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ORIENT Kamasu Rubber Watch Straps

Strapcode Rubber watch straps are far more reliable and far stronger watchband for a timepiece. They contour to the shape of your wrist, and don't get stuck or sag. Compatible with Orient Kamasu Green diver watch RA-AA0001B19A, RA-AA0001B19B, RA-AA0002L19A, RA-AA0003R19A, RA-AA0004E19A, RA-AA0005B19A, RA-AA0006L19A, RA-AA0007A09A, RA-AA0810N19B, RA-AA0811E19B, RA-AA0812E19B, RA-AA0813E19B, RA-AA0814R19B, RA-AA0815L19B and its variants.