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TicTac 35th Year Celebration With Seiko JDM SZSB006 & SZSB007

May 12, 2020

Seiko SZSB006 TicTAC 35th Anniversary, quick release watch bands

Seiko SZSB006 TicTac 35th anniversary watch on 20mm quick release watch band

To commemorate their 35 years in the watch industry, Japanese watch retailer, “Tic-Tac” have decided to team up with Seiko with two 35th anniversary JDM editions. The two references, bracelet (SZSB006) & faux-gator leather (SZSB007).

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If you are one of the lucky who was able to get your hands on one of the Seiko & Tic-Tac JDM collaboration models, be sure to check out our Seiko SARB033 collection for watch bands that would give the two models a whole new look.

Seiko SZSB006 TicTAC 35th Anniversary Watch on metal watch band

90% similarities between Seiko SARB033 and Seiko TIC-TAC SZSB006 & SZSB007 watch cases were just found.

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