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Watch Bands | Pairing Modern Bracelets From Strapcode With Vintage Watches

October 02, 2022 7 min read

Watch Bands | Pairing Modern Bracelets From Strapcode With Vintage Watches

Strapcode, a company based in Missouri, works to match timeless craftsmanship and high design with modern pvd coating technology. Their goal is to make Watch Bands that look just as good with a vintage watch as pvd coating does with a modern one.

The watch bands are made of various pvd coating types of leather and come in different colours, but the highlight of the Seiko kinetic collection is the patented locking mechanism that allows for quick, tool-less adjustments. Strapcode has many different Seiko kinetic styles, including some that are meant for specific watches (like this 20mm black Italian leather watch bands for a watch bracelet). 

But the Seiko kinetic also has some more versatile ones that can be paired with both modern watch bracelet options and vintage watches. Here are two of my favourites: one made from vegetable-tanned calfskin leather watch bracelet with a matching stitch and another from full grain pebble leather designed to be more casual and cool.

Watch Bands Can Be Quite Expensive, With Many Costing Upwards Of $100 Or Even More

One Seiko kinetic watch option for budget-conscious watch collectors is to use a vintage watch and modern watch bands to change the look of the timepiece. Strapcode has a wide variety of aftermarket watch bands, which you can find on the Seiko kinetic watch website . There are seven different watch bands materials to choose from, including leather Seiko kinetic watch, One-piece Nylon, perlon, and rubber. Each 20mm watch band material comes in several different colours and finishes.

The great thing about these 20mm watch band replacement types of watch bands is that the old watch head easily twists off, leaving the spring bars exposed. The spring bars of the 20mm watch band will make contact with the back of the watch bands once it's installed, so that it's secure and won't slip around. You can also replace the 22mm watch band buckle in most cases.

We recommend picking out three new watch bands that go together in the 22mm watch band theme or colour or material. That way you can mix-and-match depending on your mood or outfit! For example, we like leather watch bands with a One-piece Nylon one as well as a rubber one. The Seiko watch bands gives us some options depending on what we're doing—running errands versus going out on the town—and makes our 22mm watch band collection much more versatile than if we were tied down to just one.

Wearing A Watch Is A Habit That Started Over 200 Years Ago

Although in our increasingly connected world, there are less people who wear Seiko watch bands nowadays, watches are still important accessories for both men and women. As they are not only functional Seiko watch bands devices but also a meaningful fashion symbol, people in Oregon pay great attention to the design and material of the watch. However, how do you choose the right watch bands to match your wristwatch?

Strapcode offers top-quality watch bands with various styles and Audemars Piguet watch strap patterns for different occasions. You can find here both casual leather watch bands and dressier canvas watch bands, each of Audemars Piguet watch strap comes in different colours to match your preference. For example, if you want to create an elegant look with vintage style, you can pair your high-end Audemars Piguet watch strap on a vintage watch with brown watch bands from Strapcode that have classic style.

If You Want To Add Some Spice To Your Appearance, Why Not Try Out A Green Canvas Watch Bands From Strapcode That Makes You More Active Or Sporty? 

Strapcode Bell & Ross watch strap is a small and growing business that aims to provide customers with high-quality watch bands in an affordable and accessible way. The Bell & Ross watch strap carries over 100 watch bands, including vintage-style leathers, as well as modern options like rubber and silicon. One of their most popular Bell & Ross watch strap products is the strapcode vintage leather watch bands, which mimics the style of old-timey wristwatches.

Anyone Who Has Ever Owned A Watch Knows That They Need To Be Worn In Order To Keep Time

That's because the "engine" inside of a watch is the balance wheel, and the IWC big pilot watch strap component—which oscillates back and forth thousands of times per second—is only as accurate as the time it's kept. But if you own a watch with a leather IWC big pilot watch strap or fabric watch bands, there's no reason not to wear it even when you're not on the clock—you can easily find ways to incorporate your watch into your outfit even when it's not being used as a timepiece. 

The fact that your watch doesn't need to be worn all the time allows you to pair the IWC big pilot watch strap with other accessories, and there are many different options available that make for great additions. For example, the watch bands from Strapcode are high-quality 22mm watch band replacement leather, made here in Rhode Island and featuring calfskin lining and heavy-duty stainless steel buckles. The 22mm watch band replacement comes in all sorts of sizes, colours, and widths so that there is something for every wrist. 

