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Rebirth of cool: The New Seiko 5 Sports line

Seiko 5 line was first time introduced in 1963, aiming active, young people. As with each Seiko line, this one also has a story. The whole line promises five features:

  1. serious water resistance
  2. a durable case and strap on the outside
  3. automatic movement inside
  4. crown at 4 o'clock
  5. day/date display on its dial

Since the whole line was aimed to young people, Seiko 5 Sports collection managed to have it all for a price accessible to its target group. The first Seiko 5 Sports watch was called Sportmatic. This was the first Seiko's automatic watch that had day/date window.

2019 edition of Seiko 5 Sports line

The same story continues in the present days, with whole new Seiko 5 Sport collection. At the very first sight, new Seiko 5 lug width is 22mm, follow the strength of its original case, with diameter of 42.5 mm and height of 12.44 mm. These pieces seemingly look like tool watches because of their case size, but are rather made to be practical in day to day use. There's nothing extreme in this line as with some other series, such as Prospex or Astron, except that some of these models are extremely stylish. Yet, each of them has Seiko's craftsmanship packed in their case, so you won't be short on reliability and performance.The New Seiko 5 line holds five different styles of watches, all starting with a "S":

  1. Sense
  2. Specialist
  3. Sports
  4. Street
  5. Suits

having 19 unique models and including 27 different watches in its collection. All of the models are water resistant up to 100 m and have caliber 4R36 with 24 jewels beating inside at 3 Hz. That means 41-hour power reserve. The new line is celebrating diversity in terms of fusions of colors, textures and materials used. Some of these remarkably look like some famous models from Seiko's rich history, but then again, as they pay homage to their predecessors, they disrupt the old concepts and adapt to the new individuality that future brings. The best proof is a modern Seiko 5 logo, along with simplified design of the dial.


When it comes to models in this line, Sense series may have been made for those with tangible sense of style. This category has only two models: SRPD77K1 and SRPD85K1 (both shown below).

SRPD77 and SRPD85

As you can see, both have textured dial and nylon (Nato) watch bands that fit into their color theme. On top of that, the distinctive second hands give them super-stylish touch with their complementary coloring and lollipop shaped counterweights.


When it comes to Specialist style, it is represented with three models: SRPD55K2 (with Japanese model marked as: SBSA027), SRPD76K1 (Japanese model marked: SBSA028) and SRPD65K3.


SBSA027),  SRPD76 (Japanese model marked: SBSA028) and SRPD65

All three watches have black bezels and dials, as well as black/brown Croco straps made of silicone. Case finish is what visibly sets them apart.


Street style includes also three models: SRPD81K1, SRPD83K1 and SRPD79K1 (Japanese model marked: SBSA025). All three models feature black nylon (Nato) watch bands, black bezel and dial. What separates the black one, SRPD79K1, from the rest two models is that it's incredibly cool by being all super black, while others have red and blue marks, respectively.


SRPD81, SRPD83 and SRPD79 (Japanese model marked: SBSA025)


This style covers 6 different models, but includes 9 watches into its collection. Models SRPD75K1 (SBSA019 being Japanese model), SRPD69K1 and SRPD67K1 have only one version in these theme and can be seen below. All three models include mesh watch bands, but have differently colored bezels and dials.


SRPD75 (SBSA019 being Japanese model), SRPD69 and SRPD67

Besides being represented in the Specialist style, model SRPD65K2 has another variant here, with black silicone watch strap, pictured below.


Then there are two models that have two variants in this style: SRPD71K1 and SRPD73K1. Variants with mesh bands are coming with brushed case versions and vintage color touches on their dials (shown below).


SRPD71 and SRPD73

Their Japanese models are marked as SBSA017 and SBSA015, respectively. Variants with silicone watch straps also come in blue SRPD71K2 and black SRPD73K2 versions, as pictured below.

SBSA017 and SBSA015


The last (but far from the least!) style owns 8 models (12 watches) in its collection. The first three models that have only one version here, with brushed case and stainless steel watch strap, and those are: SRPD53K1 (SBSA003) with Pepsi bezel and blue dial, SRPD57K1 (SBSA007) with black bezel and dial and SRPD59K1 (SBSA009) with black bezel and orange dial.


