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Hand-sewn 'Z' Big Keeper, MiLTAT's Zizz Collection

2 min read October 27, 2020

Hand-sewn 'Z' Big Keeper, MiLTAT's Zizz Collection

Left : Black - on Seiko Arnie SNJ025K1 &  Right - Brown on Seiko Arnie SNJ028

What is a wristwatch? In the dictionary, it defines as a watch that is attached to a bracelet or strap and is worn around the wrist. From the point of function-wise, obviously watch strap is essential for a watch but it's much more than that, it is also an important accessory especially for men. Nowadays, the selection of watch and watch bands are the same important. A quality and trendy watch strap is a basic part of any watch. Changing the strap with a different style, materials, even if by changing the color of the strap, it can give your watch an entirely new look.

Miltate Zizz collection, strapcode watch bands

Mix and match material plus hand-sewn 'Z' stitch pattern on keeper

MiLTAT's signature for the 'Zizz' collection is the hand-sewn 'Z' stitch pattern on a big heavy duty leather keeper.  We decided to mix and match with unusual combination of colors and materials to give your a watch a new unique look.

22mm Fur & Denim watch straps : Left - Beige on Seiko KING Samurai SRPE33J1 & Right - Brown on Seiko 5 Sports SRPD83K1

Left - Cheese Calf on Seiko Limited Edition Sea Grape Turtle SRPD45J1, Right - on Seiko KING Turtle SRPE03K1

Demin on Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Kinetic GMT Diver SUN065

Nothing changes the look and feel of a nice wrist watch more than a new strap.  A broad and diverse strap collection can greatly extend the number of combinations.

Cracked Croco Calf on Seiko Kinetic GMT SUN053

Ultimately, watch straps are considerably much cheaper than a watch, so it is often more cost-effective to expand one’s collection of straps over spending on another watch.Changing your old strap to a new one allows you to easily get a new style without costing you a fortune. Today, at your coffee break, spend a little to get a totally brand-new look for what your beloved watches!

MiLTAT ZiZZ leather watch bands collection

SHOP ZiZZ leather watch bands collection

Written by Sam , Photo by Toni

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