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HAVESTON UK, A Heartful Military-themed Watch straps

November 09, 2021 3 min read

HAVESTON UK, A Heartful Military-themed Watch straps

We are pleased to announced that we have recently teamed up with the Haveston team from the United Kingdom, where you can find some of their signature series such as the Corp. Canvas, Service, Parade, as well as the HAV-IVA and Stowage/ Accessories on our website (coming soon). To those who are looking for vintage military theme watch straps, be sure to check out the various series we have from Haveston.

We are thrilled to be able to work with the Haveston team, since we are both strap makers who are constantly trying to not only design watch bands and accessories for our customers, but we are both constantly trying to improve and refine our goods so that we can provide and be able to offer quality goods for our customers. Since it was only our first time working with the Haveston team, we have acquired some of their signature line into our collection. Watch straps from Haveston are designed and inspired with a vintage military & color themes throughout their various collections.  

(Black) Citizen GPS F990 & (Gray) Citizen JY8078 Skyhawk On  General Service duel set  watch Straps from Haveston

Corp. Canvas Series - feature a single one-piece rugged cotton strap layout paired with their signature secondary floating keeper, which allows the spare tail to be tucked away without the need for folding back. The rugged cotton material used on these straps are quite thick that measures at 1.5mm. As a friendly reminder, watches with a limited springbar to case clearance, make sure your have enough space in order for the strap to be able to slide through the case clearance. If you're looking for something colorful in Corp. Canvas series, the P-42 Camouflage Canvas Strap maybe your choice of strap. The design and color used on the limited edition canvas strap was inspired by the United States Marine Corps P42 Reversible Camouflage "Frogskin" pattern HBT Uniform from WWII. On top of that, the buckle is also available in a bead blasted Black PVD option. The overall length for the canvas strap is 275mm (without buckle), suitable for wrist size from 145mm - 225mm / 5.75"- 8.75".

Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Red On General Service Khaki & Olive Dual Set Watch Straps from Haveston

Service Series- feature a multi-color combination with a center stripe down the middle of the strap. The design and color used on the The Carrier A2 Strap was inspired by the USN Tri-Color Scheme of 1943 which employed counter-shading and counter-shadowing techniques. These comprised: Non-Specular Sea Blue (ANA 607) and Non-Specular Intermediate Blue (ANA 608) for upper and middle surfaces. While Non-Specular Insignia White (ANA 601) was used for lower surfaces. The overall length and thickness for the Service Series straps are slightly shorter and thinner than the Corp. Canvas Series at 270mm (buckle excluded) and thickness of 1.30mm, suitable for wrist size from 145mm - 225mm / 5.75"- 8.75".

Hook and loop locking system : HAV-IVA SERIES from Haveston

Within the Service Series collection, the General Service Straps are perhaps one of my favorite straps from the entire collection. The General Services straps are made up of traditional ballistic nylon, paired with a bead blasted Zulu steel buckle with no spring bar, pad reinforced hole to enhance durability, secondary keeper to allow the spare tail to be tucked away tail and retention, as well as unique subdued designation markings. They are available in a dual set (A) Black staple and an Admiralty based Grey, (B) Olive Drab and Khaki, both classic field tones.  HAV-IVA Series- are inspired by the use of original vintage space flown strap design utilized by astronauts to wrist mount mission tools.

IWC Big Pilot 5002 On Beta White IVA Strap from Haveston

The HVA-IVA straps feature a full length webbing lining that sets the strap with uniform structure and support, along with a high quality rubber keeper to ensure the mounting. The HVA-IVA straps are made not only for aesthetics and comfort, but also it enhanced for functionality. It would make an excellent choice as a dive strap. The overall length for the HVA-IVA straps are perhaps the longest and one of the thickest from their collection at 290mm in length and 1.6mm - 2.5mm in thickness.  For those who are looking for a vintage military style replacement watchband, be sure to check out our latest addition of watch straps from Haveston.


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Written by Sam , images by Toni 

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