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Salute to all of the Seiko SARB Watches

January 06, 2023 6 min read

Salute to all of the Seiko SARB Watches

The Japanese watch-making corporation, Seiko, has been known for nothing short but excellent innovations and design in the watch production enterprise. Many of these watch models have been met with delight by the populace and consequently feelings of disappointment when some of these models are discontinued. Worthy of note are these three SARB models, namely, the SARB017, SARB033 and SARB035.


Seiko SARB watch bands collection from Strapcode

Why did Seiko bid farewell to these beloved SARB017, SARB033, and SARB035?

Seiko Alpinist SARB017 was discontinued in 2018, and turned their fans down. This model, often called the Alpinist green, runs on a 6R15 calibre that operates at the rate of 21600 bph; the watch is also equipped with hacking and hand winding options to enrich users' experience. Having 23 jewels and a Spron 510, the watch can last for about 50 hours. Its protective features include a Diaschock system and it's water resistant to about 200m of water.

This notable alpinist watch also possesses a rotating bezel and is equipped with a compass system for navigation. The cathedral hour hand of the SARB017 Alpinist also improves its aesthetics and makes its appearance much more exquisite. In addition the new version of Seiko Prospex Alpinist since 2020, their movement changed to a new 6R caliber - 6R35, which is a little upgrade, and the price is more. You can always check this article to know about the SARB017 and its new release version.


Seiko Alpinist SARB017 fitted watch band by Strapcode

Seiko Alpinist SARB017 is a beloved timepiece that will last for years.

Later than that, there are lots of new "Alpinist" models that came along in recent years. They are now under the Seiko Prospex collection, all with an "X" in the dial, which replaces the text "DIASHOCK 23 JEWELS". There are two more SARB models (not the Alpinist) with similar specifications that exclude the COMPASS function. They are SARB033 and SARB035, whose models are infamous for their elegancy and affordability while retaining high-end features.

The Seiko SARB033 and SARB035 also run on a 6R15 automatic calibre with a 38mm stainless steel case. They come in with a 38mm diameter, and 11mm thickness which makes them quite handy. The lug width is similar to the Alpinist and is 20mm in size. It’s also built to be water resistant, however, unlike the SARB 017, it can only last 100m in water.

The SARB033 and SARB035 are notable for the anachronic feel they give users; this is mainly due to the “Automatic” inscription in the dial and the reliable ticking of the calibre within. These watches also come with a great power reserve that’ll leave you anxiety-free that your watch might stop when on a very long journey. The SARB033 and SARB035 are furnished with an AR-coated sapphire crystal that enhances their elegance. Interestingly, the SARB033 has been nicknamed the “Baby Grand Seiko”.

Do you care to know about SARB033 and SARB035 model watches before reading further? Here is a short article that explains the best possible set up for your Seiko SARB033 and SARB035 watch.

These 3 Seiko SARB watches are more worth mentioning nowadays, as they are discontinued; their pricing in the market has become more. If you can find a SARB in new condition, it will probably cost you over $1000. With their high-end features, it is no surprise they still have high demand.

This article would like to focus more on these models: Black Dial Seiko SARB033, White Dial Seiko SARB035 and Green Dial Seiko SARB017 Alpinist and the best pairing replacement watch bands that have custom-fitted curved end for all the three of them. They are stainless steel watch band collections : Angus-J Louis JUB, Asteroid, Super-O Boyer, Rollball version II, and Super-JUB II. You will soon learn their differences and unique charm before you finally choose at least one.


Fitted watch bands for Seiko SARB033, Seiko SARB035, and Seiko Alpinist SARB017 by Strapcode

Angus-J Louis JUB watch bands on the right Seiko SARB033 and center Seiko SARB035, and Asteroid watch band was on the left pairing with Seiko Alpinist SARB017

The Angus-J Louis JUB watch bracelet fits very elegantly with these SARB033 and SARB035 models. The band is an upgraded version of the previous Super-J Louis JUB band. All links are composed of 316L stainless beads steel that are carefully fit together to perfect precision by well-built screws. The lug of the Angus-J Louis JUB band is carefully tapered into an 18mm buckle size and finished with a V shape double lock buttoned diver’s clasp. The V-Clasp is also made from 316L stainless steel and supplemented with 6 micro extra holes to adjust the length to what one prefers. Without a doubt, this band is an excellent Seiko replacement for the black dial SARB033 and the white dial SARB035.

