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A Pleasant Continuity - Custom fitted Seiko SUMO End-Plus

May 31, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

A Pleasant Continuity - Custom fitted Seiko SUMO End-Plus

Endlink-Plus and SUMO are the perfect combination to enrich the space between Sumo and watch band.

One of Seiko's most popular divers watch ever produced was the Seiko Prospex 200M Automatic Seiko Sumo Ref. SBDC001, which was released back in 2007.

316L Stainless steel Endlink custom fitted Seiko Sumo

Endlink-PLus + Quick Release Canvas Watch Bands

Military Green Chaffle Waffle on Seiko Prospex Sumo SBDC031

More noticeable traits all Seiko Sumo watches sharing are the fat markers used on the bezel. For those who didn't know where the nick name "Sumo", came from, many have said it was because the marker at 12’o clock resembles the ‘Mawashi’, which is the underwear worn by Japanese sumo wrestlers during a match.

Black Canvas on Seiko Zimbe Sumo SPB194J

Honestly, when I first looked at the 12 o'clock marker on the Sumo SBDC001, I was thinking it looked more like an onigiri, "Japanese rice ball", instead of a sumo wrestlers underwear.

Navy Blue Canvas on Sumo Prospex SBDC049

If there's anything I had to say about what I don't like about the Sumo models is perhaps the spring bars are ridiculously far from the case. 

Quick Release Grey Canvas on Seiko Prospex Sumo SBDC031

I am 100% certain that I am not the only one who thinks that.   Its fine if you're wearing it with the original watchband, or perhaps with one of our custom fitted Sumo watch bands, then there's nothing to worry about. 

Endlink Plus Tan Canvas watch band on Seiko Prospex Sumo SZSC004

However, the gap is much more noticeable if you are using a straight end canvas or perhaps a straight end rubber strap.

Black Chaffle Waffle Rubber watch band + Endlink-Plus demo on Seiko Zimbe Sumo SPB194J

To rectify the problem with the huge gap space for the Sumo, we would like to introduce an end link add on for the Sumo when pairing with the Canvas & Chaffle FKM watch bands.

Chaffle Waffle rubber watch bands from StrapcodeChaffle Waffle Rubber watch bands : Green and Black

Compatible model list:
  • SBDC031
  • SBDC033
  • SPB103
  • SZSC004
  • PADI SBDC049
  • Zimbe '15' SPB194


Tested NOT fitted Sumo models:

  • SBDC027
  • SPB029
  • Pepsi SBDC057
  • SBDC069Rootbeer SPB192

The Sumo end link add on pieces are currently available on our Canvas & Chaffle FKM watch bands.  Hurry and visit our online shop if you would like to get your hands on these custom fitted canvas & rubber straps for your Seiko Sumo watch.   


Written by Sam , image by Toni




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Gabriel Rubio
Gabriel Rubio

December 13, 2022

Do you sell jus the end link – to attach to a breacelet – One of yours?

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