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Tapered Winghead Mesh Length Calculator (Chamfer / V-Clasp)

Wrist Circumference (mm)
Watch Case Size (mm) *(Spring bar to spring bar)
*Recommended length range:    


Ensuring the Right Fit:

The Utmost Importance of Choosing the Correct Length

Choosing the correct length is of utmost importance when selecting one of these straps. These watch bands are specifically designed with length adjustments that can only be made through the holes in the buckles, ruling out the possibility of shortening them by cutting. Therefore, it is crucial to make the right choice when purchasing one for yourself. This straightforward tutorial will guide you through the necessary steps to determine your ideal strap length. To find the proper length for your one-piece strap, follow these instructions:
  1. Measure your wrist circumference
  2. Measure your watch case size, which is the length between the two spring bars.
  3. Enter these measurements into our Check Your Size > Length Calculator to obtain the correct one-piece length for you.

1. How to measure your wrist circumference

To determine your wrist circumference, you have the choice of utilizing a measuring tape or any flexible material, such as an USB cable. All you need to do is wrap it around your wrist and make note of the circumference in millimeters.

Step 1: Measure Just Below the Wrist Bone
Find the area close to your wrist bone as shown. Take a measurement that is neither too tight nor too loose, but rather comfortably snug.

Step 2: Mark the USB Cable or Use a Rope/Strap
At the appropriate spot on your wrist, mark the position by utilizing an USB cable or any suitable rope/strap.

Step 3: Record Your Wrist Circumference
This marked spot represents your wrist circumference. Take note of this figure in millimeters and enter it into the Length Calculator located above.

Quick Step : Use a Measuring Gauge for Wrist
Using a flexible gauge can help you accurately measure watch bands and determine your wrist circumference. This measuring tool features a user-friendly design with clear markings, making it convenient and easy to take measurements in both millimeters and inches. SHOP this Measuring Gauge

Strapcode wrist measure tool

2. How to measure your Watch case size

Use a flat ruler to measure the straight distance between spring bar hole to spring bar hole as shown in “mm”.

Note this is your wrist Watch case size, enter this figure to Calculator's Watch Case Size (mm) box.

3. Click "GO BACK" to select the suggested length