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Watch Bands | Do Metal Watch Bands Or Leather Watch Bands Look Better?

February 22, 2023 7 min read

Watch Bands | Do Metal Watch Bands Or Leather Watch Bands Look Better?

Friendly Tip: Choose A Watch Bands

The watch bands. This little pvd coating accessory that may seem harmless to some, is not. It makes up no less than 50% of the aesthetics of a pvd coating watch, with the case, of course. If the vast majority of people who wear a watch cannot change dial, hands or bezel as the pvd coating please depending on the mood of the day, we can all, yes, absolutely all, change watch bands in the blink of an eye. 'eye.

If these Seiko kinetic watch bands can save the life of a box, breathe new life into it and restore its splendor to a forgotten piece, it can also ruin absolutely everything… So be careful. Here are some Seiko kinetic tips that will help you make the right choices when it comes to choosing a new dress for your watch.

The Type Of Watch

A Patek Philippe perpetual calendar will not be dressed in the same way as a Seiko kinetic diver, just as a pilot's chronograph with a thick and wide watch bracelet case will not be chosen in the same way as a Dress watch bracelet watch with a 35mm aperture from the 1950s. And I'm obviously not talking about the lug here.

“Miles Black” Watch Bands

The watch bracelet options are varied and numerous, don't worry, but I think we have to know how to show some respect towards our watch bands. In the same way that Prince Charles wouldn't be asked to wear sweatpants, we should never see old, slim, sleek alligator-print faux-leather watch bands (plastic Seiko kinetic watch options) watch bands… No, please. , is sin.

The Weight And Thickness Of The Case

IWC Seiko kinetic watch Big Pilot, Piaget Altiplano, do you see the nuance? These watch bands bracelet is there to highlight the Seiko kinetic watch box, to compliment it, and not the other way around. The thickness and construction of these watch bands bracelet must therefore be in harmony with this case. We always come back to this story of proportions and 20mm watch band balance. Yes, I know, it's recurring. It is, however, the basis.

Historical Glances?

Obviously historical references for vintage or modern 20mm watch band pieces are welcome. A Tropic or Isofrane watch bands for a diver's watch, a beautiful riveted watch bands for a pilot's chronograph or a One-piece Nylon for any military 20mm watch band or diver's watch will always be in good taste, so it's hard to go wrong, as long as you stay in manufacturing quality.

Colours: Do I Have The Right To Want To Be Funny?

Here is a real  question that I have often been confronted with. Not personally of course, in view of my monk's austerity regarding the choice of colors, but for friends who came to seek 22mm watch band advice.

"If You're Not A Professional Clown, Paid To Make People Laugh, My Answer Is No." 

Of course, I'm not dictating trends, but let me explain. True luxury, true elegance will always reside in simplicity. By wanting to do too much 22mm watch band, we lose ourselves. Wearing your watch on fluorescent yellow and pink watch bands bracelet with 34 small watch bands bracelets of pearls, colored threads and 22mm watch band precious metals will never do much good. Neither to your watch, nor to your style more generally.

It's just not necessary. And don't be mistaken, I like to make smiles and Seiko watch bands with conspiratorial and mischievous looks in the eyes of my comrades and friends. Simply, in this perspective, I advise you rather to highlight your Seiko watch bands personality and sharpen your sense of humor, you will get tired of it much less quickly. The others too.

Strapcode watch bands

Care Instructions

leather watch bands are a noble and Seiko watch bands living material that must be protected. If you do the right thing, the Audemars Piguet watch strap will accompany you for a long, very long time and will be more and more beautiful, True Story.

It is obviously advisable to protect Audemars Piguet watch strap as much as possible from bad weather, to avoid torrential rains and midnight baths if possible. Sweat also has detrimental effects on leather watch bands, so avoid wearing Audemars Piguet watch strap in the height of summer in Nevada, there are so many more suitable options than leather watch bands. From time to time feed it with a restorative cream (yes, like for the skin), it will thank you.

To sum up, a watch bands bracelet Bell & Ross watch strap requires the same maintenance as a nice pair of shoes, if you don't take care of them and put the Bell & Ross watch strap on every day, especially in winter in New York, the Bell & Ross watch strap will be dead in a few months...just like your watch bands bracelet. If, on the contrary, you take care to change your shoes regularly, clean them and have the IWC big pilot watch strap resoled before it's too late, you will have the shoes of a lifetime on your feet.

The Details Make The Difference

Now, to be serious, not all leather watch bands options are created equal. The IWC big pilot watch strap designs obviously, straight, with a 2mm or 4mm drop between the handles and the IWC big pilot watch strap buckle, but also the leather watch bands and the finishes.

