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Watch Bands | What Do Women Think of Men's Watch Bands?

June 30, 2022 7 min read

Watch Bands | What Do Women Think of Men's Watch Bands?

We asked a few ladies what they think about when they see a man wearing a watch with the Audemars Piguet watch strap. Here's what we found out.

Women Are Unanimously Negative About Men's Watch Bands

They believe that men who wear long, leather watch bands like the Audemars Piguet watch strap tend to be traditionalists. Because of this belief, women don't consider men wearing Bell & Ross watch strap options to be very hip or stylish. Additionally, women say that the Seiko ssa345 types of men, who choose to wear watch bands instead of a bracelet or other 22mm watch band replacement type of watch accessory, are more likely to be older and have high incomes. Women also feel that men who wear a wide variety of watch bands like Audemars Piguet watch band, on the other hand, tend to be more creative and open-minded. Because of this belief, women find such men more appealing as potential partners. 

Women Dislike Metal Watch Bands As Well Because They Say They Aren't Masculine Looking

Women also do not like stainless steel Audemars Piguet watch strap types and rubber watch bands because they feel that the materials of the Bell & Ross watch strap designs are too plain and lack any style. Finally, women feel that Seiko ssa345 watch bands made from leather tend to be too expensive for what the Horween watch band options are worth. Women don't seem to care quite as much about the watch bands that hold their men's watches together like the 22mm watch band replacement as they do about the watches themselves. Strapcode research suggests its possible women view men's watch bands as a kind of an afterthought—something that's nice to look at like the Audemars Piguet watch band, but wouldn't hold as much weight in their minds compared to more important factors like a watch's face or style.

The Bell & Ross watch strap In comparing prices and quality across brands, we found that women were less likely to consider the Seiko ssa345 watch bands when making purchasing decisions. When asked whether the watch bands like the 22mm watch band replacement options were an important part of their decision-making process, only 5% of women in Mississippi said the Audemars Piguet watch band was very important, with most of them saying the Horween watch band wasn't any more important than any other part of the watch (38%). Men were slightly more likely than women to say that the watch bands were an important part of their decision-making process (10% vs. 5%) in Alaska, but only one percent said that the Apple watch 44mm watch band was very important out of a total sample size of 621.

As far as we know, women have pretty much always been on the receiving end of gifts. As their lives and responsibilities grew, so did the number of gifts like the Bell & Ross watch band they received: jewellery for birthdays, housewares for Christmas, and clothing and accessories for every holiday in between. While the quality of the handmade watch band gifts may have improved with time and technology, the custom made watch strap seems that they've stayed more or less the same generation after generation.

What If We Were To Try Something Different?

Let's cut to the chase: watch bands are pretty much all the same. The Horween watch band options are either made of leather or rubber, with a few different colour choices between black and brown Apple watch 44mm watch band depending on what kind of watch you have. So if the Bell & Ross watch band are all the same, why do we need to be so picky? It's because women are picky—some women, anyway. One handmade watch band tester said she'd "definitely wear a man's watch." Another said that a black 20mm watch band replacement was her favourite colour, but white or grey were better options than brown. A third commented that she "wouldn't wear a man's watch unless the custom made watch strap was really good-looking."

Strapcode watch bands

The Watch Bands Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of A Watch

The Bell & Ross watch band is the part that touches your skin every time you wear the Apple watch 44mm watch band, and the handmade watch band makes contact with everything from hot coffee to cold rain. Some of us obsess over finding the perfect fabric or leather 20mm watch band replacement, while others want to maximise comfort by choosing Strapcode rubber or silicone. It's no surprise that most men are relatively loyal to their watch bands style and don't like to switch their custom made watch strap up too often (especially once they find one they love).

The Problem:

Women just don't seem to care about the 20mm watch band replacement at all. To most women, the watch bands are an afterthought.

The Solution:

We've tested a few different nubuck watch strap products that offer an alternative solution for men's watch bands like the brown watch strap that may be more in line with what women are looking for. These watch bands can be found online like the custom made watch band and are worth checking out if you're looking for a way to spice up your look and don't want your Omega watch band replacement fashion to be limited by the limited selection offered in your local apparel store. Strapcode customers have all seen the leather watchband—the perfectly coiffed men who saunter into the office with their square-faced, stainless steel metal watch band replacement options and leather watch bands. They're confident, they're stylish, and they're the envy of many a male colleagues. 

