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Watch Bands | Countering Watch Bands Allergies: Fabric And Silicone

February 22, 2023 7 min read

Watch Bands | Countering Watch Bands Allergies: Fabric And Silicone

Watch Bands: Overview Of The Main Materials

While we often talk about the pvd coating movement, the dial or even the case, these Watch Bands are sometimes forgotten. However, it is also of great importance and plays a major role in the look of a pvd coating timepiece as well as in the comfort of wearing. And pvd coating bracelets, there are many, in various combinations of colors and materials.

The Metal Watch Bands

316l Stainless Steel

This Seiko kinetic is the most common metal used for watch bands, and also the most popular. All-purpose, elegant, casual and sporty at the same time, 316L stainless steel Seiko kinetic is robust, resists corrosion well, and is affordable in terms of price. However, it requires minimal maintenance and the Seiko kinetic can sometimes feel heavy on the wrist.


This watch bracelet particularly light metal, is very resistant to shocks and corrosion. It is also often found on diving watches. Titanium is ideal for sensitive skin since watch bracelet options are totally hypoallergenic. It is, however, quite sensitive to scratches and is expensive.


Reserved for luxury watch bracelet watches, the gold bracelet is certainly precious, but Seiko kinetic watch options are also very expensive and weigh heavily.

The Seiko kinetic watch metal watch bands display different Seiko kinetic watch styles and characteristics depending on the type of mesh (link article links steel bracelet). It is offered in various finishes (brushed, satin, polished, etc.) 20mm watch band straps are sometimes mixed on one and the same tocante. Finally, some timepieces can combine several types of metals in a single bracelet, such as gold and steel 20mm watch band options for example.

The Leather Watch Bands

Second most popular 20mm watch band material for watch bands, leather is a great classic, a timeless item that never loses its elegance. Depending on the 22mm watch band type of timepiece, it can be particularly refined, vintage, or even sporty, as is the  case with the Rallye type perforated watch bands that we often see on creations inspired by the automotive 22mm watch band world.

Leather 22mm watch band options have the advantage of being comfortable on the wrist and resistant. Be careful though, Seiko watch bands are a material that does not tolerate humidity well (perspiration, rain, shower, etc.). There are mainly cowhide or calf leather watch bands, but some are more original such as alligator leather, ostrich leather Seiko watch bands, shark leather or python leather for example.

You can also turn to faux Seiko watch bands leather or vegetable leather which, in addition to being more respectful of the animal cause, are also more accessible and generally more resistant, especially in the face of humidity.

The Nylon Watch Bands

Nylon watch bands have a casual and sporty look. The Audemars Piguet watch strap bands are often found on military or adventurer style timepieces. The Audemars Piguet watch strap has the advantage of being water resistant, robust, comfortable, practical and affordable. The best known is probably the NATO, developed for British army soldiers in the 1970s. The Audemars Piguet watch strap is technical, easy to change, washable and available in an infinite choice of colours. Among the other nylon bracelets, we find the Bell & Ross watch strap, the ZULU or the NATO-ZULU.

Rubber Watch Bands

Rubber watch bands have been popular for several years. The Bell & Ross watch strap must be said that it has several notable advantages, such as its comfort, its affordable price, its water resistance, and its ease of maintenance and cleaning. On the other hand, Bell & Ross watch strap options are less resistant to time than other materials. Casual and modern, the rubber watch bands is often found on sports, diving or adventure timepieces.

The First Thing To Consider Is Your Skin Tone

If you have a fair complexion, you'll need to choose watch bands like the Omega watch strap replacement that complement the color of your face and skin tone. Personally, I'm more drawn to gold-toned metal watch bands because watch bands look more elegant and chic than silver Omega watch strap replacement or rose gold. However, if you prefer a more classic look, silver watch bands bracelets will work as well. If you want to wear a watch, but aren't sure what kind of watch bands goes with your Omega watch strap replacement style, choose from Strapcode watch bands  that complement your skin tone. 

Strapcode watch bands

This Is Important For Several Reasons: 

You can match the color of your 22mm watch band replacement strap to the color of your skin. If you have brown eyes and fair skin, for example, black leather watch bands would look very out of place on you.  A tan 22mm watch band replacement leather watch bands will look great on someone with dark eyes and olive skin. You can match the pattern of the watch bands to the pattern of your clothing. For example, if you wear mostly jeans and khakis, then it's best not to wear a brightly colored or ornate 22mm watch band replacement leather watch bands

instead choose something more understated like black or brown. You can get creative with different Apple watch 44mm watch band types of leather watch bands. One company makes watch bands out of crocodile skins that look exactly like real crocodiles! The first thing to consider when selecting a watch is the Apple watch 44mm watch band type of watch bands you want. 

