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Matching Our Bracelets With Your Seiko Presage Cocktails!

June 09, 2022 3 min read

Matching Our Bracelets With Your Seiko Presage Cocktails!
Seiko Presage Cocktail Time is a series of beautiful time pieces which was first introduced back in 2010. The Cocktail Time Series of watches was created in partnership with Hisashi Kishi. Hisashi Kishi is a head bartender at Tokyo’s ‘Star Bar’ located in the heart of the Ginza area. Furthermore, he is the past winner of the International Bar Association World Championship.


Left: Seiko Presage SSA345 Cocktail Time Power Reserve Automatic Watch on Italian Handmade Racer Vintage Chestnut Brown Watch Strap; Right: Seiko Presage SSA361 Starlight Cocktail Time Power Reserve Limited Edition paired with an Italian Handmade Racer Vintage Blue Watch Strap

Ishinohana Bar and Hisashi Kishi have been featured on Anthony Bourdain’s series, “No Reservations,” and his carefully made and elaborately garnished cocktails were the inspiration behind the original Cocktail Time watches, with their colorful sunburst dials. The first watches in this series comprised eight models, each inspired by a different cocktail and each with its own color scheme and textured dial.

Paired watch bands : Genuine Tuscan leather watch strap, 100% handcrafted in Italy. Luxury Italian hides are tanned using traditional, natural methods, without chemical coloring & chrome. It features two size punch holes and a matching leather lining as a typical racing strap. Italian leather can retain the extraordinary tensile strength even split into thinner substances.

Left: Seiko Presage Cocktail SRPC99J1 Champagne Dial paired with a Military Green Nylon Watch Strap; Right: Seiko Presage SSA345 Cocktail Time  paired with a Military Grey Nylon Watch Strap

Left: Seiko Presage SSA361 Starlight was on a Black Nylon Watch Strap; Right: SSA345 Cocktail Time paired with a Military Grey Nylon Watch Strap

One of the most popular and known model from the Presage cocktail series would be the “Fuyugeshiki”, meaning “A Clear Winter Day”. For the “Fuyugeshiki”, which is available in a series of three different models, which are identified as the following:

SSA385J1 (date and power reserve), SRPC97J1 (time and date), SRP843J1 (ladies’ time and date).

Paired watch bands : The characteristic of nylon watchband is durable, lightweight and comfortable. This strong texture woven nylon fabric has been selected to make this watch strap which brings out the embossed effect. Considering the lightweight as an advantage, this nylon watch band is certainly the best mate for matching with most of the military watches.

The Champagne Cocktail SRPC99J1 looks very classy when paired with an Italian Handmade Alligator Watch Strap

Paired watch band : Genuine Mississippians Alligator skins leather watch strap, 100% handcrafted in Italy. Know necessarily, it is that the square scales of the stomach of the alligator are the ones that are expensive. Alligator leather is tanned using Italian methodology, the incredible vintage touch & dye, others are not able to be compared with.

Left: 20mm MiLTAT RAF N7 Nato Watch Strap in Sand and Military Green color 20A20EBU59N7P49 ; right: in Navy Blue and Grey color 20A20EBU59N7P51

Overall, the cocktail series watches are an awesome bargain, whether you’re strictly going for the looks, or the specifications, its worth every penny. However, we understand that its a lot of money for some to invest in a 600.00USD price range watch. Although you can pay the same amount of money for a designer brand, or even a mechanical watch from a micro-brand, but seriously, Its almost certain that when you pay for a Seiko, it will last you not only for a couple of years, but decades or perhaps even longer. Picking up anyone of the watches from the cocktail series can be a first step into the world of Seiko. It can perhaps lead your way into upgrading your next time piece to a more exquisite and sophisticated movements like 8L35 from the Seiko Tuna, or better yet, the 9S63 movement from the Grand Seiko collections.

Custom fitted watch bracelets tailor-made for Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Power Reserve . Left: ANGUS-J Louis Watch Bracelet ; middle: Super-O 3D Boyer Watch Bracelet ; right:  Super-O 3D Boyer Brushed & Polished Watch Bracelet

Seiko Presage Cocktail SRPE45 & SRPE47 on Mesh watch bands by StrapcodeAt 2020 Seiko released two 'Cocktail Time' SRPE45 & SRPE47, both have unforgettable dials, paired with Classy Mesh watch bands

Written by Sam , images byToni


First published :  May 06, 2019

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