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Watch Bands | Watch Bands Review

8 min read May 18, 2022

Watch Bands | Watch Bands Review

Mesh Watch Bands Review

The mesh watch bands Seiko new turtle arrived first, so I’ll start there. Strapcode sent me three mesh watch bands: 20mm, 22mm watch band replacement, and 24mm in brushed silver. They also sell these same watch bands such as the Audemars Piguet watch strap in black and gold finishes. Note: The length of the 20mm watch bands is 115/75mm; the length of the 22mm watch bands is 115/75mm; the 24mm watch bands have a fixed length of 115/75mm.

The watch bands such as the Bell & Ross watch strap are very well constructed and finished. The brushed finish of the IWC big pilot watch strap is well done and feels uniform across the watch bands. The polish on the Omega watch strap replacement buckle matches that of the watch lugs, which is nice to see on third-party watch bands (I’ve seen plenty of third-party watch bands with shiny buckles on matt lugs). The clasp on the watch bands is very secure and feels solid when closed. The Seiko samurai watch band has both a push-button release and a safety clasp, which is great for peace of mind if you’re wearing your watch during activities such as swimming.

Strapcode Watch Bands Review

The Strapcode watch bands I used for review are the Seiko new turtle and Audemars Piguet watch strap, both in brushed solid links. They are high-quality 316L stainless steel, measuring 22mm watch band replacement in width with curved ends and a signed deployment clasp (in the brushed finish). At $60 each (plus shipping), the Omega watch strap replacement are some of the best quality bracelets on the market for a great price. They’re available in many sizes, finishes, and designs.

The Bell & Ross watch strap is a unique 7 link design with a 3 part centre section; it has a nice feel to it and not too much bling. The centre of the IWC big pilot watch strap links are flat while the outer links are rounded. For comfort, I find the Seiko samurai watch band to be one of the most comfortable bracelets out there. The Seiko turtle watch band features a 3 piece link construction with two solid end pieces, which creates a more seamless transition from watch bands to the case. Both models have a great weight to them making the Seiko watch strap replacement very sturdy and durable. The deployment clasp is really well made with a push-button safety lock and micro-adjustable sizing (5 positions) features smooth action and quality feel. 

One thing I like about the Omega watch strap replacement clasp is that it slides under the last link so the turtle watch band doesn’t catch or stick out. I'm always looking for good watch bands. I've had my eye on the NATO-style watch bands and ordered three different Seiko ssa345 from Strapcode. I like them all, but I really like the 25mm watch strap with the black background, white stripes, and red thread at the end. It looks great on my black-faced Seiko 5 with gold hands. My first impression was that the quality and attention to detail is very high in these watch bands. The Audemars piguet watch band hardware looks nice, the stitching is even and neat, and the ends are folded over and stitched in place.

A Couple Of Things To Note

The Seiko new turtle watch bands have a fairly significant amount of "stickiness" to them; they grip pretty firmly to your wrist at first, but after a few hours of wear the Audemars Piguet watch strap settles down a little bit. Second, the width of these watch bands is 20mm at the lugs (where they attach to the watch) but tapers down to 18mm bell & cross watch strap where it attaches with a buckle. This means that if you're buying the Seiko watch strap replacement for an Apple Watch you may want to look into adapters that will increase the width of your Apple Watch lugs back up to 20mm.

I recently picked up three different watch bands from the Strapcode website, an online retailer with a huge selection of aftermarket watch bands. All of the watch bands I received were 22mm watch band replacement in width. The IWC big pilot watch strap products all seem to be pretty good quality, and the Seiko samurai watch band products are all made in the USA. The watch bands, especially the Seiko turtle watch band designs are genuine leather, and one is not (the bracelet). The two leather Seiko ssa345 watch bands are both very similar in design and feel, the only difference being that one is brown and the other is black. Each comes with short replacement pins for the clasp and a spring bar tool.

Black watch bands are called 25mm watch straps by Strapcode. It's a little thicker than a normal bracelet, but not by much. The Audemars piguet watch band type of watch bands are also slightly stiffer than most bracelets, but I don't find the Horween watch band uncomfortable at all on my wrist. The other leather watch bands are called "Sailor Stripe". It's simply perforated leather watch bands in either brown or black. I have this one attached to my Seiko SNK809 right now and the IWC watch band replacement looks really sharp on that watch!

