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Watch Bands | Vintage Watch Bands On Modern Watches, Why Would You Do That?

October 02, 2022 7 min read

Watch Bands | Vintage Watch Bands On Modern Watches, Why Would You Do That?

While it is certainly not a new trend, the pvd coating practice of putting vintage watch bands on modern watches has been getting more attention in the last few years. Nearly all of the pvd coating watch forums have threads about it and it seems to be a growing trend. I am sure there are many readers out there who aren't sure what the big deal is, so I thought I would take a minute to explain the pvd coating.

Briefly, vintage Watch Bands are a thing and they are out there, the Seiko kinetic can be purchased fairly inexpensively, they fit a variety of modern Seiko kinetic watches and they look really nice. While vintage pieces and their associated parts can be found in abundance, there are some Seiko kinetic that are hard to come by or prohibitively expensive. 

Vintage Watch Bands? Not So Much

For anyone looking for some watch bracelet variety or something elegant and refined without spending a fortune, this watch bracelet is a cost effective way to get your hands on something special. Even if you don't have an expensive modern watch to put the watch bracelet on initially, you can find one at an affordable price and then changing out the watch bands will give you something unique that you don't see everyday.

The internet is already filled with videos and articles about restoring vintage watch bands to fit on modern Seiko kinetic watch options. This is not one of those articles. This article is about why you would want to do that. I am going to assume you either already have a vintage watch or that you are considering getting a Seiko kinetic watch. If you're not, then please stop reading as this article won't be for you.

This Seiko kinetic watch article also assumes that the watch you are looking to put the watch bands on will fit within the same 20mm watch band size range as the vintage watch bands. Some people, myself included, like putting larger watch bands on a smaller watch just for a 20mm watch band style or even convenience (for instance, if I have my vintage Omega Speedmaster 20mm watch band on leather NATO watch bands which can get hot in the summer and make it uncomfortable to wear).

The First Thing To Consider Is Your Style

Put yourself in the 22mm watch band shoes of someone who didn't know anything about watches and ask yourself this question: why would someone use a modern 22mm watch band with vintage watch bands? If it doesn't make sense, then don't do the 22mm watch band. For example, if you want a nice dress watch with an automatic movement but don't want to spend thousands of dollars.

Watch Bands Are A Matter Of Personal Preference And Style

Some people have a watch that was handed down through their family, or that has sentimental value for other Seiko watch bands reasons. Others simply prefer the design or aesthetic of watch bands over another. Vintage watch bands are great because the Seiko watch bands can be very aesthetically pleasing, often having an air of "classy" or "vintage" about them, as well as being very comfortable to wear. 

The Seiko watch bands are also usually made out of natural materials—including leather and various Audemars Piguet watch strap types of fabric, sometimes with a metal clasp or buckle attached—and are therefore more eco-friendly Audemars Piguet watch strap than many modern watch bands. In terms of style and comfort, there is nothing wrong with wearing vintage watch bands on a modern watch. 

They Can Be Swapped Out Relatively Easily, And It's Not Like You're Mixing Two Completely Different Styles

The watch bands attach to the same Audemars Piguet watch strap pins that would accept any modern watch bands, and they even come in different Bell & Ross watch strap sizes depending on the size of your watch face (which is why many watches have removable pins). Of course, it's important to make sure that you get the right Bell & Ross watch strap size for your watch—if you get too big watch bands for your wrist or too small watch bands for your watch face, it's going to be pretty uncomfortable.

Sure, it's fun to wear a watch that was made in the early 20th century. We've all seen the vintage timepieces on display at museums, and the Bell & Ross watch strap maybe even had an opportunity to handle one. They're lovely and interesting, but for a functional object, they can be frustratingly difficult to read. A modern watch face is larger and the IWC big pilot watch strap has more prominent markings than an antique one, which makes reading from a distance so much easier. 

