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9 Horween Leather Watch Strap Questions Are Answered!

July 12, 2022 4 min read

9 Horween Leather Watch Strap Questions Are Answered , Strapcode watch bands

If you're a novice, you could get caught in the incredibly complex web of watches and their straps; even as an expert or professional collector, you may have questions about watches and their straps, especially when these straps are the Horween leather watch straps.

This article aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Horween leather watch straps in one convenient place.

HORWEEN leather watch straps paired with Seiko Alpinist, SPB210J1 and SPB123J1 by Strapcode

Seiko Alpinist Series enhance the elegant look by pairing with Horween leather watch bands, Top and Bottom


Questions & Answers Related to Horween Leather Watch Strap

Think of this as your go-to destination for anything you need to know about Horween leather straps - you're welcome.

1. What Is Horween Leather?

Horween Leather is any leather produced by Horween Leather Co; it is considered to be premier American leather.

Horween leather is famous for its quality and old-school way of treatment; it was founded in 1905 by Ukrainian immigrant Isadore Horween in Chicago.

Horween Horsebutt, Horween Phantom and Horween Chromexcel leather watch straps

Horween Horsebutt, Horween Phantom and Horween Chromexcel leather watch straps all bring unique patina when aged

Since its inception, the Horween Leather Company has set the precedent for leather, now being known as one of the highest quality leathers available on the market by making extremely high quality, naturally tanned leather.

2. Where Does Horween Leather Come From?

Horween leather takes pride that they still do it the old-fashioned way- vegetable tanning while modern leather is tanned with fake chemicals.

They are meticulous in the way they produce their goods starting with a select well-trained and expert team, to selecting flawless hides, to producing a perfectly tanned piece of leather. They aren’t afraid to take the time necessary to deliver impeccable leather.

HORWEEN leather watch straps paired with Seiko Prospex TicTAC SZSB006 by Strapcode watch bands

Seiko Prospex TicTAC SZSB006 elegance reinforced with a black tone HORWEEN leather watch strap

3. What Is Horween Leather Made Of?

Ten percent of Horween processes come from horses while the other 90 percent is obtained from cowhide, primarily steer, that the tannery buys from large meat producers like Tyson. It takes at least six months of tanning, stuffing, and polishing, the Horween Shell Cordovan or Chromexcel watch straps hence, they should be treated with the utmost care.

4. Is Horween Leather Good?

Horween leather has a reputation for being one of the most durable leather watch straps available.

White Seiko Alpinist SPB119 on HORWEEN leather watch strap by Strapcode

Two luxury Panerai watches with 24mm lug, their classy look were more stand out with HORWEEN leather watch straps

5. Is Horween Leather Waterproof?

Horween leather has a waterproof product - Phantom. The Horween Phantom is a full-grain vegetable re-tanned waterproof leather, infused with a blend of oils that is perfect for making watch bands.

This waterproof leather emphasizes a natural look with a heavy pull-up, giving the leather a softer supple feel.

6. How To Clean Horween Leather?

As we have mentioned above, Horween leather watch straps are incredibly durable but they still need to be regularly cleaned and taken care of to ensure longevity.

The essence of this is to ensure that the watch strap is clean and well-conditioned to prevent too much dirt build-up and to ensure the longevity of either your Horween Chromexcel or Shell Cordovan watch strap.

HORWEEN leather watch strap paired with IWC Portuguese IW503502 by Strapcode

HORWEEN leather watch strap paired with IWC Portuguese IW503502 to embrace the subtle charm

In using leather creams and leather conditioners, there are many different brands and types of leather creams and leather conditioners that will work great on cleaning Horween leather so it may just come down to what you prefer and what color leather strap you have.

Note: Some conditioners are meant for light cleaning while others are meant for heavy-duty work. Make sure to read about the cream or conditioner before using it on your strap.

White Seiko Alpinist SPB119 on HORWEEN leather watch strap by Strapcode

White Seiko Alpinist SPB119 perfectly paired with a Grey Stitching HORWEEN leather watch strap

7. What Is Horween Chromexcel Leather?

The Horween Chromexcel leather is also called a classic “pull-up leather” because it changes colors. When this leather is folded and moved, greases that were used in the making of the leather shift around to create different colors and depth.

So, as your Horween Chromexcel watch strap ages, it starts to look more refined and distinctive whereas other leathers look tired and worn out the more they are used.

It goes through eighty-nine separate processes, mostly by hand, and takes about 28 working days to create, hence its durability.

8. Does Horween Leather Patina?

Horween Leather products always develop a beautiful patina. When sunlight, body oils, dirt, and natural wear-and-tear come into contact with your leather product, patina occurs. Leather's color changes as it oxidizes, as well as scratches and color changes that inevitably occur with use.

Patina sets full-grain leather apart from its cheaper, “genuine leather” counterparts. While “genuine leather” aims to stay the same as time goes on, leather with a patina embraces its history.

Breitling Superocean 46 A17320  and HORWEEN Lizard Embrossed leather watch strap by Strapcode

Breitling Superocean 46 A17320 timeless elegance lighted-up by a HORWEEN Lizard Embrossed leather watch strap

9. What Is A Horween Shell Cordovan Leather?

The name "shell cordovan leather" originates from Cordoba, where the original shell cordovan leather was produced.

A horse's hindquarters, or its "shells," are used to produce it. In the horse butt, the shell is formed by splitting a membrane between two layers of skin. There are only two shells produced by a single horse hide. Horse hides are sourced from Canada and Europe by Horween Leather.


Horween Leather Then And Now

In and around Chicago, Horween Leather Company is legendary for its meticulously crafted leather, and the family that stands behind it. The company and several members of the family are inextricably linked to football, so Horween continues to offer one-of-a-kind products to clients worldwide. In continuing the family tradition of producing some of the finest leather in the world, Arnold "Skip" Horween III, great-grandson of founder Isadore Horween, is the company's president.


Horween Leather Watch Straps Collection

Here are some of the elegant straps from Horween leather that might be the perfect fit for your watches.

A collection of Horween Chromexcel leather straps by Strapcode

The MiLTAT collection of Horween Chromexcel leather straps, the non-pigmented aniline to make the leather color even and pull-up mark more subtle.

If you'd like more options, you may want to check out more HORWEEN watch bands from our collection.


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Written by Victor, images by Toni

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