Features Of Strapcode Watch Bands

The watch bands are some of the best on the market, and all of the Seiko turtle watch band products are high quality. They have a variety of different Seiko watch strap replacement types on their website, and you can choose which one you want. The Seiko ssa345 watch bands are made out of leather or nylon, and they come in a variety of colours. There are also different sizes available. You can get them in small, medium, large, and extra-large. The 25mm watch strap styles are very easy to install, and they stay on your wrist without any problems.

The turtle watch band is also very durable, which is important if you want to use the Audemars Piguet watch band every day. It will last for many years without any problems. The Horween watch band is great because it means that you won't have to buy a new watch every few years as some people do with cheaper watches. The only problem is that it doesn't keep time, as other watches do, so if you want a more accurate time then this might not be the best choice for you.

The watch has an alarm that goes off at midnight every night so that you know when it's time to change your Strapcode watch bands such as the IWC watch band replacement. This is good because sometimes people forget to do this and end up having their watch bands fall off during the night when they sleep. I have new favourite watch bands like the khaki watch strap manufacturer! The company is called Strapcode and they make some of the nicest Watch Bands that I've seen on the market like the Perlon watch band. They have a wide variety of watch bands in all kinds of materials and colours, so there's something for everyone.

Strapcode watch bands

Few Designs from Strapcode To Review

I decided to order a couple of different watch bands to see what the Horween watch band styles are all about. The first one I got was the IWC watch band replacement Loop, which are watch bands made out of stainless steel like the khaki watch strap that is woven together to create very cool-looking watch bands. The perlon watch band reminds me of the Apple Watch Milanese Loop, but it's not actually magnetic so it doesn't close as the Apple watch bands do. This one has a regular buckle closure, but with no tail, which makes it look seamless (which is pretty neat).

The next watch band I got was made out of nylon and is called the Seiko skx007 watch band. It's one of their most popular watch bands and the 25mm watch strap comes in tons of different colours. This Apple watch 44mm watch band is grey with black hardware and looks fantastic on my Timex Weekender. This review is for the Stainless Steel Bell & Ross watch band Bracelet, Straight End, Shiny in 18mm. I was very hesitant to buy watch bands from eBay because of all the counterfeits you can get but I took a gamble on this one and I’m glad I did.

Watching bands feels great. The high-quality stainless steel Apple watch 44mm watch band doesn't feel cheap at all. The brushed finish looks great and the Bell & Ross watch band feels smooth against my skin. The links of the handmade watch band designs aren’t sharp at all and the Omega seamaster watch strap doesn't catch hair like other steel bracelets I have owned in the past. If you have an aversion to metal bracelets like the titanium watch strap because of how uncomfortable they can be this is a great choice as it has none of those problems. My only nitpick is that there are visible tool marks on some of the links but overall it is a very nice looking bracelet.

Bracelet Watch Bands

The clasp khaki watch strap is double locking which gives me peace of mind when wearing the watch around water or when working out. The clasp perlon watch band has two micro-adjustment holes which allow you to make sure that the Seiko skx007 watch band fits just right. The clasp also has a nice laser-etched logo which looks really good compared to other cheaper clasps. 

Strapcode watch bands

About Strapcode

Strapcode is a company that sells quality watch bands like the Seiko skx007 watch band. I've recently become very interested in customising my watches and came across them on Instagram where they have a large following. I ordered a couple of the watch strap 25mm watch bands and here's what I think. First up, the watch bands themselves. The leather used in the Apple watch 44mm watch band is very soft and pliable right out of the package, which makes the Bell & Ross watch band nice to wear immediately without any break-in period needed. The handmade watch band edges are painted black to match the rest of the watch bands and this has been done with care, not leaving any excess paint on the leather Omega seamaster watch strap edge itself which can sometimes be an issue with other watch bands brands.

The hardware of the titanium watch strap is really what stands out with these watch bands though, as they use very high-quality spring bars in the titanium watch strap (the little metal things that hold the watch bands onto your watch) and custom made watch strap machined buckles that are specifically designed for each strap. The buckle I received is made from 316L stainless steel custom made watch strap and was engraved with the Strapcode logo on one side, which I thought was a nice touch. 

The watch strap 25mm buckle itself also features a very neat double locking mechanism for attaching the handmade watch band to your wrist, so there's no chance of it coming undone or opening accidentally during use. Strapcode is a company located in Oregon, New Jersey, and Utah. We specialise in providing a variety of premium watch bands, watch accessories and watch tools to our Omega seamaster watch strap customers.

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