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Hand-sewn 'Z' Big Keeper, MiLTAT's Zizz Collection

October 27, 2020 2 min read

Hand-sewn 'Z' Big Keeper, MiLTAT's Zizz Collection

What is a wristwatch? In the dictionary, it defines as a watch that is attached to a bracelet or strap and is worn around the wrist. From the point of function-wise, obviously watch strap is essential for a watch but it's much more than that, it is also an important accessory especially for men. Nowadays, the selection of watch and watch bands are the same important. A quality and trendy watch strap is a basic part of any watch. Changing the strap with a different style, materials, even if by changing the color of the strap, it can give your watch an entirely new look.

22mm Fur & Denim watch straps : Left - Beige on Seiko KING Samurai SRPE33J1 & Right - Brown on Seiko 5 Sports SRPD83K1

MiLTAT's signature for the 'Zizz' collection is the hand-sewn 'Z' stitch pattern on a big heavy duty leather keeper.  We decided to mix and match with unusual combination of colors and materials to give your a watch a new unique look.

Miltate Zizz collection, strapcode watch bands

Mix and match material plus hand-sewn 'Z' stitch pattern on keeper

Left - Cheese Calf on Seiko Limited Edition Sea Grape Turtle SRPD45J1, Right - on Seiko KING Turtle SRPE03K1

Demin on Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Kinetic GMT Diver SUN065

Nothing changes the look and feel of a nice wrist watch more than a new strap.  A broad and diverse strap collection can greatly extend the number of combinations.

Cracked Croco Calf on Seiko Kinetic GMT SUN053

Ultimately, watch straps are considerably much cheaper than a watch, so it is often more cost-effective to expand one’s collection of straps over spending on another watch. Changing your old strap to a new one allows you to easily get a new style without costing you a fortune. Today, at your coffee break, spend a little to get a totally brand-new look for what your beloved watches!

MiLTAT ZiZZ leather watch bands collection

SHOP ZiZZ leather watch bands collection

Written by Sam , Photo by Toni

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