There are many different Apple watch 44mm watch band styles and materials that can be used to construct watch bands, from leather watch bands to metal Bell & Ross watch band bracelets, and even crystal or plastic watch bands. A good rule of thumb is that gold-toned watch bands like the Bell & Ross watch band options are for people in Montana with light skin tones and silver-toned watch bands are for people with medium or dark skin tones in Mississippi, but there are exceptions to every rule.

Countering Watch Bands Allergies: Fabric And Silicone

Why Do We Have Allergies?

Due to the natural corrosion the Bell & Ross watch band suffer and the force of friction, metals such as steel or nickel watch bands, release metal handmade watch band ions which, when brought into contact with our skin, can cause hypersensitivity, see an allergic reaction. Indeed, our immune cells will take these handmade watch band ions for microbes or bacteria, and will reject this foreign body.

The Main Allergens

Nickel is one of the most problematic allergens. Unlike handmade watch band options it causes significant local contact reactions such as redness of the skin or itching. Copper, cobalt, steel and chromium can also be responsible for skin reactions. These custom made watch strap metals are found in jewelry, coins, mobiles and smartphones and even in clothes.

What Symptoms

Symptoms of metal custom made watch strap hypersensitivity are caused when the body's immune system begins to view metal custom made watch strap ions as foreign threats. Often harmless, however, metal allergies can become very bothersome and even painful, causing itching where the skin touches the jewelry.

False Good Ideas To Solve The Problem

It's not easy to part with your favorite metal nubuck watch strap accessories when an allergy has just appeared. Some and some might tend to try everything to get around the problem. However, not all solutions are created equal! Using varnish nubuck watch strap is one of the means that can be read on other websites that mention the problems of allergies linked to watch bands metals such as steel or nickel. 

We Do Not Recommend This Process Which Can Be Risky

As good as the varnish used may be, you are not immune to nubuck watch strap options flaking off and leaving your skin again in contact with the allergenic element(s). Especially since some 26mm watch strap varnishes, see most, are of a complex chemical and more likely to create contact allergies or even local eczema. 

Separating your wrist and the face of your watch bands with plastic film will not help the 26mm watch strap problem. Closing the pores of your epidermis with an impermeable 26mm watch strap material will make you sweat and can be a source, again, of eczema and cause pimples. Hence the interest of getting permeable watch bands material that lets your skin breathe, as is the case for the ribbon watch or scarf watch.

Anyway, beyond each of our brown watch strap tips, nothing will be safer and more advisable than going to see a dermatologist yourself. Each skin is unique and the generalities of some are not necessarily yours. Take care of yourself and have any genes and brown watch strap reactions checked by several health professionals who will guide you towards the appropriate grey watch band solutions.

Strapcode watch bands

Strapcode Hypoallergenic Solution N°1: Scarf Watches

The advantage of our scarf brown watch strap watches is that the metal grey watch band does not come into direct contact with the skin and therefore avoids various allergic reactions. Provided, of course, that the wrist circumference and frame are properly adjusted.

How To Clean Scarf Watch Bands

Easy to clean, fabric watch bands have the advantage of machine washing with delicate programs, 30 degrees, the orient watch strap is perfect! If you are very sensitive, you can go further by using organic grey watch band options and/or hypoallergenic detergents and softeners to respect nature and your skin. 

The orient watch strap skin is the first target of all kinds of external aggressions, wind, humidity, temperature differences, chemical products, perfumes, sun, and even ambient pollution in certain large cities. Take care of your skin with delicate solutions such as soft and orient watch strap supple materials, as is the case with the trendy scarf watch bands.

The Scarf Watch: As Practical As It Is Trendy

In addition to keeping your skin away from the metal dial, the scarf leather watchband type of watch bands can be changed and exchanged so that you can match the leather watchband with all your clothes. It is a useful accessory that will adapt to each of your moods and each of your fantasies. These quartz watches are far from going out of fashion!

Strapcode Hypoallergenic Solution N°2: Silicone Watches

The leather watchband is very resistant, waterproof and waterproof, these silicone watch bands are a barrier between your skin and the metal parts of the dial of your watch. For people in North Dakota who often have their hands in the water, when diving or who need to disinfect their hands regularly, this metal watch band replacement is the ideal accessory! 

How To Clean The Silicone Watch Bands?

Silicone watches are close and as practical as nurse watches, the metal watch band replacement options are water resistant and do not deteriorate in contact with various solvents which could affect other materials. The metal watch band replacement can be easily disinfected, a real hygienic and sanitary advantage.

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