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The Service Dial Coasters Set-A (pack of 4 patterns) by HAVESTON Straps

  • An original Haveston product design: The Service Dial Coaster Series features a selection of the most iconic vintage military dial designs which have been documented and revered by watch collectors for their history, aesthetic and service. The coasters were constructed from detailed heat resistant silicone, each coaster closely conveys the character of its namesake design, and serves perfectly as a soft valet placement on which to rest your timepiece, or as a base to relax your beverage.
  • Item no. : NT-CR-056
    Brand : HAVESTON
    Material : Silicone
    Color / Finish : 4 in the set :
    • 01-A: GG-W-113 / MIL-W-46374 Dial Coaster - 1967
    • 02-A: California Dial Coaster - 1934
    • 03-A: A-11 / FSSC 88-W-800 Dial Coaster- 1942
    • 04-A: Flieger B-Uhr Type-B Dial Coaster - 1938

    Overall size : Dia. 90mm, Thickness 4.0mm
    Net Weight : Net weight 104g, each ~ 26g
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