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Recommended length of One-piece Leather Band for your wrist

Buyer always confused on which length of our one-piece designed leather band they should choose to fit their wrist. Please follow the picture below for our recommendation.

Tips 1: How to calculate the length of one-piece leather I required?
The Bending Length of one-piece leather band you required = Your wrist size - Your watch's spring bars distance

Tips 2: What is Bending Length & Lying Length of one-piece leather band?
The Bending Length means the arc length of one-piece leather band when it is bending. On the other hand, Lying Length is when it is lying straightly.

Tips 3: What does AA, AB or BB mean?
AA, AB or BB is the version of different length one-piece leather band. Usually, our product SKU Suffix use AA, AB, BB and so on to stand for different length version. XX means all variations.

Tips 4: There is no suitable length for me.
Please check other types of clasp version. Different clasp different length range.

For Example

Wrist Length = 170mm, watch is Seiko Tuna which have a case back Spring Bars Distance = 36mm

Bending Length of one-piece leather band is equal to 170mm - 36mm = 134mm

One-piece leather band length option you should select is :

         Leather Bending Length: BB: Max.135mm; Min.120mm