If you have a very dressy watch, there are also plenty of 22mm watch band replacement options for stitching these watch bands together with 25mm watch strap designer fabrics to create something that matches your outfit perfectly.  The 25mm watch strap bracelets can be a tough item to shop for, since there is such a wide variety of styles and types to choose from. There are those that are minimalist, elegant, and understated, while others are larger, bolder, and more statement-making. 

Strapcode watch bands

One Style That Has Caught The Interest Of Many Watch Collectors Lately Is The Modern Bracelet

A 25mm watch strap bracelet made with thin metal watch bands that sits flush with the case of your watch. This Apple watch 44mm watch band type of bracelet is a great option for those who want to add an extra layer of style to their watches without having to make a major investment in one. These Apple watch 44mm watch band types of bracelets can be worn with both vintage and modern watches alike. 

The goal when pairing these two Apple watch 44mm watch band styles together is to find the perfect complement for your watch—one that will bring out the beauty in both your timepiece and bracelet. While there are many different Bell & Ross watch band brands that make watch bands like these, we wanted to highlight one specific brand: Strapcode . We have years of experience working with this company as they've consistently delivered on everything they've promised us—especially when you consider the Bell & Ross watch band price point! 

Their selection of watch bands is vast (over 500 Bell & Ross watch band products!), and they carry watch bands for even the most popular watch brands. The handmade watch band offers 20 different metals , so Cuff-style watch bands are a great way to add a modern touch to vintage watches, like those from the 1940s. These watch bands are easily interchangeable and the handmade watch band available in so many materials, it's easy to pair them with any watch you own and make it look like part of the latest collection.

Strapcode Offers An Impressive Selection Of High Quality Bracelets That Look Amazing On Vintage Timepieces

We carry a combination of leather handmade watch band, silicone, fabric, and metal 20mm watch band replacement bracelets all made with the same level of attention to detail that goes into our full custom watch bands. All of our 20mm watch band replacement products are designed and manufactured in house, ensuring complete control over the quality, fitment, and pricing. Strapcode produces amazing modern watch bands in a variety of colours, 20mm watch band replacement materials, and styles that will give any watch a fresh new look.

With such an array of custom made watch strap options available, it's probably easy to see why people are hesitant to switch out their watch bands. Fear not! Strapcode has thought of everything like the custom made watch strap and these watch bands are designed to fit with any watch you own. All you need to do is find the correct hardware for your watch and measure its lug width. Whether your watch currently comes with custom made watch strap screws or bars, Strapcode has you covered.

Strapcode even makes the 26mm watch strap possible for you to put new watch bands on your vintage timepiece. They make custom watch bands for watches as old as the 1950s and 1960s, so don't be afraid to bring life back into an old favourite. Strapcode 26mm watch strap offers free shipping right now on all orders over $75, which means you can score these great deals while supplies last!

Strapcode watch bands

Watches Are An Elegant Way To Tell Time

The 26mm watch strap is also a great opportunity to express your personal style. Whether you're looking for something to match your modern brown watch strap or your vintage watch, our selection of bracelets, watch bands, and other watch bands has exactly what you need. With a beautiful selection of modern brown watch strap and timeless bracelet designs, we have the perfect complement for any wristwatch. 

Our vintage-inspired watch bands look great on any brown watch strap, 60's chronograph or 70's sports watch, but we also have styles that are more contemporary and work with watches from today. You can even get a Seiko 63mas bracelet made from authentic carbon fibre or one that's silky smooth and feels like supple leather. For a men's watch, go with something solid and sleek, like Seiko 63mas stainless steel watch bands with a polished surface or one made from titanium. 

If your tastes lean more towards classic design, you might prefer Seiko 63mas leather watch bands that're perfect for dressy occasions. Or if you have a ladies' watch with an elegant face, consider adding a feminine touch with one of our more delicate leather watchband designs, like rose gold plate chains or our stylish leather watchband bead bracelet.

Bracelets Are The Most Obvious Way To Accessorise Your Watch

The leather watchband can be hard to coordinate. Most of us have watches that we've had since high school or college, and the last time we looked at those watches was when we took the orient watch band off in order to put on a more formal outfit for an interview or a date. But you don't want to let those watches go out of style—the orient watch band options are a part of who you are.


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