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The Past & Present Of Seiko ‘SAVE The Ocean’ Watches

1 min read April 27, 2021

The Past & Present Of Seiko ‘SAVE The Ocean’ Watches

Left : Super-O Boyer Bracelet on Seiko New Turtles, Middle :  Hexad Watch Band on Seiko Samurai, and Right : Quick Release Blue Tropic Pro FKM rubber watch strap on Solar Chronograph SSC675P1


Seiko is without a doubt an expert in making quality dive watches at affordable prices. Over the years, Seiko has proven time after time that their dive watches are among one of the best in the industry, which was why they had no reason to change their concept.


 22mm Retro Razor watch band on Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle SRPC91

Since Seiko’s vintage dive watches are widely appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts, this explains why many of Seiko’s dive watches have kept their vintage design features and classic design elements.

strapcode-watch-bands-W_SS221820BPS066_Seiko-Ocean-Samurai-SRPC9322mm Hexad Watch Band on Seiko Save the Ocean Samurai SRPC93

One of the most popular and recognized collaboration Seiko took part and teamed up with ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, who is a legendary filmmaker and scientist.......

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