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Seiko Samurai the 2nd and 3rd Generation of this Beloved Series

April 04, 2022 7 min read

Seiko Samurai the 2nd and 3rd Generation by Strapcode watch bands

This time, our topic of the day is the legendary Seiko Samurai series, that is, the individual models belonging to the second and third generation of this beloved Seiko series. The PADI and Save the Ocean models will receive special attention, not forgetting the common ground of all models and the snapshot of the Seiko Samurai family's historical background.

Seiko Samurai is one of the most popular and beloved Seiko series. Inspired by the world-famous Samurai heritage of Japan, Seiko Samurai watches have been close to the hearts of Seiko fans since their debut in 2004. All for a number of good reasons: inspiration stemming from a widely known Japanese tradition, original design, durability, and affordability, to name just a few.

Due to all of that and the fact the Seiko Samurai production ceased by 2008, only a few were lucky enough to get a hold of their specimen. However, it wasn’t long before all Seiko Samurai watches became highly sought after, gaining legendary status over the years.

That’s why their long-awaited resurrection in 2017 was so warmly welcomed by the fans worldwide. They were thrilled for finally being able to own a Seiko Samurai, hoping that that second-generation would live up to the standards of the original.

Did it go as Seiko planned and the fans desired? A win-win, Seiko delivered yet another successful series that also answered fans’ hopes answered and more.


The Second Generation of Seiko Samurai: PROSPEX (from 2017 to Present)

Seiko-Samurai-SRPB51-SRPB55 strapcode metal watch bands

Seiko Samurai Prospex Automatic Dive Watches : SRPB55K1 PVD Black and SRPB51 Stainless Steel

Compared to the original series, the 2nd generation kept all the great features, taking a number of them to another level. So let’s start with what all second-generation models have in common.


Seiko Samurai 2nd generation specifications:

  • Nearly 44m in diameter, 13.4mm thick Angular Stainless Steel Case
  • 4R35 Caliber, Hacking, Automatic with Manual Winding Mechanism
  • LumiBrite Hands and Indexes
  • Stop second-hand function
  • Hardlex Crystal Glass
  • 3 O’clock Date Display
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Screw-down Crown and Case Back
  • Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
  • 22m strap width

Now, for the general upgrades compared to the initial generation, first and utmost, the 2nd Seiko Samurai generation features a 4R35 caliber, one of Seiko hall of famers. Moreover, compared to 7S25 present in the original Samurai edition, 4R35 has a hacking and a hand-winding option and improved precision.

Next, the new case is more dominant, 44mm compared to 42mm of the original series. Finally, 2nd generation Seiko Samurai lug to lug span is 50mm. Still, it lays comfortably on the wrist, thanks to its angular shape. The hour markers are full bars of Lume, and there are crown guards present.

Finally, all 2nd generation cases are stainless steel and come in two out-of-the-box watch strap combinations, a stainless steel Seiko Samurai bracelet and a rubber watch strap.

Besides standard versions, including Seiko SRPB49, Seiko SRPB51, Seiko SRPB55, and the famous Seiko Samurai Pepsi SRPB53, the 2nd generation of Seiko Samurai features two special editions, Seiko Samurai – PADI and Seiko Samurai – Save the Ocean. Let’s see what they brought to the table.

grp-Seiko-Samurai-SRPB55 Strapcode Nato watch straps

Black Seiko Samurai SRPB55K1 modern casual elegance with Military Green and Grey RAF N7 Nylon Nato Watch Straps


Seiko Samurai SRPB99 PADI

That Special Edition is one of the selected bunch that celebrates Seiko’s affiliation with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Thus, besides having standard Seiko Samurai 2nd generation features, this diver has a unique design. It comes in a PADI blue and red color scheme and has a PADI logo on the dial.

Not to be mistaken with the Seiko Samurai Pepsi SRPB53 with a blue dial, Samurai PADI has a black, wavy patterned dial that closely resembles the one present on the Omega Seamaster.


Seiko Samurai Save the Ocean watches

When you’re famous for diver watch collections, it comes naturally that a significant part of your business philosophy is the preservation of the diving environment. Namely, the ocean, since there’s no better place for a thrilling driving experience and no water environment that needs more attention at the moment. So to help this urgent and ongoing cause, Seiko decided to donate a quote of the proceeds from Save The Ocean models to chosen sea conservation organizations.

The Seiko Samurai 2nd generation has three Limited Edition models dedicated to ocean preservation. All three Seiko Save the Ocean Samurai watches have identical mechanical and constructional characteristics and a dominantly blue color scheme. However, some differences in the materials used and outer appearance specifics make it easy to tell them apart.