The Green Alpinist in this picture fits perfectly with the 20mm Asteroid Watch Band. This watch band is designed to give the user a mix of the classic and the modern feel in one. Asteroid watch band consists of seven moveable solid links that can bend smoothly. The band’s classy look owes it largely to the design that comprises five tiny polished staggered beads in the middle and two chamfered beads exteriorly. Unlike the Angus-J Louis JUB band, it tapers into a 16mm buckle width. For a firmer connection on buckling, a solid pair FAT spring (Generic Seiko Dia. 2.0mm) is used. It also uses a V-Clasp system with micro holes for fine adjustment as in the Angus-J Louis JUB band.


A polished & brushed full silver tone Super-O Boyer watch band on Seiko SARB035. and 2-tone watch band for Seiko Alpinist SARB017 by Strapcode

On top : A polished & brushed full silver tone Super-O Boyer watch band on Seiko SARB035. On bottom : Seiko Alpinist SARB017 fitted with a 2-tone Angus-J Louis JUB watch band

The Super-O Boyer watch band fits perfectly with the white dial SARB035. This band comprises 3 flat and solid 316L stainless steel units. The 3D solid end-piece also gives it a simple yet elegant fit to the SARB035. The band is fitted with adjustable screws. The band tapers into an 18mm buckle which is a plus as the original 18mm Seiko clasp can be used too. It is accompanied by a V-clasp as the same in the previous Angus-J Louis JUB watch band.

The Angus-J Louis JUB watch band used with the Green Alpinist is very similar to the band used to fit the SARB033 and SARB035. However, this band is furnished with gold interior pieces. This makes it much classier than the other variant.


Seiko SARB033 watch band and Seiko Alpinist watch band by Strapcode

Add some 2-tone color to your Seiko SARB033 or tone down the Seiko Alpinist with a full brushed Super-O Boyer watch band, which is your choice?

The Angus-J Louis JUB fits into the black dial Seiko SARB033, the curved solid end-piece makes the fit seamless and elegant. However, the SARB017, the legendary green Alpinist here is also shown to fit perfectly with the Super-O Boyer watch band. Both of these watch bands’ specifications and designs have been discussed above. The Angus-J Louis band here however is accompanied by the SUB double lock diver’s clasp this time, which is also made from 316L and furnished with six extra micro holes for fine adjustment.


Black Dial Seiko SARB033 and the Ivory Dial Seiko SARB035 watch bands by Strapcode

The Black Dial Seiko SARB033 and the Ivory Dial Seiko SARB035 style differently by pairing with Super-O Boyer and Angus-J Louis JUB respectively

The siblings SARB033 and SARB035 shown in the pictures are seen to fit well with the described Super-O Boyer and Angus-J Louis JUB respectively. The variant of the Angus-J Louis JUB band is the two-tone IP gold variant. Both bands end in V-Clasp and a SUB-Clasp respectively.


Seiko SARB033 watch bands and Seiko Alpinist SARB017 watch bands by Strapcode

The two SARB shine in the dark when changing them into polished & brushed Super-O Boyer Watch Bands, view left and right watch bands

The legendary green Alpinist and the Grand Baby Seiko SARB033 are shown to also be compatible with the described Super-O Boyer Watch Band. The seamlessness of the fit makes these bands a great choice of replacement for the original Seiko bracelets.


Seiko Alpinist SARB017 on the left and Seiko SARB035 on the right, full silver tone watch bands, by Strapcode

Seiko Alpinist SARB017 on the left and Seiko SARB035 on the right, full silver tone watch bands, totally a classy look.

The Seiko SARB035 is shown with a compatible Super-O Boyer Band and SARB017 with a compatible Angus-J Louis JUB Watch Band. The Super-O Boyer is a good and perfecting fitting replacement watch band for White Dial SAR035 Automatic watch with adjustable details. Same as the Angus-J Louis JUB watch band is compatible with the Seiko Alpinist SARB017. It includes a pair of FAT spring bars that ensures a secure connection.


Seiko Alpinist SARB017 Rollball watch band from Strapcode

Seiko Alpinist SARB017 now paired with a round Rollball II watch band

Interestingly, the Rollball idea was gotten from a famous game that demanded rolling a ball over a ‘ball-hop’ that jumps the ball into rings. This exquisite Rollball band uses precise adjustable links which increases the flexibility of use. The Rollball version II band is designed with reduced thickness and roundness; its features have also been designed to be less modern thus evoking nostalgia and taking you way down memory lane. The band uses a solid pair FAT spring (Generic Seiko Dia. 2.0mm) and is accompanied by a Baton double lock diver’s clasp.

Though the Seiko SARB017, Seiko SARB033 and Seiko SARB035 have been discontinued, they remain valuable still and sought after by many. This is because of their elegance, simplicity, and classy feel all combined in one. And for some, the compass feature of the green Alpinist wins their heart. You can pick any of these up and shop for any of the compatible watch bands for a superb experience.


Written by Victor, images by Toni


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