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80pcs/Box - Generic Seiko Spring Bar, 20mm and 22mm Advance Graded Box

This generic Seiko spring bar graded box contains 80 pieces of watch band spring bars. Two sizes in three styles have been selected and put in six individual slots, which can be served most of Strapcode offered Seiko watch band replacement. Two sizes are 20mm and 22mm spring bar watch strap pins, three styles are standard Dia.1.78mm spring bars plus Dia.2.0mm and Dia.2.5mm fat spring bars. The remaining two empty slots can be used as small watch parts containers.

Item no. : NT-TSC-005

Overall size :100mm x 70mm x 35mm
Case Color : White + Grey
Net Weight : approx. 85g
Item contains : Multi compartments watch parts container and watch band spring bars listed below
Slot 1 : Standard Spring Bars (20pcs), 20mm x Dia.1.78mm
Slot 2 : Standard Spring Bars (20pcs), 22mm x Dia.1.78mm
Slot 3 : Standard Spring Bars (10pcs), 20mm x Dia.2.00mm
Slot 4 : Standard Spring Bars (10pcs), 22mm x Dia.2.00mm
Slot 5 : Generic Seiko Spring Bars (10pcs), 20mm x Dia.2.50mm
Slot 6 : Generic Seiko Spring Bars (10pcs), 22mm x Dia.2.50mm

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