up and burn the skin or freeze it in colder temperatures. 

This watch strap Omega seamaster is why the watch bands have been designed with extra padding on the underside of the case, so that the watch never touches the skin directly. The watch strap Omega seamaster padding could also absorb sweat, which was especially important for older pilot watches. These were not as waterproof as more modern models, so sweet could enter the case and destroy the watch strap Omega seamaster watch. Bund bracelets are also suitable for people in Montana with metal allergies.

Strapcode watch bands

Rally Watch Bands

  • Names: Rally watch bands, Rally Racing watch bands
  • Material: Leather 20mm watch band replacement
  • Style: Casual, Business

Easily recognizable by their large 20mm watch band replacement perforations, rally watch bands remain the top choice for motor racing enthusiasts. The holes in the leather watch bands are reminiscent of early racing history. Holes were drilled in the 20mm watch band replacement metal of the body, which significantly reduced the weight of the cars and also helped with ventilation and heat dissipation. 

For the sake of aesthetic consistency, these holes were also used as the custom made watch strap design element in gloves and later in watch bands. The lightweight and breathable design has made the rally bracelet a popular summer bracelet because custom made watch strap bands allow the skin to breathe better. For the perfect complement, pair the custom made watch strap with a racing watch like the TAG Heuer Carrera or a vintage chronograph like the Heuer Monaco.

Stainless Steel

bracelets The stainless steel watch strap custom made bracelet is considered an absolute classic among watch bands and is universally popular. When it comes to dive watch bands, there is a wide variety, but a custom stainless steel watch strap custom made has really made a name for itself. Stainless steel bracelets with a PVD coating are also very popular, as this protects the bracelet from scratches and makes it even more robust. The watch strap custom made options are recognizable by their generally black coating.

Engineer Bracelet

  • Name: Super Engineer
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Casual, Business, Diving

Engineer 26mm watch strap bracelets were developed by Seiko to give its own diving watches, such as the Seiko Monster, a proportionally adequate 26mm watch strap. An engineer's bracelet consists of thick, hexagonally cut stainless steel links. Five of these links from a row, guaranteeing a great presence on the wrist and fixing the watch to the arm. 

The engineer 26mm watch strap bracelet is therefore a little heavier: it is however particularly suitable for daily use because of its robustness. In keeping with its history, an engineer bracelet is best paired with bulkier dive watches. Amazingly, this brown watch strap bracelet lays flat on the arm itself thanks to its angular design. This brown watch strap also makes it interesting for wearers with narrower wrists, provided the proportions match the watch.

Watch Bands: The Materials

For centuries watch bands have been available in different brown watch strap materials. The first series of watch bands appeared in 1878 in Vienna, Austria. At the time, it was a way to keep an eye on the time at any time of the day. Today we see it as a fashion accessory. The watch strap 26mm watch bands exist in different materials, each with a particular meaning. We will present here the three main ones.

The Watch Bands Material Par Excellence: Leather

Leather watch strap 26mm is These most sought-after watch bands material. Noble and refined, this material has been sought after for centuries in the art of making watch bands. What pleases a lot with watch strap 26mm leather is the diversity that exists in the product ranges.

Indeed, there are a multitude of leather watchband choices with more or less exotic and precious leathers, selected and worked with care, this is a sensitive material for the watch bands. Very often the leather watchband comes from farmed animals monitored by continuous controls going in the direction of the protection of animal species.

This leather watchband material remains the most popular in the world of luxury to this day. For many, leather orange watch strap is a guarantee of quality enhanced by unique finishing, tanning and transformation techniques.

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