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Wear Your Hamilton Khaki H70455733 Watch ANYWHERE

July 16, 2019 2 min read

Wear Your Hamilton Khaki H70455733 Watch ANYWHERE

Watches are definitely an important fashion accessory in today’s society. Apart from being a necessity, you may even consider your watch as a piece of your clothing. How often do you wear a watch? With today’s advanced and innovative technology, checking the time on your mobile phone, or anywhere else may have substitute the idea of you from wearing a watch on your wrist.

Camouflage pattern nylon fabric is durable, lightweight and comfortable. Reinforced lockstitch round holes to extend durability of the watch strap. This light weight watch band is a good choice for matching with most of the military watches.

22mm Black Canvas Watch Band Brushed Roller Deployant Buckle, Beige Stitching 20P18BDE13C2A89

What about wearing the watch around your neck along with your access card. You can bet at least once of your co-workers would like or even copy the idea from you.

The folding mechanism of deployant buckle allows the strap to wear and remove extremely easy, watch remains attached to the wrist like a bracelet even the clasp was opened. Therefore, deployant watch strap is also considered safer to wear than a regular standard tang buckle.

As we mentioned watches are now considered as an important part as an accessory, why not wear it as an accessory, and not only your wrist. Here we have the reissue of the stylish military color canvas strap collection. With leather as lining and canvas on the top, these two pieces watch strap is attached to a folding deployment buckle, Roller deployant clasp – solid 316 L stainless steel with push button.

G10 NATO Strap 20A20BZZ00N2P41

G10 NATO Strap 20A20DZZ00N2P49

MiLTAT Sandwich G10 Bullet Tail military watch straps use different nylon threads to fabricate sandwich layers. The Sandwich woven technique gives the G10 strap an obvious texture that is both visible and touchable.

MiLTAT G10 James Bond Bullet Tail military watch strap extra thickness high density ballistic nylon. Approximate 1.5 mm thick, tight up with four 316 L stainless steel ring. New palette of colors strip, look excellent on military or dive watches. Nylon are cut and simultaneously sealed using ultrasonic knives to prevent fraying.

Why not put your watch through a carabiner and latch it onto your backpack. How about attaching the watch to your set of keys, and have it dangling around your hip while walking.

20 mm Pilot Black Kevlar Finish Rivet Lug Watch Strap, Beige Stitching, Brushed 20P18BIW01K1A84

Of course, we’re not here to tell you how to wear your watch. But, while at it, why not give it a shot and see how you’d feel when wearing your watch anywhere but on your wrist.

The bulletproof material Kevlar has specific woven texture & non-shinny appearance, however poor flexibility. One of our best sellers is the Kevlar finishes synthetic watch straps, the material that can bend like nylon fabrics but looks like Kevlar.

23mm MiLTAT Black Kevlar Leather Watch Strap in Red Stitches 20N18BIW01K1A08

This water proof fiber finish was inspired from bullet proof material “Kevlar” with specific woven texture & non-shinny appearance. Extra Long size to fit large size of wrist.

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