SRPD53 (SBSA003), SRPD57 (SBSA007) and SRPD59 (SBSA009)

Then there are greenish models SRPD61K1 (SBSA011) and SRPD63K1 (SBSA013), also with brushed cases and stainless steel watch bracelets.


SRPD61 (SBSA011) and SRPD63 (SBSA013)

Models SRPD51K1 (SBSA001) and SRPD55K1 (SBSA005) come in two versions each. There are versions with brushed case and stainless steel straps, as the models above:


SRPD51 (SBSA001) and SRPD55 (SBSA005)

and then we have smooth case versions with nylon SRPD51K2 (Nato) straps:

SRPD51 (SBSA001) and SRPD55 (SBSA005) with nato

which leaves us to the last model in this style, SRPD65 again. Here it stands in two versions, one with stainless steel SRPD65K1 (PVD) and another with nylon SRPD65K4 (Nato) strap. Both cases are smooth and covered with PVD coating.


SRPD65 PVD with nato

All Models

Model no.
Style Japan Model no. Case Finish Dial Color Bezel Color Watch band Strap color
SRPD51K1 Sports SBSA001 Brushed Blue Blue Stainless Steel Brushed
SRPD51K2 Sports       Blue Nylon (Nato) Blue
SRPD53K1 Sports SBSA003 Brushed Blue Pepsi Stainless Steel Brushed
SRPD55K1 Sports SBSA005 Brushed Black Black Stainless Steel Brushed
SRPD55K2 Specialist SBSA027     Black Silicone Black/Brown Croco
SRPD55K3 Sports SBSA021     Black Nylon (Nato) Black
SRPD57K1 Sports SBSA007 Brushed Black Black-Gold Stainless Steel Brushed
SRPD59K1 Sports SBSA009 Brushed Orange Black-Gold Stainless Steel Brushed
SRPD61K1 Sports SBSA011 Brushed Green Green Stainless Steel Brushed
SRPD63K1 Sports SBSA013 Brushed Green/Gold Green Stainless Steel Brushed
SRPD65K1 Sports   Black(hard coating) Black Black Black(hard coating) PVD Black
SRPD65K2 Suit       Black Silicone Black
SRPD65K3 Specialist       Black Silicone Black/Black Croco
SRPD65K4 Sports SBSA023     Black Black(hard coating) PVD Black
SRPD67K1 Suits   Brushed Beige Black Mesh Brushed
SRPD69K1 Suits   Brushed Red Red Mesh Brushed
SRPD71K1 Suits SBSA015 Brushed Blue/vintage Blue Mesh Brushed
SRPD71K2 Suits       Blue Silicone Black
SRPD73K1 Suits SBSA017 Brushed Black/vintage Black Mesh Brushed
SRPD73K2 Suits       Black Silicone Black
SRPD75K1 Suits SBSA019 Brushed Khaki Khaki Mesh Brushed
SRPD76K1 Specialist SBSA028 Rose Gold Black/Gold Black Silicone Black/Black Croco
SRPD77K1 Sense   Gunmetal Texture Green Green Nylon (Nato) Green
SRPD79K1 Street SBSA025 Black(hard coating) Black/Black Black-Black Nylon (Nato) Black
SRPD81K1 Street   Black(hard coating) Black/Blue Black-Blue Nylon (Nato) Black
SRPD83K1 Street   Black(hard coating) Black/Red Black-Red Nylon (Nato) Black
SRPD85K1 Sense   Gunmetal Texture Dark Red Dark-Red Nylon (Nato) Dark Red

More info

To keep up with standards and yet stay in the affordable price range, the cases and some other parts are made in China, not Japan. Additionally, the crystal isn't made of sapphire, but rather of Hardlex. The Sports 5 line will be sold only through official Seiko distributors in order to gain better control of the market. Hopefully, this will help in control of both quality and prices, that range from $315-380. Just to make things clear - don't expect features of these watches to compete with professional divers like Prospex series. These things are not comparable, as well as their prices because they don't aim the same market. Yet, when it comes to their looks, watches from new Seiko 5 Sports series are surely worth every single dime. As a matter of fact, it is quite hard to pick just one watch from the line. So the main question is: Which ones are yours?


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 Written by M.H. , Photo by Toni & shopping.yahoo.co.jp


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