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12 Limited Editions of Seiko Zimbe from Thailand

September 30, 2019

12 Limited Editions of Seiko Zimbe from Thailand

Seiko prospex Zimbe Limited Edition represents one of the most successful collections in the past 3 years. It’s sold only in Thailand, which attracts collectors from all over the world to this part of the world. The 12th Seiko Zimbe that marks the third edition this year saw the light of day this September. This magnificent watch is no less charming than its predecessors (history overview available lower below).

Seiko Prospex Zimbe  No.12 Limited Edition SPB109J unboxing

Specifically, the new model – Seiko Prospex Zimbe Limited Edition No.12 is named Prospex Zimbe Phytoplankton and is marked with the code SPB109J. Like its cousins, Baby Marinemaster (baby MM), it is a 200 m diving watch packed into stainless steel case of 44 m diameter (thickness 13.1 mm). . . . .

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