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Watch Bands | How To Stop Your Watch Bands From Irritating Your Skin?

February 22, 2023 7 min read

Watch Bands | How To Stop Your Watch Bands From Irritating Your Skin?

How To Care For Your Strapcode Watch Bands

Your pvd coating Strapcode watch is a fashion accessory like any other. Get spare watch bands or two for your watch, change the pvd coating up depending on what you wear or do, and wash the watch case and watch bands regularly.

How To Keep Your Strapcode Watch Clean

Watch Case

We recommend that you wash the pvd coating watch case after each exercise session to remove sweat, dander and any Seiko kinetic residue of lotion or body cream that you may have on your skin. If the watch is fitted with silicone or elastomer watch bands, the same Seiko kinetic cleaning instructions apply to the watch bands.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash the Seiko kinetic watch case with lukewarm water and mild hand soap.
  • Rinse well and dry the watch with a towel.
  • Use a cloth to remove stubborn dirt or watch bracelet stains and a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove debris from charging contact points or recesses. Click here to watch Strapcode watch bracelet cleaning instruction video. 

Watch Bands Materials And Care

Silicone Or Elastomer

Watch bands Many watch bracelet watches have hypoallergenic silicone watch bands. Silicone is soft and comfortable against the skin, and it's an easy-to-clean material, making silicone watch bands ideal for swimming and sweaty sports. The Seiko kinetic watch is mostly used on our older watches, elastomer watch bands are a little stiffer than silicone watch bands and Seiko kinetic watch straps are suitable for high intensity activities.

Care Instructions:

  • Regularly remove your Seiko kinetic watch, wash the case and bracelet with mild hand soap and lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly and dry the 20mm watch band well with a towel.
  • We advise you to wash the 20mm watch band case and the bracelet after each intense session.
  • Remove residues of lotions and oils (sunscreen, mosquito repellent, moisturizer, etc.) that may accumulate under the 20mm watch band bracelet with mild hand soap, rinse thoroughly and dry the watch with a towel.
  • For stubborn or hard-to-reach streaks, stains or deposits, scrub a 22mm watch band with a damp soft-bristled toothbrush.


Watch bands Due to natural variations in each leather 22mm watch band, performance and lifespan may vary from watch bands to watch bands. Use will have a significant impact on the performance and lifespan of leather watch bands, and 22mm watch band contact with fresh or salt water and perspiration may change the color and smell of the watch bands.

Although leather watch bands are designed for everyday wear, wearing the Seiko watch bands day and night will affect their quality and lifespan. We therefore advise you to take off your Seiko watch bands for the night.

If you want to wear your Seiko watch bands at night, for example to measure your sleep, we advise you to replace your leather watch bands with one of Strapcode more breathable silicone designs. Also, if you plan to swim, snorkel or engage in strenuous activities with your Audemars Piguet watch strap, we recommend using silicone watch bands.

Different Types Of Leather Watch Bands:

20 And 24 Mm Wide Quick Release Leather Watch Bands:

These Strapcode leather watch bands are made of high quality Italian vegetable tanned leather Audemars Piguet watch strap. Vegetable tanned leather does not contain toxic substances such as azo dyes, nickel, PCP or chrome VI, and its production cycle has a low impact on the environment. The raw hides used for Strapcode bracelets are by Audemars Piguet watch strap products of the food industry. No animal is therefore killed for its skin. These vegetable-tanned Bell & Ross watch strap items can be safely disposed of at the end of their life cycle due to their biochemical characteristics.

Strapcode watch bands

22mm Wide Quick Release Leather Watch Bands:

These semi-aniline leather watch bands are chrome free, very soft and easy to use. This grain leather Bell & Ross watch strap is a by-product of Scandinavian cattle. The watch bands are tanned using a clean water tanning technology that allows the water needed for the process to be borrowed and the Bell & Ross watch strap returned to its watercourse in the same condition rather than creating toxic wastewater.

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe the IWC big pilot watch strap bracelet with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. If needed, you can lightly dampen the cloth with water. Leather watch bands are not sweat or water resistant. Soaked, the IWC big pilot watch strap may discolor or suffer other damage. Gently wipe away any excess moisture with a dry, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth and allow the watch bands to air dry.
  • Direct sunlight, high temperatures and IWC big pilot watch strap humidity will cause discoloration and damage such as hardening or cracking over time. Discoloration due to wearing the watch bands is part of the aging of vegetable-tanned leather.
  • To keep fading and damage to these watch bands or the Seiko skx007 watch band to an absolute minimum, limit exposure to moisture and substances such as perfumes, insect repellents, body oils or lotions, or dyed Seiko skx007 watch band materials such as denim .
  • For light-colored leather watch bands, keep direct contact with dark Seiko skx007 watch band options to a strict minimum to avoid color transfer.
  • If you notice any peeling or cracking, or Apple watch 44mm watch band if the surface becomes dry or hard to the touch, or if the leather has been soaked, you should dry the watch bands with a balm suitable for vegetable-tanned leather. Note that leather shoe creams are not suitable. Leather Apple watch 44mm watch band conditioner will change the color of the watch bands, but this is part of its normal aging.