- Seiko SRPC93 has a textured gradient dial featuring non-parallel lines mimicking the ocean waves. In addition, the dial colors move from black to indigo blue to reinforce the experience. It also comes with a gunmetal gnarled crown and bezel edge.

- Seiko SRPD09 kept the same case and dial design as SRPC93. One significant difference is that the case and the crown of SRPD09 are completely PVD-coated. That gives it a darker appearance, which is further emphasized by a dark blue silicone strap.

- Seiko SRPD23 is also known as a Great White Shark edition. The dial on this one is different from the other two Save the Ocean models. It’s in light blue and wave textured to resemble the ocean’s surface. In addition, a tiny shark fin at the 8’O clock mark and the shape of the second hand’s counterbalance are a discreet homage to a great white shark—all with the goal of emphasizing the need to take better care of these endangered species. 

Seiko Watch Prospex Save the Ocean Special Edition Samurai SRPC93K1

Top: Seiko Save the Ocean Samurai SRPC93K1 Special Edition, and bottom: Seiko Prospex King Samurai – Save the Ocean SRPE33K1 reinforced sports look with complementary rubber watch straps


The 3rd Generation of Seiko Samurai: PROSPEX King Samurai (2020-Present)

As rightfully expected by their fans, the 3rd Samurai generation comes refreshed and upgraded. Just like the 2nd generation, it includes regular Seiko King Samurai models, as well as special editions, Seiko - King Samurai - PADI and Seiko - King Samurai - Save the Ocean.

They kept the overall design of the 2nd Samurai generation, such as the angular 44mm case, the 4R35 caliber, and 200m water resistance. What is new is the upgraded sapphire crystal glass, a magnifying glass over data display, and a ceramic bezel, both scratch-resistant and otherwise present in much more expensive watch collections.
There are two regular models:

  • Seiko Prospex King Samurai SRPE35 comes with a traditional black dial, with hands and indexes outlined in silver color. The golden color of the second hand and the 200m water resistance imprint add to improved visibility and rich contrast. The watch comes with a traditional stainless steel bracelet.
  • Seiko Prospex King Samurai SRPE37 comes with a checkered white dial, rare at this price range, and black outlined hands and indexes. The hands and indexes are slightly darker than those of SRPE35, providing even greater contrast and visibility. A touch of yellow on the tip of a second’s hand and water resistance writing additionally contribute there. This model comes with a black silicone watch strap.
    Seiko Prospex King Samurai  SRPE37K1 strapcode canvas watch bands

    Seiko Prospex King Samurai SRPD37 in casual and minimalistic color pattern achieved with Military Green Canvas watch strap


    Seiko King Samurai 'PADI'

    The King addition to the Seiko Samurai PADI models brings several visual changes. First of all, it’s the color scheme change. The traditional Pepsi pattern associated with the previous SEIKO PADI watches was replaced with the light blue color pattern. Again, closely connected to PADI since it’s the background color of their logo.

    Another change is the darker color of the dial, with an added texture. The darker appearance and the relief resembling surface give additional depth to the watch, making it even more striking than the original Samurai PADI.

    Seiko Samurai Prospex Special PADI Edition SRPB99K1 Strapcode FKM Rubber watch bands

    White : Seiko King Samurai PADI SRPG21K1 and Red : Seiko Samurai Special PADI Edition SRPB99K1 put on another level with the vibrant color FKM Rubber Quick-Release watch straps


    Seiko King Samurai 'Save the Ocean'

    The latest model in the Save the Ocean series is inspired by Manta Rays, another endangered ocean species. Different shades of ocean blue on the dial and its wavy surface mirror the sun-rays’ reflection from the ocean’s surface. All seen from the opposite angle and through the eyes of the three Manta Rays swimming at a 5m depth.

    Seiko PROSPEX King Samurai Save The Ocean SRPE33K1, strapcode watch bands

    Left classy revive textile : Seiko King Samurai - Save The Ocean SRPE33K1 and right grey canvas: Seiko King Samurai PADI Watch SRPG21K1 looking great both with textile watch straps


    In Summary

    Seiko never fails to surprise us. They again succeeded in creating distinctive yet immediately recognizable watches by combining trademarks from rich Japanese history and heritage with a modern and engaged design approach. Another big plus is a great variety of complementary watch straps designed for the Samurai watches that increase the appeal of the individual models on an ever-higher level.

    Judged by the warm welcome the 2nd and 3rd generation of Samurai family received from Seiko fans, these watches are bound to leave a strong mark on the watch market. Shoulder to shoulder with the original Seiko Samurai generation. That is particularly true for the improved limited-edition models. 

    Seiko-Samurai-White-SRPE37 strapcode canvas watch bands

    Seiko Prospex King Samurai SRPD37 on a completely new aesthetic level when paired with Canvas orange watch strap


    Written by S.K. , images by Toni  


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