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Seiko’s 19mm Seiko watch bands by Strapcode 6105-8110, SLA017 and SLA025J1

June 18, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

19mm watch strap by Strapcode

Left to Right: DA192003B004B & SS192005BBK023 & SS192003B024

The most common lug width sizes for today’s watches are 20 mm, 22 mm, and 24 mm. As a reputable seller known for designing Seiko watch bands, we simply can’t leave out bracelets that can not used on some of Seiko’s iconic divers watch just because their lug width size are 19 mm.

Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017

Top view

Seiko SLA017

In 2017, Seiko re-issued its iconic dive watch, the 62 MAS in the form of the SLA017 (or SBDX019). When Seiko announced that it will bring out a reissue/recreation of the Seiko 62MAS, the Seiko collector world got very excited and waited impatiently to see what was being offered. Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017J1 did not disappoint watch collectors at all. The only complaints heard were the limited numbers available and of course the price.

Seiko has kept the same shape and design for the case, bezel, crown, bezel insert, scale, font, markers, dial, hands, inscriptions, date window and case-back. Even the strap looks like the original vintage version with the diamond pattern. Other features such as pass-through holes in the lugs to facilitate strap changes are also incorporated in the new offering.

19mm Seiko watch bands by Strapcode

SUPER Engineer Type II Solid Stainless Steel Straight End Watch Band SS192003B024

Super Engineer II is composed by 5 chamfer edge well-made solid 316L stainless steel units. Screw-in adjustable details instead of pressure pins. This item includes one pair of FAT spring bar (eg. generic Seiko Dia. 2.5mm spring bar) to ensure a more secure connection.

Seiko SLA025J1

In 2018, Seiko celebrates the 50th anniversary of another icon, which is the first hi-beat dive watch, the Seiko 1968 Reference 6159-7001. This original watch was very significant in many ways. In that year, Seiko released a diver watch that had doubled its dive rating, drastically increased legibility and timing precision, and offered an innovative and unique design.

Seiko Watch Prospex SLA025J1 – SBEX007 Hi-beat 1500 Limited Edition

Although it wasn’t the first Seiko diver, but it was definitely one of the most influential, and helped lay the groundwork for many future iconic models from the brand. This re-issued beauty is a limited edition model with only 1,500 units. Although it is a gem that all watch collectors would love to add to their collection, but sadly, the cost for this gem is nearly 6500.00USD.

19mm Mesh watch bands by Strapcode

22mm Flexi Ploprof 316 Reform SHARK Mesh Band, Brushed 316L Stainless Steel MC201620B003P

Flexi Ploprof 316 Reform ‘SHARK’ Mesh Band was inspired by the original Omega Seamaster 600m Ploprof mesh band. 316L stainless steel wire enhances the best performance of assigned finishing. 4mm thickness smoothly bend on your wrist. Featured Flexi ‘H’ link details made length adjustment more flexible.

Seiko 150M 6105-8110

Seiko Vintage 6105-8110 Automatic 150m Diver Watch

Side view

The 6105 is another vintage iconic diver from Seiko that made its presence known back in the seventies. This iconic diver is considered a third generation, following the 6217 (62 MAS). The 6105 diver is one of those watches that must be felt or even tried on in order to truly appreciate the beauty of it. The overall design for the 6105 is simple yet elegant. The hands are basic but are well designed as rectangles with lume. Unlike the common pointy arrows you often see in newer watches we see today.

The second hand is also unique in its own ways. Instead of giving full filled lume on the markers, the second hand is also unique with the design of a “traffic light” style with two lume filled holes at the tip. The distal one is white lume like the hour and minute hands, and the proximal hole has a pale red color. Another design that caught my attention was the design of the crown being protected by the The crown is at 4 o’clock and is protected by a chunky crown guard , giving it a distinguished look.

19mm Seiko watch bands by Strapcode

19 mm Super-O Boyer Straight End Watch Band SS192003B023

Super-O Boyer watch bracelet is composed of 3 flat and solid 316L stainless steel units. Considering the comfort and sustainability, it bends smoothly following your wrist. Well-made solid 316L stainless steel links are assembled with screw instead of flimsy pins to keep its solidity and stability.


If there was anything to complain about the three above mentioned iconic diver watches from Seiko, a better looking bracelet, or perhaps more options for 19mm watch bands would be ideal.

19mm Heavy Duty Double Shoulder Spring Bar

Dia. 2.5mm version NT-FAT-SB19MM


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February 07, 2022

Would love to see endlinks that fit the inverse curve of the 62MAS case shape, which was used extensively on many divers of this same era

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