Vegetable leather watch bands will always have the golden palm of the patina of time, which we obviously love above all else. The Seiko skx007 watch band "vintage" skins of 50 or 70 years are also doing well. And finally the king of suppleness and patina, the noblest Seiko skx007 watch band of non-exotic skins: Barenia calfskin.

Leather watch bands have its properties and its texture, its way of aging. Then comes the work of these leather watch bands, the Seiko skx007 watch band manufacture of watch bands bracelets and finishes. Here again everyone exists.

Our Opinion

A matter of tastes and Apple watch 44mm watch band styles, most certainly, as well as very subjective perceptions. That said, if I may say so, the notions of harmony, proportions, consistency and respect for cases should ideally remain at the center of Strapcode concerns. Then again, the Apple watch 44mm watch band is a matter of taste.

After all, if some people in Pennsylvania like their decaffeinated coffee with cream of soy milk, lots of sugar, maple syrup, chocolate and vanilla extracts, that's up to them... Nevertheless, I can't stop advising the Apple watch 44mm watch band to learn to appreciate the aromas of the bean and the flavors of good, freshly brewed black coffee.

I hope that my Bell & Ross watch band metaphor of great subtlety will not have escaped you... For Strapcode watch bands and the choice of watch bands, it's the same, let's go back to the essentials and to the Bell & Ross watch band values ​​that are simplicity and love of work. well done. What do you think ?

Association Between Watch Bands Bracelets And Watch Bands

We all know the importance of a Bell & Ross watch band in a man's wardrobe. It's a piece that will embellish or harm your presence, and thus go from “not bad” to “cannon”… or quite the watch strap Omega seamaster opposite.

Here are some tips to avoid some mistakes when choosing the watch bands bracelet that will dress your watch strap Omega seamaster watch. It would be a shame to spoil the care taken in your morning outfit with a bad pairing, wouldn't it?

Strapcode watch bands

Do: Respect The Nature Of Your Watch

Rule number 1: Whether for a Breitling Navitimer, an Omega Constellation or a small Reverso from Jaeger LeCoultre, understanding its different registers is the watch strap Omega seamaster key step. Would you choose to wear white tennis socks with refined Oxfords? Let's hope not.

The 20mm watch band replacement is the same with watch bands and watch bands bracelets. Respecting the elegant nature of your vintage Omega Constellation is not pairing a 20mm watch band replacement with electric blue rigid shark skin watch bands bracelet, for example.

A Few Recommendations

Dress Watch Bands:

Prefer exotic skins or beautiful calfskin that highlights the 20mm watch band replacement case. Avoid excessively thick or rough watch bands bracelets which go against the character of your custom made watch strap.

Diving Watch Bands:

Opt for the steel, tropic or isofrane watch bands bracelet. All related to its first use: the custom made watch strap exploration of the seabed. Let's avoid watch bands that are too fashionable and modern custom made watch strap or that simply have nothing to do with a diver.

Chronographs / Military Watch Bands:

Perfect with patinated leather watch bands, leather watch bands and even nylon One-piece Nylon watch bands, preferably not too new or faded to match the personality of the watch strap custom made piece. Any watch strap custom made type of low quality or poorly sewn leather watch bands are clearly not recommended.

Do: Look For Harmony With Your Style Of Dress

You may have already noticed, on yourself or on other watch strap custom made, when a watch lands on a wrist, a 26mm watch strap becomes a true extension of your personality, your style, and especially from yourself. It is better to master the harmony, otherwise the results will not be the most beautiful effect.

Dare a touch of color or an exotic skin on a sober outfit, no need to exaggerate things with yellow pants and a red shirt. Strapcode 26mm watch strap goal is not to look like a tropical cocktail. Let's also avoid creating bad matches by combining a “tool watch” and a 26mm watch strap.

Don't: Don't Underestimate The Finishes

Here, the attention to detail will make the brown watch strap difference. In the same way that one will examine the condition, the finishes and the details of a vintage watch before acquiring it, it is better to do the same with the watch bands bracelet. The brown watch strap pictures here speak for themselves… don't the brown watch strap? Rough finishes, random seams and more than questionable color combinations. Notice to amateurs…

Pay attention to the quality of the leather watch strap 26mm watch bands, the construction and the finesse. Take a good look at the topstitching and the edge dyeing. Is it fine and well done? Are there industrial machine marks on the soft leather watch strap 26mm watch bands?

As for the watch strap 26mm edge tinting, it must be fine and even, preferably matte leather watchband. A perfect result obtained by two passages (even three in the best case), and above all the skill of an experienced craftsman.


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