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The Buyer’s Guide to RX DAYT Style One-piece Diver Clasp Watch Straps

RX Dayt Style leather watch strap_Seiko-62MAS-SPB081J1

Typical Leather Strap

When it comes to leather watch straps, they usually come with "pin" or so called "tongue buckles", even though it is not the most perfect invention so far. The pin buckle soon wears out the most often used hole in the strap and it pretty much shortens the lifespan of the watch band. That is exactly why the big watch brands are using watch straps with deployment buckles instead, because they ensure their longer life, especially when it comes to leather watch straps such as alligator watch strap.

wear watchstrap with pin bucklewear leather watch band with diver clasp
repeating the usage of same pinholes day after day

Another, even better solution are One-piece leather watch straps. Inspired by RX DAYT leather watch straps and functioning like a deployment type watchbands, one-piece watch straps have clasps replaced by a double lock diver buckle, which makes them absolutely great choice for all those keen to preserve their watchstraps' new look for a long time. Wearing like bangle bracelets, these are quite easy to fix on and take off of your wrist and have less chance of falling off because of their loop shape.

MiLTAT One-piece Leather Strap on Diver Clasp

wear watchstrap with diver clasp

They come in size range fitting from 21mm lug to 16mm buckle or 20mm lug to 16mm buckle. Those fitting 20mm lugs are considered classic related to RX sports watches, as they are commonly found on SUBs and DAYTs. Double lock diver clasp is not only more secure, but also adds to the sports look.

RX Style One-piece Diver Clasp Watch Straps

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Utmost importance - Pick the correct length

The length adjustments can be made only through the buckle holes and they cannot be cut, therefore it is of utmost importance to pick the correct length when you are buying one of these for yourself.   This simple tutorial will explain which measures you need to take to determine your best length choice. To find the proper length of the one-piece strap for you, you need to:
  1. Measure your wrist circumference
  2. Measure your watch case size (the length between two spring bars)
  3. Enter them in our Check Your Size > Length Calculator  to get correct one-piece length for you
Here's how.

1. How to measure your wrist circumference
To measure your wrist circumference, you can use a measuring tape or any bending material, for example, an USB cable. Simply wrap it around your wrist and write down your wrist circumference in millimeters.
Winghead Mesh measure STEP 1: Take measure just below the wrist bone.
Wrist size measure STEP 2: Mark the place where one point of measuring tape/material is meeting another.
Wrist size measure STEP 3: Measure your wrist circumference on a flat ruler in millimeters and write it down.
  2. How to measure your watch case size
To measure your watch case size (from one spring bar hole to another) use a flat ruler to measure the straight distance between spring bars holes in millimeters and write it down.
Watch case spring bar distance
Seiko SKX007 watch case size and dimensions

Not sure about the size of your Seiko? Click here to find the popular watches case size. Example : Alpinist SARB017, SARB033, MM300, Samurai, SKX007, SKX013, New Turtle SRP, Sumo SBDC001 and more.

 Winghead measure info To find out watch case sizes for other models of watches, use a flat ruler to measure the straight distance between spring bar hole on one side to spring bar hole on the other, as shown in the picture. Take measure in millimeters and write it down.
3. Calculate your perfect one-piece watch strap length
Use our "Length Calculator" to find the best fit length for your wrist. Please make sure you are directed from the selected product content page like the below :
Check your Size Box At product content page, you will find this Orange box : Check Your Size “HERE”. Click to access Length Calculator
At "Length Calculator" , enter both written measurements into our Check your Size -  Length Calculator  and click  Enter  to see your results. Here's an example:


Voila! It's that easy!


Written by M.H. ,Photo by Toni