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Recommended size of Mesh Band for your wrist

Buyer always confused on length of mesh band (not flexi or adjustable types). Please follow the picture and steps below to understand more on length selection.

Tips 1: How to calculate the length of meshband I required?

The Bending Length of meshband you required = Your wrist size - Your watch's spring bars distance

Tips 2: What is Bending Length & Lying Length of meshband?

The Bending Length means the arc length of meshband when it is bending. On the other hand, Lying Length is when it is lying straightly.

Tips 3: What does AA, AB or BB mean?

AA, AB or BB is the version of different length meshband. Usually, our product SKU Suffix use AA, AB, BB and so on to stand for different length version.

Tips 4: There is no suitable length for me.

Please check other type of clasp version. To visit them, click here.

For Example

Wrist Length = 180mm using on Seiko Tuna which have a case back Spring Bars Distance = 36mm

Bending Length of MeshBand is equal to 180mm - 36mm = 144mm

Mesh Band length options :

All Available Max. Length (Bending) : AA: 159mm, AZ: 147mm, ZZ: 134mm

Corresponding Min. length (Bending) : AA: 144mm, AZ: 132mm, ZZ: 119mm

Choose Bending Length AA, which is in the range of max.159mm to min. 144mm. should probably OK for you if you intended to have more flexibility on loose adjustment.

Choose Bending Length AZ, which is in the range of max.147mm to min. 132mm. also OK for you if you intended to have more flexibility on tighten up the length.