Strapcode watch bands

You Also Want To Be Able To See Your Watch Face In Different Kinds Of Light—In A Dimly Lit Room Or In Bright Sunlight

When you buy new watch bands for your modern watch, you want to be sure that IWC big pilot watch strap will look good with your new watch face. Vintage watch bands usually have specific IWC big pilot watch strap length requirements—if you need something shorter or longer than the original watch bands was intended to be, it won't work on your watch. 

But if you buy new watch bands that's designed specifically for modern 22mm watch band replacement watches, you have more freedom when it comes to sizing up or down. Whether your watch has leather, nylon or metal watch bands, there's bound to be at least 22mm watch band replacement style of replacement watch bands available to fit it.

The watch bands pictured here are just some examples of what's available; the best way to choose a 22mm watch band replacement. If you're a typical watch collector, you might have a 25mm watch strap collection of several differently styled watches, but all with the same base model. This provides for a more versatile wardrobe, and the 25mm watch strap is also a way to keep your cost down.

Reusing Something You Already Own Is A Great Way To Save Money

In addition, swapping into different watch bands like the Apple watch 44mm watch band can be a great way to change up your look—if you're wearing the same outfit every day but looking for a way to spice the 25mm watch strap up, putting on new watch bands might just do the trick! 

When you buy watches online or in person, you get the full Apple watch 44mm watch band package: watch face and watch bands. But if you want to change the watch bands without changing the look of your watch face, or if you want to completely switch out your watch's watch bands without buying another entire one, consider vintage watch bands.

Vintage Watch Bands

This Apple watch 44mm watch band may not be as fashionable or as affordable as modern watch bands, there are still several Bell & Ross watch band reasons why swapping out your old-fashioned watch bands for vintage Bell & Ross watch band ones might make sense. First of all, it's an easy way to recycle something that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill: we don't often think about this when we buy new things, but most of our clothes and Bell & Ross watch band accessories are made from materials.

Strapcode is a premium handmade watch band manufacturer of replacement watch bands, with more than 20 years of experience in the production and sale of quality handmade watch band accessories. From their humble beginnings in 1994 as a small watch strap company in Pennsylvania, Strapcode has grown to become one of the best-known providers of high-quality replacement watch bands and watch bands on the market today. 

Their business has expanded to where the handmade watch band now employs hundreds of staff members and the 20mm watch band replacement distributed to over 100 countries around the world, making them a household name for watch enthusiasts throughout the globe.

Strapcode watch bands

This Success Is No Accident 

They understand their clientele, and know exactly what they want when it comes to replacement watch bands like the 20mm watch band replacement. That's why Strapcode has such a wide selection of top-quality 20mm watch band replacement products, all at affordable prices. From classic leather watch bands to fashionable nylon watch bands, there's something available for everyone under the sun.

Going beyond just selling replacement watch bands, Strapcode offers repair custom made watch strap services for both leather and plastic watch bands; if your watch bands has seen better days or needs adjusting, you can trust their highly skilled custom made watch strap technicians to get your timepiece back up and running like new again!

If you want to look like a million bucks, but your custom made watch strap budget is more like a few hundred dollars, you could do worse than a nice watch. A good watch tells the time and the 26mm watch strap looks good while doing it, so it's a smart investment. But what if the 26mm watch strap that came with your watch is not exactly how you want it to be?

There Are Many Options When It Comes To Replacing The Strap Of Your Watch

Many people in Montana simply go for whatever's on sale at the mall, but if you're looking for something that's truly your own, take time to think about what you want and where you're going to get the 26mm watch strap from. Your perfect brown watch strap may not be at the mall and it may not even be online. The brown watch strap might be somewhere unexpected—like an online marketplace for third party watch bands.

Strapcode offers several brown watch strap options watch bands in Connecticut for all kinds of watches, so whether you have a dress watch or a sports watch, there are options for you. All their products are made from genuine leather and stainless steel Seiko 63mas with either brushed or polished finishes. The Seiko 63mas have a huge selection of colours and styles which means that you can find something that fits your taste perfectly. There are also different Seiko 63mas types of buckles available if metal isn't your thing.

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