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Compact Orange Cap Clear Square Bottle/ Container for Watch tools or Components, Set of Two

  • This convenient square storage container is designed to neatly organize and protect small watch parts, tools and electronics components. Made of durable plastic, its transparent square bottle shape allows contents to be easily viewed while maximizing storage space. Access is simple with a push/pull cap that seals securely shut, allowing one-handed retrieval of items when needed before easily closing to keep contents dry, dust-free and organized. Whether for watch repairs, electronics work or other applications, its square profile, clear walls and easy-open cap make it an excellent choice for tidily storing small components until the next job.
  • Item no. : NT-TSC-068
    Brand : MiLTAT
    Internal dimensions : Overall : 11cm x 1.7cm x1.7 cm
    Color / Finish : Transparent, Orange cap
    Material : Durable Plastic
    Remarks : A set of 2 containers
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