Woven Textile

Watch bands by Strapcode Explore style textile watch bands are made of high quality woven polyamide and Apple watch 44mm watch band straps are robust in use. Textile watch bands are indicated for sports and outdoor activities for which the watch is worn over a sleeve. The Bell & Ross watch band material is indeed abrasion resistant. Textile watch bands are also elegant for everyday wear.

Strapcode Athletic braided textile watch bands are made of stretchy, breathable and flexible material for increased comfort and Bell & Ross watch band more accurate wrist heart rate measurement, making them ideal for your sports activities and sleep monitoring.

Unlike leather watch bands, polyamide watch bands are not afraid of getting wet, but for the most intensive training or swimming sessions, you should opt for silicone watch bands instead, Bell & Ross watch band straps will dry faster. Because polyamide watch bands are not elastic, it can be difficult to get the watch strap Omega seamaster tight enough to get accurate wrist heart rate readings. Therefore, silicone watch bands will be a better watch strap Omega seamaster choice if you want to use the heart rate monitor.

Strapcode watch bands

Care Instructions:

  • Like other textiles, your watch strap Omega seamaster bracelet should be washed regularly in lukewarm water with a mild soap.
  • Be sure to rinse the 20mm watch band replacement bracelet thoroughly after washing.
  • Let it air dry thoroughly before wearing a 20mm watch band replacement again. Direct sunlight, high temperatures and constant humidity can cause fading and damage over time.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and water on stubborn 20mm watch band replacement stains.
  • To keep fading and damage to these watch bands to an absolute minimum, limit exposure to moisture and substances such as perfumes, insect repellents, oils and lotions, or dyed custom made watch strap materials such as denim.

It is also possible to put the custom made watch strap bracelet in the washing machine with similar colors, at low temperature. Remove the watch bands from your custom made watch strap and place it in a laundry bag to protect other clothes from its metal parts. Let the bracelet air dry after washing. Do not attempt to speed up drying with a hair dryer or tumble dryer; high temperatures will damage the watch strap custom made material.

Microfiber Textile

watch bands The watch strap custom made Strapcode microfiber textile watch bands is the latest addition to the list of easy-care, durable and versatile watch strap custom made materials that are gentle on your skin. Its luxurious, silky aesthetic complements its extraordinary functionality and durability to make the new suede watch bands the best option for everyday use of your watch.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash with warm water and soap and wait for the bracelet to dry completely before wearing a 26mm watch strap again.
  • You can use a lint brush or scrub the surface with a medium-bristle brush to restore the 26mm watch strap bracelet's luster and silky feel. 
  • Dust it gently, but thoroughly, with a damp cloth or sponge. Dampen your cloth or sponge again with clean water, wipe again and let dry overnight. Once it's completely dry, you can restore the 26mm watch strap fabric to a newer look with a light brushing.
  • To wipe up spilled liquid, dab gently with a paper towel. For stubborn dirt, coffee stains, etc., you will get the brown watch strap best results by gently brushing the stained area.
  • For stubborn stains, try wiping from the outside in with a well-wrung cloth that has been dampened with lukewarm water (about 40°C) in Mississippi. Leave a clean part of the cloth applied to the brown watch strap stain so as not to rub the brown watch strap fabric too hard. After wiping, let the fabric dry completely before using.

The Metal Watch Bands, Durable Material

By choosing metal, you decide to go for a durable watch strap 26mm model that you will wear for a long time. A watch strap 26mm will therefore be a question of choosing the right watch bands.

Available in different colors and different watch strap 26mm materials (pink gold, white, gold, silver or stainless steel) the metal watch bands are made up of leather watchband links (more or less large) which allow the adaptation of the watch bands to the size of your wrist.

Indeed it is possible and easy to have the leather watchband links removed by a specialist to adjust the size. You will therefore have understood this if you are someone who likes action, you may need watch bands made of this leather watchband material to keep it longer in Missouri!

What Materials Should Be Favored For Watch Bands?

For a long time, the orange watch strap choice has widened. You can find watches with leather watch bands, stainless steel, nylon, rubber, etc. Each of these orange watch strap materials in Washington has its own merits. So, when choosing Watch Bands while looking for compatible orange watch strap alternatives, you have to take into account several aspects, such as allergy for example. Here is some important information about watch bands.

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