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The Odd But Precious 21mm Lug Width Size Watch Bands!

September 21, 2022 2 min read

21mm Strapcode  watch bands

Nowadays, OEM replacement watch bands are often made in the range between 18mm-24mm lug width sizes. However, for those with the odd 19mm & 21mm lug width size watch models, not to worry, there are plenty of options available, although not many from the stainless steel category.

On Seiko Grand Seiko SBGR311

21mm Black Suede Strap on the Omega Seamaster Chronograph 44mm, 21mm Gunny X MT '74' Strap on Seiko Grand Seiko SBGR311, 21mm Military Grey Woven Nylon Strap on Orient Bambino V5

One option is for certain, you can always consider custom-made design bracelets. Another option you may consider is by going one size up, which means to choose a watch strap 1mm wider (not steel bracelet) than your lug width size. Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to find fitted bracelets for watch models with the odd 19mm & 21mm lug width size?

21mm Dual color NATO strap On Orient Bombino V5

21mm Blue/Grey Nato strap on Orient Bombino V5 & 21mm French flag color NATO strap on Omega Seamaster

Back in the early 1900s, wristlets were made and paired with a 12mm strap, which was considered normal at the time. Since then, watch size, as well as strap size have gradually gone up due to the trends and fashion designs for a wrist watch.

21B18PBU54N9H13 On Orient Bambino V5

21mm Strong Texture Woven Nylon Strap, also available in 20mm and 22mm

Some believe that company that produce watches with an odd lug width size, is mainly to individualize their product, limit aftermarket strap choices and to protect their own signed accessory straps with odd lug widths.

21P18PBU63C1C083 on Grand Seiko SBGR311

On Grand Seiko SBGR311 : 21mm Italian pull-up leather watch band

However, if you look at it from another point of view, some customers actually are not bothered and troubled with owning a watch with odd lug size, since they prefer the brand’s factory accessories and watch bands.

21K18PBU63S6A100 On the Omega Seamaster-Chrono-44mm

Left : Black Quick Release 21mm watch band ; Right : Brown Quick Release 21mm watch band

For example, a luxury brand like Omega, offer a wide range of accessories and watch bands for their watch models, including the odd 19mm & 21mm lug size watch models. With that in mind, as an OEM watch band manufacturer and retailer, we recognized the demand for straps with odd-size lug widths and are responding to it by increasing the selections in other designs, and styles of watch straps to offer our customers with.

21P20BPV13V1D42 On Grand Seiko SBGR311

21mm Gunny X MT '74' Light Brown Handmade Quick Release Leather Watch Strap

Our 21mm watch bands selections are increasing slowly but surely, and many of our watch bands are now available in the odd lug width size. Be sure to visit our online store for quality watch bands in various sizes.

Strapcode 21mm watch bands collectionSHOP 21 mm watch bands

Written by Sam , images by Toni 

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