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Winghead Mesh Length Calculator (Chamfer / V-Clasp)

Button Chamfer Clasp / V.Clasp with Winghead Shark Mesh Calculator
Wrist Circumference (mm)
Watch Case Size (mm) *(Spring bar to spring bar)
*Recommended length range


STEP 1: Measure just below the wrist bone, Not tight, not loose, just snug
(below the wrist bone is the area between your hand and the wrist bone).

STEP 2: Mark the USB cable here
(or use a rope/ strap).

STEP 3: Note this is your wrist circumference, enter this figure in “mm” to Winghead Shark Mesh Calculator

2. How to measure your Watch case size

Use a flat ruler to measure the straight distance between spring bar hole to spring bar hole as shown in “mm”.

Note this is your wrist Watch case size, enter this figure to Winghead Shark Mesh Calculator