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Experience the differences! 100% ITALIAN handcrafted leather watch bands

March 25, 2021 3 min read

Experience the differences! 100% ITALIAN handcrafted leather watch bands

For those who are looking for leather replacement watch straps, be sure to check out our latest leather strap collection at Strapcode.  Every piece of leather hide used to make our leather watch bands were handpicked and carefully crafted & treated by the manufacturer from Italy.  From calf, horse, to alligator leather, only the best parts of leather were selected to be used to craft our leather straps.

Red Rally Racing watch strap on Seiko 5 Sports SRPE63K1

Yellow Nubuck Leather Italian Handmade Racer Watch Band

Yellow Rally Racing watch strap on Seiko 5 Sports SRPE58

Genuine Tuscan horse leather / nubuck leather watch strap made in vintage rally racing style Luxurious Italian hides that are tanned using natural methods, without chemical chroming & coloring.  The design used on these beautiful horse leather straps features a two-size punch holes and a matching leather lining as a typical racing strap.  Italian leather can retain extraordinary tensile strength even split into thinner substances. Tuscan leather watch strap collection has an average thickness of 3.0mm, which ideally matches with vintage chronograph watch models.

Seiko Prospex Baby Alpinist Blue SPB157 by Strapcode watch bands

2-One Brown on Seiko Blue Baby Alpinist SPB157

Seiko-Black-Alpinist-SPB117, Watch Bands by Strapcode

Left Italian Robinson Leather, Right Italian Artisan Old Leather

These luxurious Italian Artisan leather straps are 100% made, crafted, manufactured from Italy. Each of these Artisan leather straps are diffused leather edged treated individually handmade, crafted, which make it even more unique and individualized.  Not only do these Artisan straps age better, but it naturally develops patina over time.  Artisan leather straps can worn on all occasions, where it is in or out of the office.     

Rebel Green Italian Handmade Leather of Art Watch Band by Strapcode

Italian rebel leather with man-made superficial scuff marks is a truly unique and exquisite Italian hand-crafted leather art piece.

100 % Genuine Italian calf leather straps that are handcrafted and treated in Italy.  The Italian rebel leather has a mild wax gloss, that are artificially treated with man-made superficial scuff marks that are distributed unevenly along the leather strap to give each strap’s it individuality and uniqueness.

Seiko Prospex 63MAS SPB147 by Strapcode watch bands

Mississippi Alligator 100% handcrafted,
paired with Seiko 63MAS SPB147

Tan Italian Handmade Alligator Belly Watch Band by Strapcode

Sfumato is a painting technique for softening the transition
between colors, can be found in Leonardo da Vinci painting
such as Mona Lisa

Alligator leather watch band is very durable and also very expensive.  Genuine Mississippiensis Alligator skins leather watch strap, 100% handcrafted in Italy.  Hornback Alligator has a visible bony ridge that gives a wild look. Unique exotic American alligator leather is one of the world's most elegant, durable, tough, and beautiful leather materials for making a perfect watch strap. The beauty of alligator leather stems in part from the fact that the scales have a natural enamel touch. This watch strap is made from Genuine Mississippiensis Alligator skins are rated the best quality alligator skin.  The Italian alligator collection has 4mm tapered in shape, around 3mm thick, which is the perfect thickness to pair with most fine or luxury watches.

Seiko Prospex SPB143 Captain Willard by Strapcode watch bands

Hornback Alligator has a bony ridge that gives a wild look

Dark Brown Italian Handmade Hornback Alligator Watch Band

Italian Bony Alligator straps re lined with Alzavel leather


100% Italian Handcrafted Leather Watch Bands

Pair your beloved watch with any Italian handcrafted leather watch bands, you will experience the differences.


Written by Sam , image by Toni

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