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The First Asia Exclusive Black Turtle, Seiko King Turtle SRPH41K1

February 14, 2022 3 min read

Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle Limited Edition SRPH41K1

We live a fast-paced life, action, and event-packed, filled with technical innovations and rapidly changing trends. But, on the other hand, some things remain guided by proven results from their rich history, staying rooted to tradition and gradually improving it over time.

Seiko is, by all means, a perfect example of a successful merge of tradition and innovation. 2021 was no exception. Among others, it was a year when the newest release from the renowned Turtle series, the Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1, saw the light of day.

Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1

Black Mesh and Black DLC Stainless Steel Watch Bands for the latest Seiko Turtles, View Watch Band: Middle and Bottom

Black King Turtle commends all features characteristic to the Turtle family and adds a couple of original touches. For a start, it's the first Black Turtle Asian special edition, a well-deserved homage to Seiko's faithful fans for their decades-long following and trust in Seiko's products.

However, before going further into the characteristics of the latest member of the Turtle family, let's take a short trip back to where it all began.

Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1

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Seiko Turtle series, a history repeating

Seiko has produced many successful series during its admirable 130-year history. One of the most recognized and accepted is the Turtle family of watches.

The Seiko Turtle series started back in 1976. The official name was Seiko 6306A, but the fans quickly named it the Turtle, inspired by the appearance of its back case. This remarkable specimen of Seiko craftsmanship and timeless design has been one of the most favored models by fans worldwide since day one.

As a result of this affection, the original Turtle watch and its subsequent models have been highly sought after from the moment Seiko released them.

These are just a few of the most recent examples:

The latest one from the Turtle family, the Seiko Black King Turtle, follows on the same path of proven quality and design and will be no exception when it comes to popularity. Here are some of the reasons why.

Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1

Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle, all black, with a unique touch of red, Watch Band Details


Seiko Prospex SRPH41K1 Black King Turtle

  • a 45mm diameter and 13mm thick stainless steel case features Sapphire crystal glass with a magnifier and a screw case back
  • the case houses Seiko's timeless automatic with manual winding, 24 jewels 4R36 caliber with a power reserve of approximately 41 hours
  • Lumibrite on hands and index(es) secures clear visibility at any spot within the guaranteed 200m water resistance
  • the unidirectional rotating bezel is ceramic, an improvement over aluminum used on older Turtle models. Knurled surfaces of bezel and crown provide easy and fast adjustments
  • a black dial and a silicone watch band add to the stylish appearance.
  • the first time use of red font (a feature that is usually seen in watches that are ten times as expensive)  wraps up the elegance package with a touch of class
  • a limited edition of 1400 pieces available worldwide

The first reactions of Seiko fans around the globe are unanimously positive. Black Turtle's original appearance, coupled with original features, such as a ceramic bezel that is a current trend in the watch industry and a Sapphire crystal glass that is rarely seen at that price range, has already made a lasting impression.

Expanding the Collection of Watch Bands for Seiko Black King Turtle

As always, if you are looking to expand the range of watch bands that will complement the timeless elegance and design of any Seiko model, Black King Turtle included, read through this article, you may find some ideas from our selection. You can find suitable individual models and links to their specifications in the matching images' descriptions.

Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1

Additional selection of Quick-Release FKM rubber watch bands for Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle : Crisscross in Red and Crisscross in White


Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1

Quick-Release Canvas and Revive bands are at home with Black King Turtle, Left : Orange Canvas and Right :  Black Mixed White Revive Watch Band 


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Written by S.K. , images by Toni 

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