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CNY 2019 Greetings & The Best CNY Gold Seiko Watches

4 min read January 31, 2019

CNY 2019 Greetings & The Best CNY Gold Seiko Watches

For those not familiar with it, Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year (because it depends on the moon), is not just event – it is a festival. It is also referred to as the “Spring festival” and it pretty much looks like the magnificent celebration of the coming season.

The first year of the Chinese New Year begins with the appearing of the new moon somewhere between January 21st and February 20th. This year, that day falls on February 5th and signifies the start of the Year of the Pig. But we’ll refer to that a bit later.

The Spring festival is the time to clean up the trash in all areas of ones life, starting with home, and make way for good stuff to come. It is also a time of giving valuable presents and wishing well to others, mainly good health, fortune and prosperity in all areas of life.

Seiko 50th Anniversary Marine Master SBDX016 Gold Fin Baby Tuna Rose Gold SRPD14K1 and Baby Tuna SRPA82K1
Endmill (SS221805P2G033S), ANGUS JUB (SS221805P2G059S) and Super JUB (SS221805P2G020S) watch bracelets

What is especially beautiful about this tradition are Chinese greetings and sayings during this time. Besides basic greetings such as: „Happy New Year“, „Happy New Spring“, „May all your wishes come true“, and „Happy Spring Festival“, there’s even more sayings related to health, luck and success. „Enjoy good health“, „I wish you the Spirit of the dragon and horse“, „I wish you a bright and lively spirit“ are just some of them.

And there are a lot of specific, targeted greetings, such as greetings for kids, family or students. Plus, there are some really nice wishing-well sayings related to work, such as „May your work (and/or life) go smoothly“ and „I wish you promotions at every step“. And just by reading about it, one really wishes to spend this holiday in China, doesn’t it?

LEFT: Seiko Recraft SRPC16K1 Gold Cushion with Superfine IP Gold Wire Mesh Band MB2220FYPGD041
RIGHT: Seiko Presage Cocktail Golden Champagne SRPC99J1 with IP Gold Bony Wire Mesh Band MB2016FYPGD042

The Best CNY Seiko Gold Watches

But let’s us show you what Gold Seiko series have with it.

Unfortunately, “I wish you Gold Seiko Presage” is not a traditional or common Chinese saying for Spring festivities, although it would be nice.

As you know, we love watches. If you’re reading this, then you probably love them too. And as everyone celebrates life in their own style, this is ours. If you follow us for some time, you probably know how much we love Seiko Gold Diver watches. But there’s more than meets the eye.

LEFT: Seiko Samurai SRPB55K1 PVD Black with Hexad Watch Band SS221820BLC066
RIGHT: Seiko Superior Stargate II SRP510 Gold Tone Diver with Super JUB Watch Band full IP Gold SS221805PFG020S

In order to show you the deeper connection, we have to start by clarifying some more facts about the Chinese New Year. Traditionally, it is the festival in honor of the ancestors and deities and the legends have a nice story about how it all started. Long story short – a scary mythical beast named Nian once molested and ate people (especially children!) until someone discovered that Nian is afraid of the loud sounds and color red, which meant freedom for people. That’s why Chinese New Year’s celebration looks like a celebration of life and is full of the red color in all the details, as well as the fireworks, firecrackers, drums and other loud tools.

LEFT: Seiko Prospex Quartz Tuna S23626 Limited Edition with SUPER Engineer Type II PVD Black SS212220BBK034
RIGHT: Seiko Prospex 1978 Quartz Saturation S23627J1 with Hexad PVD Black SS221805BBK066

The second prevailing color on this wonderful celebration is golden. It signifies prosperity and valuables, such as gold and money. In order to attract the good fortune, there are a lot of golden details, especially on the red backgrounds. That’s why children are often gifted with money in red envelopes, because the connection of these two colors is so important.

Now, when you connect the dots – gold, valuable, prosperity, luck, celebration – and you love watches – what comes to mind… Seiko bling-bling! And these bright gems from Seiko celebrate are a celebration of this magnificent brand. Which is especially nice is that some of our favorite Seiko’s series, such as Tuna and Turtle, have their golden boy.

LEFT: Seiko New Turtle Japan Edition SBDY004 with ANGUS JUB bracelet SS221820BLC063
RIGHT: Seiko New Turtle Prospex SRPC44 with Super JUB full IP Gold bracelet SS221805PFG046

Plus, this year is especially connected to these golden watches. The incoming year is the Year of the Pig, an astrological sign in Chinese zodiac. And – the pig is also a close association to gold, money and prosperity because of the piggy banks. Additionally, if one of the watch brands is golden, it’s surely Seiko.

All of these are reasons why we decided to celebrate Chinese New Year with Seiko gold tone watches. They represent everything Chinese traditional New Year’s greetings suggest: wellness, prosperity, fortune… And whether you’re lucky to own one (or several of them) or not, you must admit that they are truly the peak ascensions of this famous brand.

But, the combinations we liked the most while mixing these golden watches and various watch bands don’t have anything red. So if you decide to wear one of these during the festivities, make sure to wear something red just in case – to scare Nian away.

We hope you enjoyed our way of celebration and, for the end, all of us at Strapcode wish you to live your life like it is golden!

Happy New Spring!

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