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Nubuck Leather Strap, Your Powerful Fashion Secret For The Upcoming Spring

March 07, 2022 4 min read

Nubuck Leather Strap, Your Powerful Fashion Secret For The Upcoming Spring

With Spring just around the corner, we’re all getting into that special refreshment mood again. The urge to start anew comes naturally with everything around us awakening and flourishing.

That doesn’t mean you have to make any fundamental changes to your spring collection. Instead, it’s the little things that have the biggest impact.

And, which of the little things would that be, you’re probably asking now. Here’s a little secret, the special ingredient for this Spring is nubuck leather. Here’s why.

Nubuck leather brings a harmonious effect to all watches. It doesn’t matter if you own a luxury Panerai worth over 10K, a trusty and beloved Omega Chronograph, or a military-field watch like Luminox - they all look great dressed in a warm tune of nubuck leather.

Panerai PAM 1020 Luminor 1950 Chronograph Flyback PCYC

Two 24mm Nubuck leather watch strap earth tones classic elegance, Left - Panerai PAM 1020 Flyback PCYC ; Right - Panerai 3 Days GMT PAM944

What is nubuck leather?

In a nutshell, nubuck leather is top-grain leather that has been given a velvety look using the sanding and tampering process. Such a classy appearance may fool someone into thinking that nubuck leather is fragile and easily damageable. The reality is quite different.
Although sensitive to scratches, it’s far more durable and rugged than its delicate appearance suggests. No wonder many renowned manufacturers use it for their top-of-the-line products. Timberland and Burberry are just two prominent examples.
The fact that it can be dyed to any color is another great feature. And indeed the one that makes it particularly useful for adding the touch of liveliness that is generally sought after in refreshing spring apparel.

Suede vs nubuck leather Strapcode watch bands

Nubuck vs Suede, a leather layers cross-section to show the grain, corium and flesh layers for better understanding

Nubuck vs Suede

People very often tend to mistake nubuck for suede. That’s not a surprise since they look alike, but only at first glance and from afar. However, the difference is more than evident once you look closer and touch the two. Nubuck leather is the top grain or full-grain cow hide, is uniquely textured, much softer, and has that classier, velvety look.

No wonder it has always been favored by the aristocracy. Admittedly, it’s more expensive than suede, but don’t worry. It’s by no means reserved solely to noble persons anymore and has constantly gained popularity among all classes worldwide.

Another advantage nubuck leather has over suede is durability and ease of maintenance. A brush is all it takes to keep your nubuck leather items fresh-looking. Of course, if it gets wet, it does get darker. But, unlike suede, no need to worry; that’s only temporary. It will return to its original tone as soon as it dries out.

IWC Big Pilot watch 5002 46mm 7 Day Power Reserve22mm Grey green nubuck leather watch strap for all ages and genders, Demo watch : IWC Big Pilot watch 5002

Nubuck leather watch strap

With everything said above, it’s not a coincidence that the watch strap makers quickly recognized nubuck leather as a highly rewarding material and watch lovers universally.

They’re worn by both boys and girls, men and women, since they’re very comfortable yet durable and easy to keep in good shape for a long time. Their universal appeal originates from the fact that nubuck leather watch straps look great on classic and modern watches and are an excellent fit for low, mid, or high priced ones, too.

Finally, the wide assortment of colors and patterns they come in make them suitable for a great variety of styles, making those who wear them stand out in the best possible way. Subtle and elegant manner, prominent but not aggressive, and at the same time easily matched with other fashion elements are just some of the features that first come to mind.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co‑Axial Chronograph 44 mm 21230445003001

Timeless elegance of black nubuck leather watch strap in un-common lug 21mm on Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co‑Axial Chronograph

HEUER Vintage Chronograph CALCULATOR Ref-110633

22mm Brown nubuck leather watch strap complements all fashion styles, demo watch : HEUER Vintage Chronograph CALCULATOR Ref-110633

Luminox 1853 Mens Land Atacama Chronograph Black IP Alarm Watch Un-common lug 23mm Brown nubuck leather watch strap (Grezzo Zulu one-piece) , demo watch : Luminox 1853 Land Atacama Chronograph Alarm Watch


In Summary

Adding one or a couple of nubuck leather watch straps is a neat and easy way of refreshing your overall Spring outlook. Let’s summarize why you should give nubuck leather a serious thought when contemplating on the ways to enrich your collection for the upcoming Spring:

  • classy, elegant, and attractive appearance, an excellent fit for any Spring fashion style
  • universally applicable to watches from all price ranges and styles
  • soft to touch
  • durable
  • easy on the skin
  • comes in a wide variety of earth tone colors
  • easy to clean
  • praised by both male and female watch fans

      Naturally, you are in no way limited to Spring when it comes to using nubuck leather. It’s equally suitable for all other seasons, and any occasion you may think of, as well.


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      Written by S.K. , images by Toni 

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