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Seiko’s Cocktail Beauties SRPE45 & SRPE47

1 min read October 21, 2020

Seiko’s Cocktail Beauties SRPE45 & SRPE47

Left Pink : Tequila Sunset / Seiko Presage Cocktail Time 2020 Limited Model SARY169

Right Green : Mojito / Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SRPE45J1

Seiko’s Presage ‘Cocktail Time’ collection has been a hit ever since its release, and it continues to be popular among watch enthusiasts even to this day. The success of the ‘Cocktail Time’ collection are known for its use of distinct colors and designs for watches that are mainly suited for formal attire.


Shop 20mm Quick Release Tapered Mesh for your Seiko Cocktail SRPE45 & SRPE47


Shop 20mm Green & White military nato watch strap for your Seiko Cocktail SRPE45

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