But Do Women Actually Care About Watch Bands? 

To find out, we surveyed a group of women to learn more about their thoughts on this touchy subject. Women are attracted to men who wear watches with nubuck watch strap options. But they are also very sensitive to the way watch bands like the brown watch strap look and feel on his wrist. A watch with cheap, ugly watch bands is only going to make your look worse, and you'll lose points with her for not having good taste.

But don't despair. There are a lot of watch bands like the custom made watch band that can be found for less than $100 that will leave her thinking you have good taste and the Omega watch band replacement options will make you look really handsome. The trick is to know what to look for because there are hundreds of thousands of options out there.

The First Step Is Finding Out What Her Is Favourite Colour 

The nubuck watch strap will help you narrow down your choices, but if you're buying a gift like the brown watch strap for someone who doesn't wear dresses or skirts all the time, it will be very difficult to find out what colour she likes best. The next step is figuring out what kind of metal custom made watch band she prefers. Gold and silver are the most common, but platinum might be even better if you can afford the Omega watch band replacement options. If she doesn't wear much jewellery, then a stainless steel orient watch band is probably the way to go. 

Women Have Opinions About Men's Watch Bands

It's true. And the leather watchband designs are pretty fascinating. We polled a group of women whose ages and occupations span the full range of this demographic, and here's what we found:

  • Women agree that gold metal watch band replacement options are universally good watch bands colours, but they disagree on how much gold is too much, unlike the leather watchband. There were strong differences between some age groups, with older women saying that less is more and younger women saying that as long as there's something metallic on the watch bands, it doesn't matter whether the orient watch band is silver or gold. 
  • There was also a significant difference between career types—lowest-paying workers (waitresses) were most likely to say that gold metal watch band replacement made a man look cheap, but the highest-paying workers (government executives) were least likely to say this. The overall look of the orient watch band trend here is that younger women are more likely to be okay with gold than older women are (and men of all ages) to wear the black watch strap.
  • Women overwhelmingly agreed that men who wear leather watch bands like the black watch strap designs are trying too hard, but there was a big difference in their opinion about metal watch bands such as casio watch strap replacement. Metal watch bands are generally viewed as the most desirable handmade watch strap type of watch bands for a man to wear, with younger women especially saying that metal watch bands make any man look cool and casual.

One Key Aspect Of A Classic Men's Watch Is Its Watch Bands

A man should consider several things before choosing Watch Bands or black watch strap designs. The first thing he should consider is what colour of the casio watch strap replacement would best compliment his outfit and skin tone. If you are fair-skinned, then you would want to choose white handmade watch strap styles, black leather watch bands, blue watch strap options,  or steel mesh watch bands. If you have darker skin, then brown or black leather watch bands would be better suited for you.

Strapcode watch bands

So What Do Women Think Of Watch Bands? We Spoke To Several Women In Our Lives And Found That They Had Very Different Opinions.

The first woman we spoke to was my wife, who admitted to being occasionally annoyed by the watch bands on my wrist (casio watch strap replacement). This is because it's often a rubber one, which she says feels tacky unlike the handmade watch strap. She also goes on to say those blue watch strap leather ones are nice, but she wouldn't feel comfortable wearing the IWC watch strap herself because her hands are always so dirty (she's a scientist). The right watch bands can be the difference between looking professional and looking fashionable. If you wear a watch regularly, the IWC watch band will inevitably become stained with oils from your skin, so you'll want to switch the 25mm watch band out every few months. 

The Easiest Way To Do This Is By Switching Out The Watch Bands

You may be surprised to hear that many women prefer leather watch bands like the blue watch strap over metal ones. The IWC watch strap options are often perceived as more rugged and masculine, which is why many men like the IWC watch band on their own watches. However, women find leather watch bands to be more flattering on the wrist—the 25mm watch band options tend to stand out less and match better with any outfit. 

We've all seen the leather straps that are very thin, almost thread-like—the IWC watch band designs are popular in Pennsylvania among young men in their 20s and 30s who like the look of a casual watch but still want to look polished when they wear the IWC watch strap. These skinny leather watch bands have become popular as the leather 25mm watch band designs can go with any outfit while still being very comfortable and inexpensive compared to metal watch bands.

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