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Strapcode's New Office Warming Extravaganza!

May 12, 2019

Strapcode's New Office Warming Extravaganza!

Strapcode’s main office & warehouse has been based at the southern side of Hong Kong island -  "Southmark”, ever since the company was established back in 2005. Starting out at a one unit sized office space on the 7th floor for a couple of years, and from the growth from our business, we then moved up to a much roomier 2 units 10th floor right up until last week, where we have now moved up to "Southmark" 27th top floor, which is near 5 times bigger than our first office.

Thank our friends and family for sharing in our joy and excitement

Here at Strapcode, we’re incredibly grateful for our families, friends, both past & present co-workers, and of course to our fans and customers for your continuous support throughout the years. It’s been a long journey and we’re so happy to have shared it with so many of you. We will continue to try our best to provide our goods and services to all of the watch lovers out there.

Strapcode Office Showroom

Our new office showroom is ready for guest to visit. Bring along your favorite Seiko and email Sam for an appointment !!


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